Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What a short, crazy ride it's been

An update on a previous post about being happy with a job that pays less:

What about having NO job that pays NOTHING?

Such is my current occupation.

That's right. As of today I am unemployed and no longer working for EA or anything remotely related to the NBA, Playstation, Nintendo Wii or Xbox.

I got the call last night. I noticed that my phone had 5 voice messages and though I was reluctant to check them at 12 o'clock at night, Ross convinced me otherwise.

I'm glad he did, because one of the messages was from the temp agency:

"I'm sorry to do this over the phone but EA has canceled the contract. This is way things go sometimes, sorry about the short notice and remember, don't come in to work tomorrow."

Mmmhmmm. My first thought was to laugh (and I think I did) because I sooooo saw this coming. Not only were two friends of mine let go over the weekend (along with about 50 other temps), but the non-temps on our team were being moved to the Champions League footy game. So, I asked my supervisor, "What about NBA for PS3?"

He gave me a reluctant look and then said, "Uh, I have no idea. We may have to downsize."

Well, I knew what downsize meant when you are dealing with temps. It didn't help that yesterday I surfed the net for 6 hours because we had nothing else to do.

Then at lunch, I mentioned to my co-worker Kass (ex-coworker, sob) that I had a feeling I would be the next to go.

And there you have it. I have been laid off. And although I knew our contract was only for 6 weeks, and this was the 6th week, we had also been told that they wanted us to extend our contracts till November. So, whatever.

What makes me sorta upset though is the short notice. Not even a weekend to mull it over, but a late call on the night before? So sudden, so final? What if I had left my Journalism coffee mug there as I was doing days before? What if I left my sweater or whatever? Knowing the security, there is no way I would be allowed back in. What if I was counting on this job to survive (oh wait, I am)? What if I wanted to say goodbye to co-workers and to the nice French chef at the cafeteria? I never got a chance to say goodbye to the food!

What I did walk away with though, was a discounted Fifa 07 game for Playstation 2, which I shall be playing today, as I stay over at my boyfriends house and ponder what to do with myself. I know it feels so weird to be staying in bed and doing a whole load of nothing when usually I'm hard at work (fine, maybe not "hard" at work, but at work nontheless).

So now, I'm out of a job. This is good because I knew I wouldn't be working in Novmeber anyway (correspondance courses to finish, and travels) but bad because it would have been nice to at least get a few more paychecks.

Meanwhile, I'm at Ross's, whom I think is afraid that he left me unattended, running amouck in his place and getting up to mischief. I'm too confused at my current situation to get up to any mischief though.

Unless, running around with a pair of his boxers on my head can be considered mischief.

On a sentimental note, here is a photo of my winning team during our sports day a few weeks back.


Shanathalas said...

I know exactly how you feel. The way the temp agency finished our contracts was very unprofessional. I am now looking for temp work with OTHER temp agencies that might be a little better.

I did leave my mug :(
But Kass is going to grab it for me.

Hope you find something else soon.

C'est la vie!! said...


Kass said...

*le sigh* Our first day feels just like yesterday and now its all over and no more fun and shit and stuff. Boo.

jeff and ross said...

Weird..I'm doing the same with your underwear at the office.

Wombat & Aspen said...

Crap, Lusty.

Well, now it's onward and upward.

Pity you're on the wagon. It's Martini Wednesday.

Bless you.


Wanderlusting said...

yeah...about that wagon. I've had a few glasses of wine since Friday.

I did albout three weeks of nary a drop of booze until I realized I just missed the freakin' taste of wine.

Ah, wine. How I love you so. You will be a great comfort to me in my unemployed stage, until I can no longer afford you.

shawn said...

What, no pics of the boxers on the head?

Sorry about the job. I'm normally a "glass is half-empty" kind of guy, but I'm optimistic about your job future. I think something much better will come up soon.

Keep on truckin'!

surfercam said...

Just do what I did last time I left my job - I just went back to making cheap porn... REALLY CHEAP porn...

Indiana said...

Boxers on your head...just boxers on your head ~grin~

Never played a video game dressed like that, did it help you win?

Sorry bout the job.

sipwine said...

I'm sorry Wanderer, are you going to look for another temp job for the next couple of weeks?

almost famous kiwi said...

sorry to hear about the job. No worries though cos you'll find something better and more permanent. Je suis tres pauvre aussi a cette moment parce que Je n'ai pas d'argent, mais c'est ok!
So you had 5 missed calls ahe, guess who two of them were from....ME! Call me!!! I miss you. Will you be home tonight? i'll be at my house till 11:30pm my time. Call me!

Vegas Princess said...

I am so sorry! That sucks the way they told you (short notice and on a voice mail). They could have at least told you in person. So are you going to look for a new job or just chill out for a while?

Janellerific said...

While I'm not exactly in the same boat as you, I too know how it feels to be let go...see, the Wednesday before last, my friend Nicole and I were visiting, and we wanted to go to Costco. I had worked my main job all day (ok, so I actually did nothing all day and got paid for it) and I was supposed to go work at the liquor store when I said to Nicole, "I don't really want to go to work" and she said "well don't then" and so I didn't. My boss text-messaged me on my phone the next day asking for me to return my keys ASAP. she never actually said that I was fired...but I kinda feel like I quit.