Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yes, the rumours are true

All right, all right, all right....I have given in to the call of the blog. I have leaped over the cliff with the rest of you lemmings and now, here I am.
I can still see Maxine's confused face from last semester when we told her that most of us have blogs...and then watched it grow more bemused and beffuddled (do I ever spell that word right?) as we explained WHY we have blogs.
Well why do we have blogs? Most people's excuses are because they are away from home and find this to be a good way to stay in touch with friends and family. Which is fair enough, although the way I stay in touch with my family is to screen my calls and call them when I've run out of money or need to complain about something or other.
Anyhoo, so why do I have a blog? I'm not sure yet...can I make money off of this thing? Will people pay me to rant? Probably not, but if anyone ever feels like taking me out for a coffee as a sign of thanks for enlightening them with my method of madness, go right ahead. I'll put a good word out for you.
So, as my myspace is a great dumping ground for drunk photos and 3 am blabberings, I'm going to try and make something of this space. Perhaps. Probably not. It's probably just going to be a bunch of drunk/lucid ramblings anyway with no shape or form and way too much freedom. Maybe that's a good thing.