Friday, February 26, 2010

Viking Pride + ETSY GIVEAWAY!

While the Winter Olympics are slowly coming to an end, that doesn't mean I don't have lots more to share with you. As you can guess, I've been busy, busy, busy lately. I had no idea really what having the Games in my hometown would mean and MAN was I ever in for a surprise. Suddenly, Vancouver the "no fun" city is OFF THE HOOK!

Anyway, I'll be posting about my favourite moments, thoughts and surprises on the games next week, when I have time to detox and breathe. I'll also be posting my fashion countdown for all you fashionistas - for 15 days straight I have worn nothing but Red and White in honour of the Canadian flag. Lemme tell you...that ain't easy.

The only time I wore something different was when I went to the Norway VS Slovakia game with fellow blogger Eyeliah.

I really wanted to go to an Olympic event, but tickets are pricey and hard to find, and I don't trust scalpers. I really wanted to go see a Norway even with my father since he a true Viking from Norway (his name is Sven) but he was sick. Luckily Eyeliah had an extra ticket to the hockey game that evening and I WAS IN!

In honour of my Scandinavian heritage (my mother is Finnish), I wore Blue and Red for the Norwegian flag AND my father's Viking Helmet.

You want attention? Wear a viking helmet. I was probably approached by 20 people wanting a picture with me. People were hollering "Go Norway!" or "Yeah Viking!" or "Are you horny?" - It was a fabulous night.

The programmable lights on English Bay

Viking, grrr

Eyeliah and I meet/dance with Quatchi and Miga!

The Game

The crowds

A serious accident


The commentators!

A fight

Make Some Noise with Muk Muk


Of course, Norway lost to Slovakia but considering that none of the players on Team Norway are pros (they all have real jobs like fishermen and carpenters) they actually played very well and the score was very close.

And what would the games be without MORE controversy.

The American media (more notably the horrible writers for Yahoo, of whose articles I can't help but shake my head at everytime I check my email) is suggesting that the Canadian Women's hockey team give up their Gold medal to the USA because of the way the ladies celebrated on the ice after the win.

They drank beer and champagne and smoked cigars on the ice and now the IOC is "investigating" it.

WHO FUCKING CARES? First of all, to the IOC, why you gotta be so uptight? Sure, I understand it isn't very classy but these are women hockey players, did you expect politeness and manners from them? I understand you gotta say, "we don't approve" and fair enough. But why make the stink? We apologized and yes, they should stayed in their dressing rooms, but they didn't. What is the big deal?

And to the US Media saying "OOoh, this isn't fair, the USA deserve Gold now" I say "I'm sorry, we still beat you 2-0. What we did after the game has nothing to do with you...ALSO there was no disrespecting of the USA Team at all. Did you hear the Canadians clapping and cheering for the USA Team when they got their medals? Do you not remember when YOUR US Women's hockey team SKATED over our Canadian flag in the other Olympics? Sheesh."

And finally to the stupid commentors on Yahoo, one of whom said "What kind of women would smoke cigars and drink beer like that? Are they all Lumberjacks up there in Canada," I say, "If drinking beer and smoking cigars after winning Gold makes me a lumberjack, then we are the coolest lumberjacks ever."

Anyway, it's not the Games without controvery but it's pretty amazing how badly the US Media bashes us at every chance they get. So many double-standards, it's not even funny. People need to relax, chill out and enjoy the games. Or as this picture says:

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Colbert Report in Vancouver

Well, it's been more Olympic exploration for me here.

It started with another early wake-up call on Wednesday to see the live taping of The Colbert Report. The comedic genius Stephen Colbert was in town to give Vancouver some "much-needed" ribbing about the Games and to squash Canadian pride.

Well, the taping was due to happen at city park at 10AM and I thought if I got there at 8AM, it would give me a good enough spot.

Morning sun over the city and Athletes Village

There was already about 1,000 people in line at that time, however. Looks like Canadians can't get enough of Colbert and everyone had the same idea that I had.

However, despite the cold temperatures and having to stand in one spot for hours, I had a wonderful vantage point. Actually, I had several!

Colbert was hilarious. Did lots of flubs which was funny but the crowd's energy was insane. He had a pre-taped interview with one of our local politicians which he played for us, but many people didn't notice that the politician was watching the show WITH us!

The always good sport, Ujjal Dosanjh (Indian man at bottom)

Colbert also sported someone with an Olympic Torch, to which he said "Can I please have that? I'll give it back. I promise, I promise."

As soon as the torch was in Colbert's possession though, he cackled, "You're NEVER getting this back!"

After that we started chanting "smoke it! smoke it! smoke it!" since he already made a marijuana joke about our "budding" city and that the torch DOES look like a joint. To that he called us "chanting whores" which only started off a chant of "Chanting whores! Chanting whores!"

His first guest was Burnaby boy Michael Buble who was a great sport as well, defending Canada as much as he could against Colbert's hilarious barbs.

We also started to chant "RIDE THE MOOSE! RIDE THE MOOSE!" to which he shook his head. Later though, NBC host Bob Costas DID ride the moose!

Funniest part was Buble and Colbert singing "O Canada" to the tune of "Star Spangled Banner" (annoying laughs aren't mind and fast forward the Youtube video to the 0:30 mark!)

You'll see the show on The Colbert Report on Feb 22 I think...can't wait!

Athlete's Village

After the show, I wandered around the city, visiting the "provincial houses" nearby. In the Saskatchawen Pavilion I got autographs from George Reed and a few other footballers from the Saskatchawen Roughriders. I don't even like football which is why this was hilarious and they all thought I was from out-of-province, but they did pose with Quatchi which means they were uber cool.

Also cool? The Mounties who posed with Quatchi. Again, they probably though I was some hapless tourist. Gotta tell you, wandering around your home city - alone - during the Olympics is FUN!

I guess I wasn't alone. I had Quatchi. We looked at the pricey Molson Canadian Hockey House before going in the Quebec House where I had ice wine with Mike Patton and watched an indie-hipster Quebec singer perform.

Afterwards I wandered up to the German House and watched the women's hockey game and ate tastty Bratwurst and drank $9 beers. EEK. Made friends with some Australians though - gotta love the friendly Olympic spirit!

Then I took the Canada Line to meet my bf after work. We went to the Richmond OZone where we wanted to get into the Holland Heineken House but the line-up to get in was already three hours long! I'll try again next week and get there SUPER early.

So we settled for beer and mulled wine in a beer garden before we watched Hawksley Workman put on a very good show. However, the near-freezing temperatures meant we couldn't stay as long as I would have liked.

BTW there has been so much negativity in the press, especially from the rude UK media which has been slaughtering us...enough so that they have pissed off our entire country. Thankfully, this Calgary newspaper had a very good rebuttal:

And this article - from the New York Times no less - also came to our defense:

OKAY! Off to watch Team Canada take on Team Swiss in Hockey :) Party, party, party, GOLD, GOLD, GOLD!

And tomorrow, heading into the city again to explore The Russia House...line was too long yesterday but now I've got a game plan!