Friday, November 28, 2008

Friend Request: Rejected

Stupid Dentyne commercial.

Anyway, the drama continues. Or perhaps it ends here. Only time will tell....BUT...

Yesterday I was a steaming pile of anger as you all know, about that stupid girl and her stupid attempt to make me look stupid.

Again, it wasn't so much that she didn't like me or acted like she didn't but that she was doing that and then sucking up to my boyfriend.

I had to bring it up to him, to make him see what she was doing. He didn't disagree which I think speaks volumes since he normally stands up for everyone.

Basically we had a big talk about it and he is NOT OK with it, even if she did apologize to him (because what the hell does that do?). He thinks she should apologize to me, thinks she is being a bitch and that it's not fair. Interestingly enough he asked if I would feel any different if she DID apologize to me and I said no. She hasn't yet and she never will and if she only will because of your prompting, then that's just a worthless apology.

Then I found out what her long message to him said too - her explanation for being such a bitch on my Facebook. I don't know the details because I didn't want to know but she more or less said that she DOES NOT LIKE ME. Never did like me and never will.


We both have no clue - after I all, I haven't done ANYTHING to her except be really nice - so it must be that she doesn't like me as a person, what I stand for, how I look, how I act, etc.

And apparently what she thinks I am is so far from the truth. She is judging me because she thinks that someone who looks like me (blonde, I guess, since she's a fuckin' Emo weirdo), shouldn't be smart, or funny or like the same shows and music as her or get along well with all her guy friends or party hardy like I often do.

She wants to think I am a dumb, no-fun bimbo who isn't very "cool" (not that I am) and that the only reason my bf is with me is because I am "hot."

That's pretty much what it comes down to and what's interesting is that I have been hanging out with her, uh, maybe twice a month for over a year now and she still thinks this.

Now, I haven't been hanging out one-on-one time but we have been talking when we see each other and when we see each other it's always in a situation in which I am having a great time: laughing, taking shots with the boys, making them and my boyfriend laugh, smiling and being a lot of fun.

So despite seeing this all with her own eyes, despite the fact that all her friends (even the girls although she only has one or two girl friends...go figure) like me and think I'm swell, she still doesn't like me for reasons she is making up and sticking to it. She's one of the types that thinks she's better than everyone else... really, really believes that.

It's like her world will be blown apart if she finds out that you don't have to be an Emo, artistic and sarcastic bitch to be considered "cool." OK, I am artistic too but that probably bugs her even more.

Anyway, that's that. It's a little weird to hear that someone doesn't like you for any other reason other than the fact that you are YOU.

Of course, this also happened earlier this year with another girl but we managed to resolve that because we both sorta misunderstood each other (she misunderstood me more) and are working on making things right. But with this girl, it's a different story. I gave her a chance before to like me and she rejected it.

The only problem now is with my BF. It's not really my problem now, but his. He is quite conflicted because things between her and him are not all that good, how can it be considering what she told him. He said that if he had only met her a year or two ago, he wouldn't talk to her anymore but because she's been a "good" friend of his for nine years now, it's harder and more complicated to shut the door on her. It certainly doesn't help that she is best friends with one of his best friends and so when he hangs out with him, she is more than often there. Also she's pretty much slept with his whole band (not him, of course).

I don't know what I would do if I were in his shoes. It's easy to say cut her off but I don't see how that's possible. What I do know though is that his opinion of her has changed and not in a good way and for that I am glad because he at least can see what a poor friend she actually is.

As for me, I know I will continue to run into her but I will take the high road. Manage a wee smile, hold my head up high and loudly continue to be MYSELF - because that's what pisses her off the most.

And yes, I deleted her from my Facebook.


OK, as much as I loved all the dresses that I posted yesterday, I decided on one that was not even up there at all.

Christina Lee brought up a good point that adding the duty ($50!) and the shipping ($40) to the cost is going to blow the prices sky-high. Not to mention that I would probably only wear the dress once.

So I scoured Ebay for some deals and found a red satin dress (in a fabulous shade) with a ruffled hem, ruching up the back (good for my bum) and bra cups (good for my boobs). If I but it, I plan to wear it with gold accessories (shoes, clutch, jewelry) and a glass of champagne.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Anger is the best appetite suppressant

So remember that girl who wrote that uncalled for comment on my Facebook status?

Well this is what it said, so as you know:

My Status: "(My name) is happy - Disneyland trip, Birthday, Xmas and having ALL her debt paid off :D but then is horribly depressed because she can't fit in her clothes :( can't win” – Yes, it’s a downer but like I said read it carefully…the first part is my earlier status saying I was happy and then I say THEN is horribly depressed because of something as stupid as not fitting in her clothes – which, btw, isn’t that stupid considering how many clothes I have and because I vowed to not buy anything new until march therefore I really don’t have much options till I lose weight. Anyway, whatever my status, my feelings at the time (you know, what Facebook is for).

Her comment: “(my name), does it occur that you might just have it not that bad and that "horrible depression" might be easily fixable and not worth going over and over on Facebook? I guess it's okay considering people sitting a couple of rungs beneath you on the economic ladder don't necessarily have computers or the Internet let alone know what Facebook is but seriously. Come on.
I'm going to go back to worrying about things like my rent and my weight/health IRL away from public commentary because that's kind of how it should be done.
PS: I'm really glad the other things are going so well for you and good luck with the weight thing.

I mean…WTF? How patronizing and holier-than-thou can you get? Way to make me feel two inches small and way to make my feelings seem trivial. You stupid bitch.

I responded:"Amanda - Well I figured if people didn't want to comment or read my status they wouldn't have to and after voicing my mood on my Facebook status and just getting things off my chest, my friends put things in perspective and now I feel better about things. "

And she never said anything to that.

And the thing is, it's not that she's saying "Oh shut up, you're not fat" OR "quit whining and be thankful you silly" which some people have and do say and have a right to.

It's that I'm not using Facebook properly. I'm sorry, did I miss the memo that our statuses are to be censored from now on? I mean, I can kinda see what maybe she was getting at (see above, be grateful) but holy crap, there is a right way and a wrong way to say things and judging by the amount of thought and the length of her comment, she purposely chose the wrong way because she's a stupid bitch who doesn't like me and just wanted to bring me down.

Anyway, I wasn’t the only one who saw this comment and felt this way because I got a few texts and emails from people wondering what her problem with me is.

When I first told my bf, he didn’t seem to care much which kinda pissed me off, “oh she’s probably in a bad mood.” Why it pissed me off is that he is friends with this girl, hangs out with her quite often and while she’s always flirting with him and making him laugh, she treats me like dirt. She says bitchy and sarcastic things to me all the time and then when I finally called her on it earlier this year, she says “Oh, I’m just socially awkward.” WTF does that mean? That gives you a right to be a bitch to me? Funny cuz you don’t seem to suffer any “social awkwardness” around my boyfriend or anyone else for that matter.

Anyway, finally yesterday my bf really read the comment over again and realized she is being a bitch. So without telling me, he messaged her, I guess calling her on it or wondering what her problem is.

That I did appreciate since I did not expect him to defend me in anyway (he hates confrontation, just wants everyone to get along, always wants to see the good in people, etc).

But later that night, she messages him back, apologizing to HIM and explaining herself to HIM. Not to me, but to him. I haven’t heard anything from her at all.

I don’t even know what her explanation is because my bf says if he tells me it’s just going to seem like he’s defending her. Anyway, HE forgives her, that’s all I know.

However, what a manipulative BITCH! If she was REALLY sorry, she would have not said anything in the first place and also apologized and explained herself to me. Not to my bf and not after his prompting.

The only reason she is even apologizing to him and saying “Whoops, you know me, socially awkward tee hee” is so that he will still going on liking her, being friends with her and hanging out with her.

Well I’m really happy that they can resume their friendship without any hiccups. I, HOWEVER, am not happy. I am not OK. I see what she is doing, that she’s a bitch who thinks (and possibly can) treat me like trash and then suck up to my boyfriend so he still thinks the world of her.

That's what makes me mad - I'm not a huge fan of her so I'm kind of OK if she's going to not like me for no good reason, I am aware that not everyone has to like each other and that's cool. But the fact that she's trying to manipulate my boyfriend? That's not cool.

Anyway, ranting over. On to DRESSES!

I know I am on a no-shopping ban till March but I did have one and maybe two exceptions up my sleeves (don’t worry, both I knew about ahead of time and technically this was my NYE Resolution and wasn’t supposed to happen till January).

Anyway, one is that I need a New Years dress. Remember last years?
Well I barely do cuz I was in the bathroom puking from illness the whole night. And I would love to wear it again but that’s a faux pas in my book.

So I want a New Years Eve dress that’s just as frivolous and fluffy. Not being terribly expensive would help too.

And I don’t want it in black. Black (or grey) to me says that you can wear the dress any night of the year. I want a dress that you can only wear on very special occasions such as new years eve. This means ruffles and bows or slinky backless designs in bright or vibrant colours. Like Halloween, I think you can pretty much wear anything on New Years and get away with it and this is the night I would love to feel like a pretty princess. Especially since last years was a bust.

So far I have these ones in mind – but I’m open to suggestions (I love the first one best though).

The other revolves around the fact that my Bday is in two weeks (today ack!) and I usually buy myself a dress for the occasion. However since I do have some coming in the mail I might just save my money.

The dresses all come from ASOS since the Canadian version of F21 is pretty lame these days and the clothes seem to fall apart the minute I wear them. Which I guess is fine for one night but again, i don't see anything that wows me.

The only problem with ASOS, is that despite the fact that they give you a free cookie in the package, you end up paying an amazing amount in customs and duties. I paid 22$ in duty which is fair, but then they added on taxes, handling fees and it came to 47$!!! Sucks that I have to add that, plus the $40 shipping to every order. Plus exchange rate.

Bah! Luckily though I won't be ordering much more till March :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And the winners are...

ME! For completing the challenge! Man, thinking THAT hard about what to wear really is tough work. Though so far this week, I've noticed I'm dressing more sloppily -probably because I've been too rushed in the mornings to plan my outfit. Must start doing that the night before.

Oh yeah. The OTHER winners are....ELEH and WISCO BLONDE!!!


Please be sure to Email me (email is on profile)with your address so I can send you the swag. Promise I won't stalk you :P

And if you are feeling bummed that you didn't win, don't worry, you'll have your shot next week when I will be doing the remaining five looks. I'll be posting each look each day so with your comments you have more chances to win - and this time I'm giving away three freebies. You know, Xmas spirit and all :)

Meanwhile, my final Forever 21 package came today. Actually it came on Friday but I was too busy to pick it up. I was amazed and how quickly it came too considering I ordered it on the Wednesday.

It was a small bundle but I'm happy with it, no small feat considering it's the last purchases from that store until March (I do have 3 packages coming in from ASOS but after that I am sadly done...for one exception: possible dress for New Years).


Sequin and Mesh Dress

Red longsleeve button-up cardigan

Olive/Gold Brocade skirt

Grey rose belted dress

I took pictures of myself in all of them and was going to post them but am feeling so unbelievably fat today, I just can't. Funny thing is I felt fine earlier, until I tried on the clothes. The skirt - though a Medium - barely goes over my hips. I don't understand, I'm always a Medium in Skirts at F21. Sadly all the other dresses I bought were also a medium and normally I buy a small. It's like I'm resigning to my weight gain.

Today - earlier - I was quite happy. I booked my trip to Disneyland with my BF, I'm excited about Xmas and even my 27th Bday coming up and super relieved that I am refinancing my mortgage, which means extra cash to pay off all my credit card debt for good.

Yet the moment I put on the clothes and saw my face in the pictures, I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream and kick and tear my skin off. I am so damn misearable and all because of 5 or 8 extra pounds. It completely made me forget all the good things in my day. Funny how the simplest things do that sometimes.

And yet I can't explain it. Weight gain to me is normally bad but these days its unbearable. It's like all the clothes I have mean nothing if I don't look good in them - I can't wear them!

For example, last week during "Bombshell" I had so many better ideas of what to wear. A tight red sweater, leopard print skirt. But I figured a long cardigan and tummy covering tank would be better - these days I dress by how fat I feel and sadly I've been wearing mumu everything.

It sounds silly to complain about these things, especially when there are bigger people out there and bigger problems. But for some reason, this is really weighing down on me. I hate my reflection, I hate the way I look in photos and I hate getting dressed in the morning. I hate the skin I'm in and starting to hate myself.

And I apologize for bitching and whining and ending this post on a downer but I figure if I cant do it here, I can't do it anywhere...

I mean I just said something similar on Facebook, about how I was so happy earlier cuz I should be and yet horribly depressed cuz my clothes don't fit and some bitch (who USED to act like she had issues with me - I talked with her about it but I guess she still does have issues with me) commented on MY status saying I shouldn't use my Facebook status to complain about such things and it's not worth going over on Facebook.

UM, hello it's just a damn Facebook status, people say stupid shit ALL the time, I can say whatever the hell I want and if you don't like to see me complain about what ails me, then don't comment, you're just going against the "point" you're trying to prove. Seriously. My real friends smack some sense into me with a sense of humour but don't belittle my feelings.

Sorry had to vent about that too. Stupid Facebook. Stupid weight gain.

Don't worry, I'll recover from this malady, I just always feel helpless at the start of my diet and exercise regime because I expect things NOW or at least soon. It's discouraging when you work hard but don't see any reults for awhile and it's even worse when you have important events coming up soon which you need to look good in.

Most of all, I'm just dissapointed in myself for slacking on my eating and exercise habits and letting myself get to this state.

OK pity party over. Later on this week I'll take new pictures of the clothes - oh and need some advice on what to wear to the company Xmas party this weekend - and hopefully not a mumu.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Five Iconic Looks Challenge: Results!

For your free pair of Asos star and rhinstone earrings + deluxe Sephora samples, READ ON:

Well the week has come to an end on this challenge and let me say has been challenging. Hence the word challenge in the title.

I don't normally put THAT much thought into what I wear as that is hard to do in the early morning hours in the dark when you are rushing around and not knowing what the hell you are putting on. The fact that I really had to think about what pieces were required hurt my head and through me into a tizzy - even when I did it the night before. Which also spoiled things since I tend to dress by mood...and what if I didn't feel California Casual that day?

But on the plus side, I wore things I never thought I would and paired it with items I never thought would go and then after it all came together, it looked TOGETHER. When you have a goal in mind and the peices to do it, you can make a haphazard pairing LOOK STYLISH!

Like look at Monday, Arty Slick. I got that top last year some time, I would have never worn it to work and only on fat weekend days (of which I am having more and more - fat days, not weekends). But suddenly it made sense with my new skinny jeans and with a necklace that I bought in 2002. Talk about suddenly having a new look and new-looking clothes!

Of course I couldn't have picked a worse week, all bloated and puffy for no discernable-reason. It's gonna take another couple of weeks before my 630 AM jogging sessions have some effect on my body and you have no idea how hard it was to dress Bombshell when all I wanted to do was put on a mumu and blend in with the wallpaper!

Anyway, I'll let you peruse the pictures. Remember if you want your free gift (or just want to voice your opinion) leave me a comment and tell me your favourite look - on Monday/Tuesday I will put all your names into a hat and draw a name at random and send you your free stuff.

And this time, there will be TWO winners!

So, let's get on with it...

California Casual

Ah California Casual. This one caught me off-gaurd at first until I realized that I have an awful lot of this style, only I had never thought of actually wearing it IN a certain style. Then I started thinking of how many variations I could do and how I much I need to embrace this look on weekends, or at least in Summer. Which I think I do. I may aspire to be Euro Chic at work but during the summer months there is a Cali surfer hippie just waiting to come out.

Anyway, after work I ran out and did some errands in the rain and popped on that cloche hat I was having problems with the week before (see last week). Guess what, I think it looked quite good. In fact in the liquor store I smiled at a girl I went to high school with and she didn't even recognize me. The cloche added a mysterious element to the casual look. Either that or she was a bitch.

Leather Jacket: Vintage

Silk and Cashmere Cardigan: BCBG Max Azaria

Real Turquoise stone necklace: Vintage

White T-Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: Charlotte Russe

Campus Leather Boots: Frye

Bag: Mango

Hat: Forever 21

Arty Slick

This was the trickiest look as I knew it would be. But I think it turned out OK and I felt a lot different than normal wearing. Arty and cool. Weird how that works.

Blazer: How awesome is this jacket? Slightly shiny blue by "Vintage 55" and made entirely out of bamboo!

Top: Forever 21

Necklace: Express (was turquoise-coloured but the plastic cover fell off)

Jeans: Forever 21

Boots: Unknown, from a Paris shoe store on the Left Bank near Notre Dame

Bag: Ringspun, from Bench in Edinburgh, Scotland

Euro Chic

Euro Chic was hard for me. There was just so many variations that I could do and what I settled on did not settle well with me. I could have done so much more!

That said, I did feel refined and lady-like. I hope to do this challenge and this particular week again next month because then - when the last of my online shopping comes in - I'll much more prepared. I mean, I had so many things I could have worn for this look but nothing that screamed YES! EURO CHIC! But I will!

Satin Coat: Topshop

Tweed Blazer: Forever 21

Cowl-neck 3/4 sleeve Dress: Vintage

Patent Belt: Forever 21

Tights: Emilio Cavallini

Boots: Christian Louboutin

Purse: Canvas and Ostrich Leather by Rafe

Pearls: Vintage (grandmas, from Norway)

The Bombshell

Like Euro Chic, The Bombshell is very much my style so it was hard to try and make it REALLY stand out. I feel I failed with this one, perhaps with the cardigan choice. I had a small white short sleeve on which I ditched at the last minute out of fear - fear that I was looking a bit too somethin-somethin and wouldn't be able to cover up, so I put on a long sleeve button up one in case I needed to look more professional. I was impressed with the shoes though, I hadn't worn them yet and they stood up well. Bit too big, even with the foot petals in them so I stuffed the toes with Kleenex. Worked like a charm.

Again, this is one of my fav looks and there was so much I could have done. But dissapointed but as you'll see in the future, I usually do it better.

Also I hate trying to think in the morning. And I hate picking out my outfit the night before, putting it on that morning, realizing I don't like it but not having enough time to change!

Cardigan: Forever 21

Ruffled pink/black/white camisole: Victoria's Secret

Skirt: Jacob

Tights: Secret

Shoes: Boutique 9 @ Nine West

Coat: Forever 21

Bag (not pictured here, see above): Rafe Canvas and Ostrich Leather


Again, this was hard since I had so many different ideas and this look is something I am trying to embrace more considering I am dating a Rockstar who has a wicked band and I end up at so many rock shows. Felt risque wearing this to work but I think the blazer pulled it all together and at least it wasn't revealing.

Top: Forever 21 sequin dress that I tucked into the skirt (last minute decision and happy it worked - I never would have though to tuck a dress into a skirt or pants)

Scarf: Forever 21

3/4 Sleeve Knit Blazer: Forever 21 and soooo comfy and soft, like wearing a cardigan

Skirt: Unknown - my boyfriend's sisters I got in my clothing swap last year (speaking of clothing swaps, part deux is on Saturday at her house and I am so excited to give away my clothes, especially my shoes which aren't worth reselling)

Stud cuff: My boyfriend's :P

Tights: Aristoc (see Tuesdays post)

Boots: Manolo Blahnik ponyhaired booties - a great Ebay find and I love them dearly, even though when I look at my feet I think I'm a character in the Chronicles of Narnia

Vegan Leather Fringe Bag: Miele Bianco

Oh good, you're still here. Anyway it's been quite the week and I'm glad it's over.

But not that glad as I have decided that on the first week of December, I am doing this all over again. Not the same ones of course but the remaining Five Iconic Style Looks as seen in Lucky Magazine's Style Guide.

Anyhoo, you can bet I'll be wearing sweat pants all day tomorrow!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Will you marry me? VS You will marry me!

It’s become that time in a person’s life where to start to notice that everyone else is getting married. Everyone but you, that is.

And you would be fine with that because in reality, you are still quite young and should probably get your life in order before you take such a step. But because everyone around you seems to be doing it, you feel this immense pressure to do it too.

My boyfriend and I were talking about this the other morning. Yet another one of our friends got engaged. This wasn’t a huge surprise, after all the girl did move all the way over here from Sweden for him. But it was still a lot considering the amount of people we know who are getting engaged or have gotten married this year alone.

As we were talking, it suddenly struck me that with only one or two exceptions, every single couple I know whom is my age and who recently got married or engaged all had one very important thing in common.

The woman wears the pants in the relationship. This is not to say that the man is a doormat but the woman certainly controls things and the man goes along with it. He’s “whipped” as one might say.

Now I know that sounds derogatory, but before you jump down my throat, hear me out. “Whipped” just means very much in love, in my books. Do anything for your woman kinda thing. And while my bf would do more or less anything for me, I don’t wear the pants in our relationship and I’m OK with that. I’m easy going, he’s easy going and things are pretty much even – maybe he’s got a bit more sway than I. What can I say, I myself am whipped. I guess it’s just who I am in relationships.

Anyway all the women in these relationships are opinionated, unafraid and domineering (not usually in a negative sense). They know what they want and go for it and it’s quite admirable.

Such as marriage. Every single woman that I am talking about (of course there are a few exceptions, especially if I don’t know the couple all that well) has mentioned marriage a lot. Some put forth ultimatums. Some picked out rings. Some just nagged and nagged.

So when the proposal came, it wasn’t a surprise. Not one bit. Of course there was the uncertainty of “is he actually going to propose or did I completely scare him” but it’s not like it came out of left field. The idea was placed there to begin with by the woman and constantly reminded by that woman.

What’s interesting though is in some cases, it HAD to be placed there from a women. I know one couple who had been together six years before she started bringing it up – a lot – and finally he proposed. It makes you wonder, if the woman doesn’t say anything, does that mean the proposal would never happen? It’s hard to say, maybe it would have happened anyway if the woman had just waited and it would have been more romantic. Maybe it wouldn’t have happened ever if the man didn’t get a huge kick in the pants and a relationship wake-up call. I guess it depends on the relationship.

Gone are the old days where this was the man’s decision, now are the days where women are picking out the rings with the guy and having mutual discussions like “OK I guess we’ll get married.”

Where is the romance? Is it dead? Did the romantic, surprise proposal ever exist?

The thing is, I’m old-fashioned (so shoot me) and like the idea of romance and being surprised. And so does my boyfriend. We both agree that while equality is great, somethings should still be left to the man. At this rate in these feminist times, it almost seems like the next step will be women proposing to men. And while I admire those women who do so, because let’s face it, it takes a lot of balls, if this trait catches on, you know divorce will grow even more. I’m probably going to piss off a lot of feminists here and I’m fine with that but if it were up to the woman to propose marriage, we would ALL be married and probably to the first boyfriends we ever had and probably within three months of dating. I know the guys will tell me I’m right. I know I’m right because I know how I think. Maybe I’m a strange woman but I know I’m not alone here…

So for me, I let my boyfriend know earlier this year that I would like to be married within three years. And that’s all I’m going to say about it. He knows, I know he knows and it’s in his hands now. I would rather wait a little bit and be totally surprised, than get married now and go into it thinking the whole thing was my idea and start wondering if this is something he REALLY wants or is only doing it because he feels pressure from me. I don’t mind taking the time because even though you do think you know someone after 17 months, there is still plenty more things to learn and know before you make that step.

And hey, in three years if nothing has changed, I may just have to put on a pair of pants and go pick out a ring myself!

BTW – I know that this will generate comments, half from women who think the ideal and romance is dead and think its necessary to give men a shove and half who think its best to wait and let him make up his own mind, I would love to hear from what some MEN have to say about this….

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Give Advice - Take Advice

What I am loving most about the fall winter season is the fact that I can wear tights with everything. Of course bare legs look best sometimes, but tights are like another accessory and can really add some panache to your outfit. I also wear a lot of tights because of the scarring on my ankles and, well, I get cold easier these days.

The problem with tights though is that I find that they:

A)Aren't opaque enough

B)Are itchy

C)Aren't elastic enough so they sag and gather around your ankles in little rolls

D)Invite your skirts/dresses to cling to them

Then I found this website: and I picked up a pair of Italian made Emilio Cavallini tights. One size fits all, these are 200 Denier (meaning super opaque - most tights are around 50 Denier), a rich, almost glossy black, super stretchy and super, DUPER soft to touch. I just want to touch my legs all day. My only complaint is that because it is one size fits all, I have to hike them up super high in order to accomodate my short legs. But they are so darn comfy, it feels like you're wearing sweats all day, it's true!

You can find Emilion Cavallini's tights, as well as these Aristoc Wet Look tights (I ordered this color) and other high denier count ones, as well as unusual yet high-quality ones on the website. Take a look, they may ship from England, but they come quickly and you won't be dissapointed with the quality, price or selection in the end.

OK so that was my I need advice:

I am in the throws of my wardrobe challenge today (and honestly, this really is a challenge!) but that does not keep me from being slightly befuddled by a pair of boots that have recently come into my possession.

I bought them for $9 off of Ebay because I thought, hey Granny Boots are cool. And then I got them.

I'm not going to lie, they are LOVELY. Made in Mexico, super comfortable and the perfect size. The leather is such a nice color and is so unbelievably soft. I believe they are from the 80's but they are in just great condition, you can't tell.

So my only problem is...what the hell do I wear these with?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Last but not least, I have to move offices at work. I'm kinda irked because I really love my's got three walls, a window and lots of room for my mess. The computer also faces the wall so NO ONE CAN SEE ME TYPING IN MY BLOG RIGHT NOW.

But now because of our company takeover, new employees are being shuffled in here and I have to move to a cubicle!

I shouldn't complain because the cubicle is still quite big and it is were the last Marketing Assistant was sitting but still. I like my cozy office. And this move puts me closer to the She-Beast in payroll.

But trying to make this into a positive experience, the fact that my computer will be vulnerable to passerbys, this means that I will spend more time being productive and actually working and less time perusing and buying clothes online. Think of the money I'll make and save! Maybe it's win-win in the end.


Oh and I should let you know that I just made my last online clothes shopping purchase till March! I started a little early, knowing that I am going to need the money saved for gifts next month.

I feel strangely complete, like I finally have all I want and need. I know that may not last very long but I think as long as I ignore all the online shopping sites I frequent (Asos, F21, Urban Outfitters...Ebay) I should be OK. After all, outta sight, outta mind. If I don't know its there, how can I want to buy it?

I'm just going to stick to reading fashion blogs for inspiration and read mags like Elle and Vogue...cuz I can't afford that stuff ANYWAY!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yes I Can!

The economy is faltering everywhere and though I have not felt its effects (knock wood – oh and except for cheaper gas, yay!), I have felt my OWN effects of my own faltering economy.

That is the economy of my paycheck and the fact that I am running up a huge deficit.

I have a lot of debt. I was counting on selling my car to pay off a chunk of it but sadly even if I did sell my car, the chunk would be small and in the end, who is to say I wouldn’t have ended up spending that chunk anyway?

I have been fairly good as to selling things on Ebay to make up for buying so much. But the difference is that I am selling to make up for things. It just isn’t the same as selling, getting the money and then spending wisely. Or not spending at all and saving.

So, as my last items on Ebay have come to an end, I have vowed to stop buying/bidding on anything and that if I were to do anything on Ebay, it would be to sell. And just sell. Sell, sell, sell and put the money on my credit card.

The other thing I have noticed with regards to spending habits, actually lifestyle habits, is that I am lazy. I am lazy and undisciplined. I have no patience and want everything NOW!

The two main problems in my life? Horrible spending habits and my weight.

I could cure both with discipline. Easy. Start budgeting. I mean, REALLY budgeting. Not allow myself to buy whatever I want and whenever I want. Start exercising and eating less. Both of these changes would fix my two major life problems and all it takes is discipline. Ack. I wish I had discipline, I say. But in reality it’s a matter of just doing it. Everyone can have it, you just have to bite the bullet and get down to it.

(Actually my third major life problem is not using my talent to write scripts or books like I always say I will. Guess what would solve that problem? You got it – discipline!).

So how will I start getting discipline and what will I do with myself once I get it?

Well for the weight part, it’s just a matter of not thinking and just doing. Stop complaining about how unfair it is that I have to work out and no one else does and just accept it and fix it. When presented with that cookie, don’t have it. Don’t indulge. This doesn’t mean forever, but until I am at a happier weight I am going to have to sacrifice.

Same goes for my money problem. Clothes make me happy. If I am not spending money on clothes, what will make me happy?

Well, I’m sure clothes will still make me happy. But old clothes and old clothes mixed up in ways that make them new. If anything has taught me this it is my current wardrobe challenge. I am wearing things I would normally never wear and it ways I never thought I would and yet, YET, I still manage to have style and look put-together. It’s great.

Also, there are a lot of things that I love but don’t wear because it is too small at the moment or is terribly unflattering (sigh, the effects of gaining ten pounds in one month. So ashamed! And don’t you say anything about me not looking fat in my photos – I am only posting the most flattering ones!)

Another thing I am going to do – and this is indeed a HUGE task – is to document every article in my closet/wardrobe/boxes/storage.

Remember Cher’s mechanized closet in Clueless? Well I don’t have that but because my closet is so small now and cramped and dark (thanks bf!), I can barely make out what I have and this will be the next best thing.

A CD of pictures of every item of clothing that I own. That way I can browse through them, remember I have that certain shirt and remember what it looks like on (yeah, this also might mean having to try on everything I have :S) and not only will getting dressed be a cinch, but I will feel like I got a whole bunch of new clothes too. Because when it’s not in front of me, I basically forget I have it!

That solves the “happiness” with having no spending allowance for clothes. How do I actually save the money? I never make New Years Resolutions but this year I will. And it will be that I can not buy a single article of clothing (or makeup) until March 1st.


I know that a lot of you do this already but I buy something every week. So this will make a huge difference and take a hell of a lot of discipline. And hopefully I will learn that I don’t need a lot of stuff all the time, I can be more discerning and picky about what I buy and when and that I will have gotten used to putting money aside on things that matter the most – paying down my credit cards and achieving financial state of mind.

But I am excited to try it out and to prove to others (ie, bf) that I CAN do it!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Earring Giveaway #2

Thanks for all your input everyone!

I’ve tallied up the responses and it looks like next week during the November Wardrobe Challenge, I will be doing the following Five (outta Ten) Iconic Style Looks:

*Arty Slick
*Euro Chic
*California Casual
*Rock Star
– I didn’t get a fifth vote so I voted this in!

By next Friday I’ll post the weeks pics and you can tell me not only which look you liked best, BUT which look I will have to rock out everyday for the following week (majority wins). And of course, I will randomly select a name from your comments to win a pair of THESE ASOS earrings! Plus maybe some other nice stuff? Hmmm?

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with some amuse bouche. I was bored the other night and decided to check out my Sitemeter which I haven’t done in about 8 months or so. Glad to see people still read the blog! But even more glad to see the crazy and zany ways people still FIND my blog, via Google Search.

Such as….

*I got new clothes but no one complimented me at work
I feel for you, I really do. This is why I started doing this on my blog :P

*What makes a person good in bed
Ahh, I made one blog post about this back in 2006 and I still get people searching for the answer

*What makes a woman good in bed
Like I said, everyone wants the answer. I don’t recall really having one, just to put out a lot and say yes to everything.

*Am I good in bed?
Do you want the honest truth?

*How to be good in bed

*How to be good AT bed
Not too sure

*I’m dating a younger guy
So am I, fun isn’t it?

*I’m dating a feminine guy
This person must be dating my Ex

*David Copperfield’s Secret Sheet of Entrance
Ewwwww. Love how Copperfield still comes back to haunt me but they don’t have to bring the sheets into it. Did I ever tell you how I was lambasted via email by a Copperfield fan who kept sending me threatening emails because I was giving Copperfield a bad name? True story, I should post them sometime.

*I can’t get out of bed in the morning
Tell me about it.

*How do I get out of bed in the morning
You mean to say I had an answer to this?

*Am I in love or afraid to be alone
Aw, if you have to ask….then no, you are not in love. But embrace being alone! It’s great! Go to Paris! See the world!

*Producer seeks personal assistant
Don’t do it, believe me!

*Anywhere but here is all that happens in the end
When all is gone in this world, my blog will still remain

*Stupid things people want in their lifetime
Lol, I can imagine the list for this is HUGE and I probably want it all

*Contacting George Clooney's Manager
I still get asked about how to do this and sadly, I don't know. Well...OK, I have his contact details but SHHHHH.

The BEST one is this:

*Karisa Petho

Karisa is my dear friend from college and whose wedding I’m going to in April. Funny thing is, someone googled her name and got to my blog, but wait till you see the blurb that the Google search results picks up:
“Karisa Petho remarked... haha Karina...does this mean you've recently had a yeast infection and hemmroids? Hope you're feeling better :P ...”

Isn’t Google amazing? Thank God that doesn’t come up when I Google my name. The dodgiest thing I get (aside from a million things about David Copperfield) is a book called “Hitler’s Dancers.” Don’t ask.

I was going for a polished career look with an edge - Euro Chic Bombshell with hint of Grungy Rockstar? Vic Matie Patent Blue Mary-Janes, H&M tights, Pencil skirt, Skinny patent belt, Silk shell, Slouchy cardigan, Star earrings and Chains and Leather necklace...all by Forever 21. Eeek.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tired of being Tired

I am having one of those days where you just can’t wake up. Even now as I sit at work, sneakily typing this into an untitled word document, my fingers are fumbling every few words. My head is in a thick, deep fog. My eyes can’t focus for the life of them, indeed I’m actually having trouble keeping my eyes open.

I’ve got one cup of coffee in me and am about to embark on another but sometimes I wonder what the point is. Sure my heart will start racing soon, but my brain will still be a few hours behind. I just want to close my eyes and take a nap on the floor of my office. Maybe George Costanza had the right idea when he put a bed under his desk.

I’ve been feeling rundown and tired for the last few weeks now – well, ever since I started the job. But I don’t think it’s a matter of sleep. I’ve been getting 7-8 hours a night and though I do wake up a few times in the night, it usually doesn’t keep me awake. I’ve also been learning how to fall asleep with the lights on. Meaning, when my bf is staying up and reading the Dark Tower series, I can actually fall asleep. This is a huge accomplishment considering I am the lightest sleeper ever and normally can’t fall asleep if there is the slightest noise, movement or light in the room.

And yesterday I could have slept all day. We went to bed at midnight-ish – the next day being a holiday – and then while my bf got up at 9 naturally, I got up at 1030. And that was by force. And I was exhausted the whole day, could have even napped. A similar thing happened on Sunday, in which despite getting 8 or 9 hours of sleep I still HAD to take a long nap.

I’m not sure why this is happening. Pretty sure it’s all about my lifestyle. Too much wine every night. No exercise. No vitamins (though I do eat fairly healthy). I’ve realized it’s time to start experimenting again to find out what’s going on here. Maybe cut down on caffeine all together. Cut down on booze (less wine and less often). Exercise in some form everyday. Take my vitamins religiously.

Any other suggestions?

In other news, here are the scarves that Dominica (winner of last week’s draw – please email me for your prize!) wanted to see. I’m still in the process of learning how to tie these properly but I’m doing the best I can. Because I am so damn cold all the time I’ve actually started wearing them as an extra heat-keeping layer rather than a fashion statement but I’m sure I can achieve the best of both worlds.

Vintage Ellen Tracy short silk scarf

Vintage cotton scarf

Forever 21 cotton scarf

My Absolut Favourite - Absolut Vodka Silk Scarf

Oscar de la Renta silk scarf (for my mother for her birthday this month)

Then there is my own personal fashion dilemma: I bought this felt cloche hat and have no idea what to wear it with, lest it makes things TOO retro. For example, when I wear my cape I feel like I can’t wear this too because then it really looks like I rolled out of the Roaring Twenties.

Any tips on styling this?

Last but not least: PLEASE READ MY PREVIOUS POST AND VOTE FOR YOUR TOP FIVE ICONIC LOOKS! I need your help people, don’t let me choose what to wear next week because you know I am going to pick the looks that are safe and closest to my own style. Where is the fun in that? So yes, pick which five (or just even one like Roselle did) you’d like to see me in and I will make it so (and possibly look like a fool while doing so). But don’t you want to see foolish pictures? I know I do.

For example, this would be Euro Chic (my version anyway):

Size too big DKNY Black Shift Dress that my mom bought for me when I was 16 - my first designer item! I added the Patent Grey Skinny Belt (Forever 21) to make it fit better, then paired it with a matching Grey Soft Knit Cardigan (also F21), Vintage Salavatore Ferragamo Black Patent Heels with Bows, A Tommy Hilfinger Pearl Necklace and a Forever 21 Chain and Leather Necklace - too keep it from looking too prim.

Want to see more? See last post and let me know :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Congrats! On to the next challenge

Thanks to everyone who entered the draw!

I actually liked Tuesday’s best (followed by Thursday – and yes, Wednesday was cute but damn that static cling!) so I decided to just write down all your names and randomly choose.

And the winner is….drumroll please….


Please email me with your shipping details and I will give you a choice between two different sets.

The remaining pair will be given away at the next Wardrobe Challenge which is next week.

I’ve forgone this week because I was too tired to think when I got dressed this morning – though because I’m wearing a sweater, I might just wear sweaters all week! But also tomorrow is a holiday so I will probably just be in sweat pants.

But next week I will do a similar thing – post pictures of the end and have another vote to win. I’m hoping to do this on a regular basis in one form or another, maybe give away free beauty samples and the like. I’m still thinking it through.

Anyhoo, next week I am doing ICONIC LOOK WEEK – which is loosely based on the new Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style, a book I am currently loving at the moment.

There are ten Iconic Looks in total (though an unlimited combination when combined) and what I need from you is for YOU to tell me which five I should do. I think I may just have enough stuff to pull one off in one form or another, though I have to remember that I am doing this at work, so everything has to be work modified, though luckily my office is quite casual.

The ten choices are (with examples of what make the look – not what I actually have lol):

Key Pieces: Ladylike structured bag, Silk blouse, Snakeskin or Crocodile pumps, Gold accessories, Brocade jacket, Thin patent belts, Heeled oxfords, Tailored cardigan, Oversized blazer, Big scarf, Silk scarf, Tailored jeans, Boucle jacket, Tie-front blouse, Tuxedo jacket, Cashmere, Jewel-tone winter coat, Wrap coat – You know, anything that you would see on those fashionable and streamlined women all over Europe

Jeans, Plaid shirt, Sundress, Fringe bag, Tank top, Wooden heeled shoes, Sandals, Aviators, Anything crochet, Babydoll tops and dresses, Linen, Tunics, Scarf blouse, Drawstring pants, Tooled leather belts and bags, Birkenstocks, Cargo pants, Bermuda shorts, Poncho – Breezy, cool and laidback.

Leopard print anything, Studs, Silver jewelry, Black, Snakeskin accessories, Cuffs, Ankle boots, Skinny jeans/pants, Leather jacket, Low-slung belts, Chokers, Bustiers, Velvet – Rhianna seems to sum this up these days, as does Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and the like.


Vintage cardigans, Gauzy and floaty dress, Velvet jacket, Houndstooth anything, Brooches and pins, Capes, Circle skirts, Antique necklaces, Cameos, Lace-up granny boots, Tights, Lace, Flat boots – The new British-look, a lot of old and new, combining all decades of fashion into a look that is both pretty and airy, yet masculine and classic.

Opaque tights, Shift dress, Stripes, Graphic prints, Black and White, Flat boots, Leather driving gloves, Coloured jewelry, Trapeze dress, Boxy coat- Swinging Sixties look in gay old London Town.

White collared shirt, Straight-leg jeans, Suede Blazer, Wide leg pants, Vest, Boyfriend cardigan, Polo Shirt, High-waist skirt, Pearls, Masculine watch, Denim Jacket, Tweed – A dash of preppiness and a lot of simplicity. Understated. Katherine Hepburn and Grace Kelly would be proud to wear it.

Pencil skirt, Wiggle dress, Polkadots, Red, Peeptoes heels, Tiny sweater, Feminine wide-legged pants, Lingerie/lacey camisole, Swing coat, Satin, Leopard print skirt, V-necks, Long opera gloves, Waist-cinching belt, D’Orsay shoes, Animal print heels, Cloche felt hat, Rhinestone jewelry, Faux fur – Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren…Ditta Von Tease. The Bombshell look lives on with it’s timeless glamour and curve-hugging shapes.

Low-rise brown cords, Flared jeans, White Trousers, Peasant blouse, Shearling trimmed jacket, Fuzzy vest, Embroidered tops, Long maxi dresses, Halter topsHippie chick at its finest, Dusty pinks, Faded florals, Flowy dresses, Organic items, Stones, Fur-trimmed boots, Wrap sandals, Hobo bags, Tunic, Floppy hats – Kate Hudson and Rachel Bilson have this down pat.

Black skinny pants, Sheer shirts, Asymmetrical hems,Layers, Leotards, Genie pants, Slouchy outerwear, Gladiator sandals, Metallic bag, Hats, Sculputral jewelry, Graphics, Shoes with metallic or sculptural heels - Avante Garde yet minamilist, edgy and artistic but classicly wearable

Ballet flats, Capri pants,Thinly striped sweaters, Boatneck tops, Belted Safari Dress, Sailor pants, Polished-looking leather purse, Plain and fitted tees, Smocks, Biker jackets, Trenchcoats, Bright and wide cropped jacket, Espadrilles, Keds, Cork-heel platforms, Diver's watch, Black scarf, Huge Jackie O sunglasses, Graphic scarf, Peacoat, Knee-high flat or wedge boots, Quilted purse with chain strap, 3/4 length anything - One word: Audrey Hepburn

And FYI my own style is Euro Chic/Bombshell…I think. With a touch of Posh Eclectic and Gamine and a hint of Rock and Roll (more Rock and Roll now than ever!)

Get your votes for Top Five in now and I’ll tally it up on Friday.

As for our winner, Dominica, because she wanted to see my scarves up close, I will post pics of them on my next post (Wednesday) – remember how awhile back I admitted I was clueless about wearing them? Well after buying a slew, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

I’ll also need some wardrobe advice too – I purchased a certain hat recently and have no idea what to wear it with. I love hats and look good in them (usually) but since I don't wear them I remain clueless about them - can't tell if I look like an idiot or not!

But back to the voting!

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Results - Week One

What a week it’s been – Obama’s made history, the Canadian dollar went back up slightly and I successfully completed week one of The November Wardrobe Challenge!

Yes folks, I managed to wear a dress everyday this week to work. It actually wasn’t very hard or annoying at all considering that I have so many darn dresses – the hardest part was figuring out which dress to wear!

I wanted to see how many different colours and styles I could edit to make work appropriate (and rainy, cold weather appropriate) and I think I ran the gamut on that one. But because I have so many dresses left that need their day in the sun, I might do this one again at the end of the month.

Now comes the fun part – you get to see all the different looks for this week.

AND if you tell me (in the comments) which one you like best, you will be entered into a draw to win a pair of Forever 21 earrings! That’s right, just vote for your fav and I will randomly (I swear) pick a person to win – though it’s probably going to be the person who votes for the look I liked most! And no, I’m not telling.

On my next post I will announce the winner, who can then email me their mailing details!

So what are you waiting for?


I wore a grey, layered Forever 21 dress that I consider a “going out” dress. But I made it work for work by pairing it with blues and greys. Blue Vic Matie Patent Mary-Janes, Grey H&M tights, my shiny quilted Mango MNG blue handbag, a vintage blue-grey scarf and a vintage blue schoolboy blazer. With the blazer on top, it kind of made the dress look like a schoolgirl skirt and thus I think it had kind of a Gossip Girl flair.


Usually I think of how I feel or a certain look I want to have BEFORE I get dressed but this time I picked out the dress, paired it with stuff and then realized my look afterwards. In this case it was French Etheral Gamine Ballerina. A white silk (with white leather trim) Sheri Bodell Grecian dress, black tights, Coach flats, black F21 tank top (only $2.50!) and a Charlotte Russe Black cardigan with ribbon tie.

Then I added the outerwear – my new vintage cape (total Ebay score). Reversible with black on one side and plaid on the other and with an attached scarf, this cape elevated my look to 1920’s French Etheral Gamine Ballerina.


Taupe Forever 21 dress, burgundy H&M tights, maroon Vic Matie Patent Mary-Janes, maroon cardigan, magenta F21 tank and magenta/maroon F21 scarf. Despite liberal use of static-spray, the dress clung to my tights. I hate that! Thus the flowy plum fairy look that I thought I had achieved was ruined with every step I took. Grrrr!


Forest Green bubble hem dress by Smogh – bought in Rome, black shiny American Apparel tights, black Christian Louboutin Beatle ankle boots, Black (but I swear it’s dark grey!) Forever 21 knit blazer with detachable belt (which I wore on the inside), Absolute Vodka vintage scarf. I love this dress and completely forgot how flattering and adorable it is! I call this look…French Gamine business woman.

Then I added the dark purple Forever 21 wool trench and WOW - the jewel tones of green and purple really complement each other.

Anyway, when I ran out to errands later I put on a black scarf and floppy knit beret and suddenly people were complimenting me on the street - French gamine indeed!!


I ran out of imagination. I’ve done this outfit before but meh, it’s safe and comfy. I call it, Italian Autumn….silk chiffon dress by purchased in Rome, Bata leather boots from Rome (you remember?), Mac and Jac boucle brown cardigan, Rafe ostrich leather and canvas bag AND mustard outerwear, Forever 21.

OK that’s it! That was my week, I hope you had a good one but TGIF! Despite the frivolous dresses, this has been my official first week of STRESS at work - will get into it next post though, don't want to blog too much about my work but there's a SheBeast who has it coming!!

PS when you comment to win the earrings, I would also like to know what kind of challenge I should do for next week – I was thinking about wearing a skirt everyday. What’s your take???

Sunday, November 02, 2008

November Wardrobe Challenge - week one

Hope you all had a happy Halloween! I had a great time, dressed up as Selene from Underworld. I'm amazed I actually pulled off the costume, which was akin to wearing black body paint and highly enjoyed freaking people out with my blue contacts which didn't sit on my eyes properly so it looked as if my eyes were looking in all directions at once. My bf's costume was the best though...he went as Robert Downey Jr. from Tropic Thunder - the most controversial costume at the party. But since the token African American at the party thought it was hilarious, we know it turned out great!

Tropic ThUnderworld

Boring, Normal Us

Anyway, on to the title of this post...I invite you (women AND men) to join me in a wardrobe challenge that will take place throughout the month of November.

Fall/Winter is a great time to want to buy new clothes and try out new trends but it’s also a time of credit-crunching, budgets and economic uncertainty.

I still buy quite a lot of clothes (cheap ones – more or less) because that’s just me – but the thing is, I don’t NEED more clothes. Want, yes. Need, no. Not one bit.

And why do I want more clothes? Because I’m bored with the ones I’ve got – or perhaps I’ve just forgotten about them. Sometimes if you don’t have an item staring you in the face, you forget it exists. Or sometimes the item is inappropriate for the weather. Both are just excuses and this month I aim to make everything in our wardrobes wearable for right here, right now.

My challenge for the first week of November is:

To wear a dress everyday of the week.

This normally isn’t a hard one for me since I have a TON of dresses but that’s just the point. I have a ton of them and I need to wear them and appreciate them more often.

Now if I wore a dress last week or something (and I did), it doesn’t count. My goal is to try and wear dresses that I haven’t worn for quite some time (months, maybe even a year).

By doing so I can find a way to make old pieces look new by mixing it with new and unique accessories.

I will post my pics of the daily outfit – and I encourage YOU to find something in your closet that you have a lot of and try to wear one everyday. For example, you could wear a dress everyday too or maybe a cardigan, or a bright tie, or a blazer or perhaps you have a lot of boots and want to wear a different pair everyday.

Note that the key wording here is DIFFERENT. No repeats are allowed.

I guarantee you will find new ways to wear something you love and will make you feel less guilty for having them. A little creativity is all you need: A cardigan over a dress shirt can take you through work. A cardigan with jeans is classic casual. A cardigan over a sexy shirt is great for drinks. You get the idea…now get cracking!