Friday, November 14, 2008

Earring Giveaway #2

Thanks for all your input everyone!

I’ve tallied up the responses and it looks like next week during the November Wardrobe Challenge, I will be doing the following Five (outta Ten) Iconic Style Looks:

*Arty Slick
*Euro Chic
*California Casual
*Rock Star
– I didn’t get a fifth vote so I voted this in!

By next Friday I’ll post the weeks pics and you can tell me not only which look you liked best, BUT which look I will have to rock out everyday for the following week (majority wins). And of course, I will randomly select a name from your comments to win a pair of THESE ASOS earrings! Plus maybe some other nice stuff? Hmmm?

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with some amuse bouche. I was bored the other night and decided to check out my Sitemeter which I haven’t done in about 8 months or so. Glad to see people still read the blog! But even more glad to see the crazy and zany ways people still FIND my blog, via Google Search.

Such as….

*I got new clothes but no one complimented me at work
I feel for you, I really do. This is why I started doing this on my blog :P

*What makes a person good in bed
Ahh, I made one blog post about this back in 2006 and I still get people searching for the answer

*What makes a woman good in bed
Like I said, everyone wants the answer. I don’t recall really having one, just to put out a lot and say yes to everything.

*Am I good in bed?
Do you want the honest truth?

*How to be good in bed

*How to be good AT bed
Not too sure

*I’m dating a younger guy
So am I, fun isn’t it?

*I’m dating a feminine guy
This person must be dating my Ex

*David Copperfield’s Secret Sheet of Entrance
Ewwwww. Love how Copperfield still comes back to haunt me but they don’t have to bring the sheets into it. Did I ever tell you how I was lambasted via email by a Copperfield fan who kept sending me threatening emails because I was giving Copperfield a bad name? True story, I should post them sometime.

*I can’t get out of bed in the morning
Tell me about it.

*How do I get out of bed in the morning
You mean to say I had an answer to this?

*Am I in love or afraid to be alone
Aw, if you have to ask….then no, you are not in love. But embrace being alone! It’s great! Go to Paris! See the world!

*Producer seeks personal assistant
Don’t do it, believe me!

*Anywhere but here is all that happens in the end
When all is gone in this world, my blog will still remain

*Stupid things people want in their lifetime
Lol, I can imagine the list for this is HUGE and I probably want it all

*Contacting George Clooney's Manager
I still get asked about how to do this and sadly, I don't know. Well...OK, I have his contact details but SHHHHH.

The BEST one is this:

*Karisa Petho

Karisa is my dear friend from college and whose wedding I’m going to in April. Funny thing is, someone googled her name and got to my blog, but wait till you see the blurb that the Google search results picks up:
“Karisa Petho remarked... haha Karina...does this mean you've recently had a yeast infection and hemmroids? Hope you're feeling better :P ...”

Isn’t Google amazing? Thank God that doesn’t come up when I Google my name. The dodgiest thing I get (aside from a million things about David Copperfield) is a book called “Hitler’s Dancers.” Don’t ask.

I was going for a polished career look with an edge - Euro Chic Bombshell with hint of Grungy Rockstar? Vic Matie Patent Blue Mary-Janes, H&M tights, Pencil skirt, Skinny patent belt, Silk shell, Slouchy cardigan, Star earrings and Chains and Leather necklace...all by Forever 21. Eeek.


Rachel said...

still coveting your shoes.. will need to put on my birthday list, me thinks! it's really funny what some people put into google. i'm sure they'd be traumatised if they knew people could see.

anywho.. looking forward to your challenge! :)

karisap said...

ahh...isn't that something that comes up when I'm "googled". My mom told me that too...

And yes...i still do read your blog!!

kimberlie said...

love the colour of your dress!

Wanderlusting said...

Rachel - the shoes are awesome! I hope they still sell them on Yoox, I get lots of compliments on both pairs :)

Karisa P - yeah, your name was googled and my blog came up. And hi!

Kimberlie - thanks - it's a silk shell though and a knit skirt but the shades of grey are exactly the same

Dominica said...

Apparently I've won some contest ! OMG I did not even realize, I was just giving some comment...:-)