Sunday, November 02, 2008

November Wardrobe Challenge - week one

Hope you all had a happy Halloween! I had a great time, dressed up as Selene from Underworld. I'm amazed I actually pulled off the costume, which was akin to wearing black body paint and highly enjoyed freaking people out with my blue contacts which didn't sit on my eyes properly so it looked as if my eyes were looking in all directions at once. My bf's costume was the best though...he went as Robert Downey Jr. from Tropic Thunder - the most controversial costume at the party. But since the token African American at the party thought it was hilarious, we know it turned out great!

Tropic ThUnderworld

Boring, Normal Us

Anyway, on to the title of this post...I invite you (women AND men) to join me in a wardrobe challenge that will take place throughout the month of November.

Fall/Winter is a great time to want to buy new clothes and try out new trends but it’s also a time of credit-crunching, budgets and economic uncertainty.

I still buy quite a lot of clothes (cheap ones – more or less) because that’s just me – but the thing is, I don’t NEED more clothes. Want, yes. Need, no. Not one bit.

And why do I want more clothes? Because I’m bored with the ones I’ve got – or perhaps I’ve just forgotten about them. Sometimes if you don’t have an item staring you in the face, you forget it exists. Or sometimes the item is inappropriate for the weather. Both are just excuses and this month I aim to make everything in our wardrobes wearable for right here, right now.

My challenge for the first week of November is:

To wear a dress everyday of the week.

This normally isn’t a hard one for me since I have a TON of dresses but that’s just the point. I have a ton of them and I need to wear them and appreciate them more often.

Now if I wore a dress last week or something (and I did), it doesn’t count. My goal is to try and wear dresses that I haven’t worn for quite some time (months, maybe even a year).

By doing so I can find a way to make old pieces look new by mixing it with new and unique accessories.

I will post my pics of the daily outfit – and I encourage YOU to find something in your closet that you have a lot of and try to wear one everyday. For example, you could wear a dress everyday too or maybe a cardigan, or a bright tie, or a blazer or perhaps you have a lot of boots and want to wear a different pair everyday.

Note that the key wording here is DIFFERENT. No repeats are allowed.

I guarantee you will find new ways to wear something you love and will make you feel less guilty for having them. A little creativity is all you need: A cardigan over a dress shirt can take you through work. A cardigan with jeans is classic casual. A cardigan over a sexy shirt is great for drinks. You get the idea…now get cracking!


sunny day said...

Holley molley!!

At first I didn't even recognize that it was you.
that is one major transformation.

I think the sort of "born to be bad" look suits

cathy said...

You guys looked AWESOME!!!!

arbyn said...

This is a very interesting challenge. Good luck!

Bittersweet Confusion said...

Well I'm up for the challenge since I am now in maternity Wardrobe.. ;-) ALways looking for the loophole


the most
the absolute most

face paint circa Lawrence of Arabia

Vegas Princess said...

Wow you both look amazing!

I will have to dig through my closet and see what I can find. I love a challenge.