Friday, November 21, 2008

Five Iconic Looks Challenge: Results!

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Well the week has come to an end on this challenge and let me say has been challenging. Hence the word challenge in the title.

I don't normally put THAT much thought into what I wear as that is hard to do in the early morning hours in the dark when you are rushing around and not knowing what the hell you are putting on. The fact that I really had to think about what pieces were required hurt my head and through me into a tizzy - even when I did it the night before. Which also spoiled things since I tend to dress by mood...and what if I didn't feel California Casual that day?

But on the plus side, I wore things I never thought I would and paired it with items I never thought would go and then after it all came together, it looked TOGETHER. When you have a goal in mind and the peices to do it, you can make a haphazard pairing LOOK STYLISH!

Like look at Monday, Arty Slick. I got that top last year some time, I would have never worn it to work and only on fat weekend days (of which I am having more and more - fat days, not weekends). But suddenly it made sense with my new skinny jeans and with a necklace that I bought in 2002. Talk about suddenly having a new look and new-looking clothes!

Of course I couldn't have picked a worse week, all bloated and puffy for no discernable-reason. It's gonna take another couple of weeks before my 630 AM jogging sessions have some effect on my body and you have no idea how hard it was to dress Bombshell when all I wanted to do was put on a mumu and blend in with the wallpaper!

Anyway, I'll let you peruse the pictures. Remember if you want your free gift (or just want to voice your opinion) leave me a comment and tell me your favourite look - on Monday/Tuesday I will put all your names into a hat and draw a name at random and send you your free stuff.

And this time, there will be TWO winners!

So, let's get on with it...

California Casual

Ah California Casual. This one caught me off-gaurd at first until I realized that I have an awful lot of this style, only I had never thought of actually wearing it IN a certain style. Then I started thinking of how many variations I could do and how I much I need to embrace this look on weekends, or at least in Summer. Which I think I do. I may aspire to be Euro Chic at work but during the summer months there is a Cali surfer hippie just waiting to come out.

Anyway, after work I ran out and did some errands in the rain and popped on that cloche hat I was having problems with the week before (see last week). Guess what, I think it looked quite good. In fact in the liquor store I smiled at a girl I went to high school with and she didn't even recognize me. The cloche added a mysterious element to the casual look. Either that or she was a bitch.

Leather Jacket: Vintage

Silk and Cashmere Cardigan: BCBG Max Azaria

Real Turquoise stone necklace: Vintage

White T-Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: Charlotte Russe

Campus Leather Boots: Frye

Bag: Mango

Hat: Forever 21

Arty Slick

This was the trickiest look as I knew it would be. But I think it turned out OK and I felt a lot different than normal wearing. Arty and cool. Weird how that works.

Blazer: How awesome is this jacket? Slightly shiny blue by "Vintage 55" and made entirely out of bamboo!

Top: Forever 21

Necklace: Express (was turquoise-coloured but the plastic cover fell off)

Jeans: Forever 21

Boots: Unknown, from a Paris shoe store on the Left Bank near Notre Dame

Bag: Ringspun, from Bench in Edinburgh, Scotland

Euro Chic

Euro Chic was hard for me. There was just so many variations that I could do and what I settled on did not settle well with me. I could have done so much more!

That said, I did feel refined and lady-like. I hope to do this challenge and this particular week again next month because then - when the last of my online shopping comes in - I'll much more prepared. I mean, I had so many things I could have worn for this look but nothing that screamed YES! EURO CHIC! But I will!

Satin Coat: Topshop

Tweed Blazer: Forever 21

Cowl-neck 3/4 sleeve Dress: Vintage

Patent Belt: Forever 21

Tights: Emilio Cavallini

Boots: Christian Louboutin

Purse: Canvas and Ostrich Leather by Rafe

Pearls: Vintage (grandmas, from Norway)

The Bombshell

Like Euro Chic, The Bombshell is very much my style so it was hard to try and make it REALLY stand out. I feel I failed with this one, perhaps with the cardigan choice. I had a small white short sleeve on which I ditched at the last minute out of fear - fear that I was looking a bit too somethin-somethin and wouldn't be able to cover up, so I put on a long sleeve button up one in case I needed to look more professional. I was impressed with the shoes though, I hadn't worn them yet and they stood up well. Bit too big, even with the foot petals in them so I stuffed the toes with Kleenex. Worked like a charm.

Again, this is one of my fav looks and there was so much I could have done. But dissapointed but as you'll see in the future, I usually do it better.

Also I hate trying to think in the morning. And I hate picking out my outfit the night before, putting it on that morning, realizing I don't like it but not having enough time to change!

Cardigan: Forever 21

Ruffled pink/black/white camisole: Victoria's Secret

Skirt: Jacob

Tights: Secret

Shoes: Boutique 9 @ Nine West

Coat: Forever 21

Bag (not pictured here, see above): Rafe Canvas and Ostrich Leather


Again, this was hard since I had so many different ideas and this look is something I am trying to embrace more considering I am dating a Rockstar who has a wicked band and I end up at so many rock shows. Felt risque wearing this to work but I think the blazer pulled it all together and at least it wasn't revealing.

Top: Forever 21 sequin dress that I tucked into the skirt (last minute decision and happy it worked - I never would have though to tuck a dress into a skirt or pants)

Scarf: Forever 21

3/4 Sleeve Knit Blazer: Forever 21 and soooo comfy and soft, like wearing a cardigan

Skirt: Unknown - my boyfriend's sisters I got in my clothing swap last year (speaking of clothing swaps, part deux is on Saturday at her house and I am so excited to give away my clothes, especially my shoes which aren't worth reselling)

Stud cuff: My boyfriend's :P

Tights: Aristoc (see Tuesdays post)

Boots: Manolo Blahnik ponyhaired booties - a great Ebay find and I love them dearly, even though when I look at my feet I think I'm a character in the Chronicles of Narnia

Vegan Leather Fringe Bag: Miele Bianco

Oh good, you're still here. Anyway it's been quite the week and I'm glad it's over.

But not that glad as I have decided that on the first week of December, I am doing this all over again. Not the same ones of course but the remaining Five Iconic Style Looks as seen in Lucky Magazine's Style Guide.

Anyhoo, you can bet I'll be wearing sweat pants all day tomorrow!


Rachel said...

Wow, great challenge!! Well done. I have to say.. I think my fave is the california casual. I don't know why, I just like it. I think I have a secret beach bum in me somewhere (maybe not so secret). But they were all real pretty! :)

Krystal said...

adorable!! i love what you did here. xoxo

The Clothes Horse said...

Arty slick is totally my favorite. But they're all really great and it's cool how completely you channel each look.

Dan said...

Euro chic followed by rock chic... but seriously, anything with you in it.

Does sucking up help my chances?

arbyn said...

This looks like so much work... I don't think I'd have the stamina. Well done!

My favourite is the Euro Chic -- that tweed blazer is incredible!

Oh, but of course I'm a massive fan of the Rock Chick purple tights/ankle boots as well. LOOOOOVE it. I'm currently overwearing THAT look in my office. :)

WiscoBlonde said...

As much trouble as it gave you, I think you pulled off Eurochic wonderfully!

Wondering Woman said...

Well, I'm giving Euro Chic a thumbs up too, followed by Rock Chick. The others were swell except for Bombshell, that look bombed for me.

Kass said...

I think I liked California Casual (maybe without the boots..) and Rock Chic best :)

I loved the Euro Chic, but not that Satin Coat, but that may just be the photo, it looks too shiny or something lol.

Sondra Lynn said...


I personally love California Casual but it's a style that I think comes easy for me and would be reflective of a typical outfit that I'd choose for myself.

Arty slick is sooo cute on you but the top is something I'd never have the guts to wear myself. I love this look but I'm not sure if I'd ever be able to pull it off on myself.

I adore Euro chick because I simply LOVE cute jackets. I disagree with Kass I love the jacket with the outfit.

Bombshell is really cute also. I really like the top. I had to enlarge the photo to get a better view of the shirt but I adore the feminitity of it. Is that a word? Haha.

The rocker is the only look I wasn't WOW over. Maybe because I'm not daring enough to wear the bright neon tights. It's not a bad outfit at all but compared to the rest it's not my fav.

I would vote for Bombshell and California Casual as my favs.

Rachel said...

I vote for Arty Slick. Partially because that was my pick for you to try from the beginning lol, but mostly because I really like the way it all turned out. And it gave you a differently outlook based soley on your new style. It can't get much better than a perspective makeover based on a clothing makeover!
I do love the purple tights from the rock look. But the Arty look is still my fav.

cathy said...

My favorites are Arty slick and Euro chic. But I have to agree you must look good at all times.(hate you HA HA

karisap said...

I loved Euro chic on you...also I liked California Casual!!

Karinaxoxo said...

My fav is arty slick - without the jacket. Simple yet Chic and original

clw said...

Wow that is far too much work for me. You look great in everything of course but I think the Cali casual is my favorite. I wish I had your wardrobe :-)

Eleh said...

love this post. that tan leather jacket is such a treasure!

Roselle said...

i'm a fan of the california casual!

also, received the boots today - they're GORGEOUS and fit perfectly! thanks a mill!