Monday, August 31, 2009

Vintage Eye Candy - Part one

Here's something you probably don't know about me: I (or I used to) collect vintage magazines from the 40's-60's. Most are movie magazines as I am a huge classic film buff (if you couldn't already tell from my VERTIGO post, previous) but I have some classic Vogues and Life magazine's thrown in the mix as well.

The other day I was going through one of my storage boxes and came across a stack of them. Starting with the oldest one and working my way up, here is a sneak peek inside the mag.

Please excuse the crappy scanning :P - and click on pics for better details and to read the articles!

Photoplay 1943

I wish modern magazines had an Ask Bette Davis column...I love hands-on the celebs were back then with regards to the public (though some of these questions are mighty personal and severe!)

I wish wearing aprons with matching turbans were all the rage right now too - apparently it's the way to get "sex" into your clothes, uh huh.

I love the three career choices women had in the 40's...personally I would totally be in the WAC, Rosie the Riveter style. Though designing hats would be fun...

Men never approach me either...Maybe I DO stink!

Or maybe I just don't use the right toothpaste. ..plain girl!

I adore Veronica Lake, so this article was a real treat for me. I had no idea she was that tiny, such a shame the way her life went in the end though - the article states she is a good bookkeeper but she ended up going bankrupt, the IRS seized her assets, she was arrested for being drunk and disorderly as she wandered from cheap hotel to cheap hotel and eventually got a job as a waitress in a bar. She died -alone - of complications of her alcoholism. Very sad.

BTW if you haven't seen Sullivan's Travels, go see it NOW!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Inspired by: Vertigo

With Bernard Hermann's enigmatic score to accompany this post (please press play)....

Vertigo is one of my favourite films, if not THE one. I'm a huge classic film buff and a huge Hitchcock buff and I've probably seen Vertigo well over ten times. I even went to San Francisco to see many of the movie's locations.

To me, the film warrants multiple viewings - I probably watch it once a year, at least. It's haunting, beautiful, disturbing, mesmerizing. It has Kim Novak playing two roles with aplomb (her portrayal of Judy is absolutely heartbreaking because of its honesty - trust me girls, you might relate) and Jimmy Stewart in his best performance - no more "Mr. Everyman" in this film. It is also Hitchcock's most personal film and for that reason I think it makes it even more profound.

I have books about this film and to get into all of the film's gems and meanings would take a very, very long time. True, some people may find it boring because it isn't in your face like the films of today - but I just find it to be an endlessly fascinating mystery with more layers than an onion. Everytime I watch it, I notice something new.

But to keep this brief, I've always been interested in the fashion aspect of the film too. The famous grey suit worn by Novak in the film surfaces twice in the film - and to think Novak didn't want to wear it because she though it was unflattering on blondes. I actually think grey is more flattering on blondes than on any other haircolour and ever since this film I have been searching for the perfect grey suit.

I also went searching for the perfect white coat, and I found it. It's main purpose was for this photo shoot as it is now on hold for someone in my shop (the vintage coat was actually owned by Benny Goodman's singer for his big band back in the 40's) and I am glad I finally got to recreate scenes from my favourite film for you.

Enjoy the nuanced magic that is Vertigo:

I need you to be Madeleine for a while. And when it's done, we'll both be free.

If I let you change me, will that do it? If I do what you tell me, will you love me?

She'll be talking to me about something. Suddenly the words fade into silence. A cloud comes into her eyes and they go blank. She's somewhere else, away from me, someone I don't know. I call her, she doesn't even hear me. Then, with a long sigh, she's back. Looks at me brightly, doesn't even know she's been away, can't tell me where or when.

Couldn't you like me, just me the way I am?

There is something I must do, there is something I must do.

We stood there and I kissed her for the last time, and she said, 'If you lose me you'll know that I loved you and wanted to keep on loving you.' And I said, 'I won't lose you.' But I did. And then she turned and ran into the church. I tried to follow, but it was too late.

Scottie, do you believe that someone out of the past - someone dead - can enter and take possession of a living being?

Only one is a wanderer; two together are always going somewhere.

Here I was born, and there I died. It was only a moment for you; you took no notice.

Oh Scottie. I'm not mad. I'm not mad. I don't want to die. There's someone within me and she says I must die. Oh Scottie, don't let me go.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dying days of Summer

It's not over yet people!

To me, there is something very sad about the end of summer. I know many people are excited to put an end to the heat or get started on their fall shopping sprees but I just want to wrap my browned arms around summer and hold on to it while I can.

This is impossible, of course - why must I live in a land where Summer is so short and winter is so long? Even though our summer has been drier and hotter than usual, I still feel like I didn't enjoy enough of it.

I tried though, how I tried. I drank iced coffees at every opportunity. I suntanned during the day. I ate lunch outside. I got up early to watch the sunrise. I wore maxi dresses and drank white wine after work, soaking up the late rays on the patio. I went sailing, I went camping, I went to the cabin, I traveled. I went swimming, went biking, went to the beach. I had bonfires and picnics and wasn't enough! The summer just flew by and I'm still trying to soak it all in.

Now there is a definite change in the air...a coolness, which is nice, but it only reminds me that the warmth will soon be gone.

I'll admit there is a lot of "back to school" excitement, despite the fact that I am not in school, but you know, lot's of new stuff to buy and wear. I am getting a little lazy in my outfits too, which means it will be good to mix things up. I've also got THE MOST AMAZING black leather motorbike jacket ever. I mean this is just the coolest thing, I put it on and suddenly I'm Marlon Brando. It's THAT cool. Plus, I'll combine them with jeans and my See by Chloe boots and it will be THE ouftit of my fall (I'm gonna assume I'll post about it next week!).

But for the most part, I don't want summer to end. On Monday I vowed to squeeze the last breath out if it, until Labour day. That means gladiator sandals, flimsy dresses, light makeup, flowy hair, iced coffee and salads...I am immersing myself while I can. Because before we know it, it will be cold, dark and miserable and we will only have our memories of the summer that was.

At least until next Summer.

My friend Josh is moving back to New Zealand after two glorious years here. We decided to recreate the first "date" we had after he arrived - if I recall correctly it was June 2007, he had arrived in Canada the day before and I whisked him off to a bowling alley to bowl with a "new friend" of mine. Well, we all hit it off, especially me and the new friend of mine, and the rest is history. Here are some pics from back then...

Awwww so young they look, Katy, Special Friend (aka Rockstar) and Josh

Josh and my "Thom Yorke" face

My strike dance

And now, the recreation, 2 years later, complete with a snazzier bowling outfit :P

Polka Dots and Pinstripes

My strike dance

I'm "Thrillho" (if you're a Simpsons fan...)

Seersucker blazer: Theory; Polka-dot shirt: Forever 21; Skirt: Odille; Espadrilles: Michael Kors

My special friend


Pin Pals

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A pox on both your shoes

This weekend I was plagued with a shoe curse. The type some gypsy queen would put on you, simply because you didn't buy a squirrel or something like that.

First, I paired those lovely blue shoe/boot type dealys with a simple black dress to wear to my bf's show. The right amount of pop against black (I thought)and since I had worn them during my Rolling Stones shoot - all jumping around and stuff - I thought they would be comfy.

Best Roadie Ever!

Whole Lotta Love

Oh yeah, It's totally my amp

Expressing the pain

Well, two steps out the door and a heel lift comes off. Luckily I can just pop it back in but I have the worst experiences ever with heel lifts coming off - I don't know if it's the way I walk or not but either way they give me hell. Doesn't even matter if it's a high-priced shoe (ahem, my curse Louboutins) or something from Payless.

Then walking from the car park to the bar, I realize that the heels somehow feel higher than I thought and the foot insoles I stuffed at the toe pad not only didn't really help, but just squished my toes together and then up against the top of the shoe. It helped that it was suede but it still didn't prevent the skin on top of all of my toes from being scraped off. OUCH.

It was a really painful night (shoe wise) which ended with BOTH heel lifts popping off somewhere on the dance floor and being lost forever. So I had to walk back after the shoe sans heel lifts which luckily meant the heel wasn't as high but also meant my shoes are more easily ruined now. Arg.

I should have planned this properly because the very next day I had a wedding, which meant I would once again be on my feet. I knew the shoes I wanted to wear but then thought I would be smart (for once) and bring flat sandals. My bf's band was ALSO playing the wedding which meant we had to go early to set-up for the reception and thus I wanted some comfy sandals to schlep around town in.

Can't. Get. Bubbles.

Ah that's better

Do I have to pee? Can I not stand like a lady?

Wedding Crashers

Dancing shoes...

Well those sandals came in handy, because as soon as the ceremony was over, I took off my Helmut Lang babies and put on the crappy GoJanes for immediate relief. Obviously my feet were still killing me from the night before.

Open bar + crazy friends + hi-jinks = me leaving the wedding and forgetting my shoes behind. I know exactly where they would be too, all propped up behind the table I was at, next to a heater (really hope no one turns it on otherwise I'd have a puddle of Lang goo). So Sunday in my hangover, I phoned the bride and left a message - though she's probably in Hawaii already. And yesterday I phoned the hall where the wedding was held. They haven't seen them (or so the woman says, as she's slipping those bad boys on). My only hope is that someone from the wedding found them and is holding on to them until the Bride and Groom return from their trip - FINGERS CROSSED!

I really hope I get my shoes back, I can't believe I forgot them. Well, I can (it is ME after all and I have terrible luck like this, click here for a ridiculous example) but still...I loved those shoes, they were so unique and I put a lot of extra money into them at the cobbler. Hopefully someone will get back to me soon, if the Shoes Gods allow it.

Otherwise, if anyones sees these size 36 sexy beasts dancing around Main st in Vancouver, please assault the thief and take the shoes from them. There shall be a reward :)

Luckily today my Jeffrey Campbell shoes came in, which I hope to wear to yet another wedding (fellow Blogger Odettes!) on Friday. It's debatable though whether I will be taking them off this time - though they ended up being a lot higher than they look in this photo. That heel is a good half inch higher than the website stated. Meh. They look rad and all the more reason not to lose this pair.

I mean seriously...who loses a pair of shoes???

Anyway, if you wanna laugh - please read this story from my travel blog. I promise it will make you feel like a million bucks (that you aren't me!).