Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tick, tock, tick, tock

It just occured to me yesterday that it is (was) OCTOBER 29th 2008! All of the dates were suprising to me. I mean, is it really 2008 (I know we have that shock in January but it's just kicking in now)?, is it really October already and is it already the END of October? AGH! We have two months before the new year and then it's 2009. TWO THOUSAND AND NINE, people!

The older I get, the faster time goes - I know I've blogged about this before but it's never been more apparent since starting my job. The days just FLY by and when Monday comes and I whine about how far away Friday is, BAM! Friday is here. Things are just going so fast, I feel like I can't get a grip and REALLY concentrate on where I am, right now. The weather. The climate. The changes. Where I was last year. Where I was last month. What's next month. How do I feel right now? How do I slow down and let it all sink in and where am I going to find the time to do that?

Which brings me to my next point...I turn 27 in December. TWENTY-SEVEN! Holy moly, I am just cruising along to middle age now, aren't I?

The thing is, I just don't FEEL 27. I don't. Maybe I feel 23. Yeah, I feel like I'm 23. A 23-year old in a 27-year old's body.

Do you feel your age? If not, what age DO you feel?

But back to frivolous fashion....remember to check out my eBay items...some will be ticking along for another 5 days but some are ending soon. Like in less than a day. So get in there and bid and remember I'll be chucking in a special gift for all my readers who win!!!

PS - I saw this Parisien street style photo today on Garance Dore and I WANT THIS COAT! Sadly though I have a feeling that it's expensive. Like, you couldn't even get it on Ebay and if you could it's going for like $800+ - sigh, there is just something so romantic and practical about the wide drapey collar and openess of the front. Plus the zipper, leather trim and warm furry exterior are a great combo and would be SO cozy this winter.

It's by Rick Owens, btw, which is sold on luxury sites and in similar stores and is therefore off limits to a budget-crunching, moneyless girl like myself. For now, anyway!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You Look Tired

Worst thing to hear EVOR!

Seriously, I hear this quite a bit and I’m tired of it. I know people like to call out the obvious (“wow, you’re sunburned”) but it’s not the thing people like to be pointed out. When you say I look tired, what you’re really saying is that I look like a steaming pile of crap. Well, isn’t it?

Woe is me, anyway because I always often look tired. It’s not in my head (you hear that, Mom?!) people often find the need to comment on it.

OK and I often AM tired too, which makes sense. I guess I’m coming down with something…or it may have something to do with the fact I stopped exercising this month (till next week) or maybe that I am going to bed late (thanks a lot, boyfriend) and waking up early (thanks a lot, job).

Anyway I am on a full-on beauty attack to try and make myself look awake in the mornings.

First object is to obliterate my under eye circles. Short of getting Juvederm injections (which I might do since these circles are ruining my life), there isn’t much you can do….especially if they are hereditary which I suspect mine are (thanks a lot, grandma). But I did shell out big bucks (OK, a got a deal) for Peter Thomas Roth’s Power K eye cream which has arnica (fights bruises, though all you holistic types know that already) and Vitamin K (which can thicken the skin, making the blood vessels which shine through my thin skin WAY too easily less apparent).

So far there has been no change but I’m giving it till the end of the jar….or at least till two months have gone by, which is how long most products take to work. I don’t expect miracles though

In the meantime, I am on the search for other ways to make my eyes look bright.

I use a heavy duty Dermablend concealer which lasts forever, but lately it just doesn’t do its job. The circles come through.

At the recommendation of another blogger, I tried out Lancome waterproof cream concealer at the drugstore last night and that did do the trick. I’m tempted to shell out money for it but worried that it doesn’t have what it takes to handle my morning circles (my night ones are less pronounced).

I also used to use Benefit’s Eyebright stick which is great for lining the inside of your eyes, highlighting the brow and even putting over your circles and the layering concealer on top. I’m also thinking of picking up another stick.

Using a yellow or peach based concealer as base before your regular concealer will also help…remember the color wheel! Yellows and oranges block out blues/purples.

As for the puffiness, I’m hearing good things about Biore’s depuffing eye gel and Patrica Wexler’s depuffing eye gel (which I just bought on Ebay – I’ll let you know!).

My tried and true favourite, which I can’t afford at the moment, is Clarin’s Flash Beauty Balm. They have one for the eyes now, but I would stick with the original. I first bought it in the Frankfurt airport and the smell takes me back. You leave the gel-ish formula on your face as a mask and tissue off or rub it vigorously into your skin. It really does perk you up.

Another great product (and again, expensive) is Bliss’s triple oxygen mask. I have also ordered a sample via Ebay, so I will keep you informed.

And then there is good ol’ Visine which I need to invest in! Today though I lined my eyes with Navy Blue liner as this makes your whites look whiter….eh, maybe. Maybe I would look more tired without it. It’s hard to say on days like these but here is hoping that after I cover myself with all these products, I might just start to look awake!

I have solved ONE problem though: I have been having extremely dry, flaking and bleeding lips and NO lipbalm was helping. Not Chapstick, not Blistex, not Nivea. Then I found Roc’s lip balm (around $7) and I’ve been happy ever since.

On the fashion side of things, thanks to everyone who is bidding on my Ebay items – you won’t be disappointed! And while I am a big fan of street fashion photo blogs such as The Sartorialist, Garance Dore, Hel-looks and Facehunter (way more inspirational to look at how real people dress vs celebs), I lack the nerve to copy them (I’m shy about shoving my camera in strangers faces). But I did see the most awesome girl on my street the other night so I thought I would draw it.

She was asian with dark TEAL hair, a tight neon yellow pencil skirt, black moto jacket, tights and booties with gold studs all over them. She was standing with an equally fashionable crowd (I believe one man had suspenders and a bowler on and NO it wasn’t for Halloween), but I was most taken by her hair! It was so bright and played off the brightness of the skirt.

My crappy rendition done with work’s sharpie collection…

PS any tips on under eye concealers (for mega circles) or tips on looking fresh and awake would be much appreciated too!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I really love my...

While I'm EBAYING everythinG I own (it seems) at the moment (see last post for link - remember if a blogreader wins an item, they get an awesome free gift!), there are somethings I am NOT going to Ebay. These are the clothes I am really loving at the moment...

My Dolce and Gabanna military tuxedo coat

Can you believe I scored this beauty for only $100? It’s from a few seasons ago and I am IN LOVE with it already. I took a gamble when I big because the pictures weren’t really doing it justice but I swear the coat was made for me. It’s very different with its long tuxedo style tail, its velvet cuffs and collar and silver eagle buttons – definitely a statement coat, I think. But it also fits me perfectly, is flattering and makes me hum Sgt. Pepper everytime I put it on. It’s my first like really upscale Italian designer coat and just feeling it and inspecting it, I can really see how well made and perfectly cut it is. So happy with this find!

My Coach flats

A great find for $30. I don’t think they are real though but that’s what I expected when I paid $30 for them. Who knows, all I know is that they are comfy, spritely and add a touch of “class” or something like that whenever I wear them, which is almost everyday.

My Forever 21 Cardigan

The perfect long cardigan. Thin (don’t like them long and thick…um, cardigans that is!), soft fabric. Big slouchy pockets which are at the perfect length for ramming your hands in there, while standing off center and looking slightly gamine and French.

Vic Matie patent blue leather mary-janes

I just got these in the mail yesterday from Yoox and after putting them on I immediately called my mother and begged her to buy me another pair. As they say, when the shoe fits, BUY TWO! After SO DAMN MUCH trial and error with shoes, I’ve finally found a pair that are unique but give height and are comfortable and as sturdy as boots. Maybe they are “sexy” but I think the high-shine navy patent leather gives it a little something. It reminds me of a futuristic Minnie Mouse from 1940. I’ve already gotten compliments from my boss on them and I love how they look demure until they hit the light at a certain angle and suddenly all you see is shiny shiny blue. I ordered another pair in Maroon – last pair in my size – which should be a little more subdued. But at the moment I am wearing them with my navy cardigan so it all works. Only problem now is that I really want a blue bag! Call me old-fashioned, but I love it when my purse matches my shoes. That way I can wear whatever else and not worry about matching.

Christian Louboutin Beatle Boots

Another FAB Ebay find (I think they were $100?) They are used but that just makes them comfy cuz they are already broken in slightly. They have a wicked pointy toe and elastic sides which aren’t really all that popular at the moment but I think it lends a 60’s British Mod air to them. When paired with black tights, these make my calves look really long and lean. Plus they are the only pair of Loubtins (aside from my espadrilles) that feel good on! They are my go to shoes when I want to look sleek.

Forever 21 Floral Bubble Skirt

I wore this to work the other day with bright tights, CL booties and a snug black blazer. With my hair in a French-type twist, I felt, well, very French…with a twist! It was a bold choice on my behalf (especially since in the dark morning hours I thought the tights were black but they were in fact dk electric blue) but it paid off since I got tons of compliments. Sometimes I forget I work in engineering.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ebay Day!

Yes, I sorta lost my head over the last two months and went on a spending frenzy. After discovering that I can in fact wear stiletto heels (as long as they are less than 3 inches), I really outdid myself and bought a whole load of designer shoes. And then bags. Coats. Clothes. Etc.

Sadly, I did it all with money that I should have put towards my massive debt (yes, I still have massive debt). Now I have buyer’s remorse. And guilt. And shame. Especially since most of the shoes DO NOT FIT which means I have to resell them (and way below value) on Ebay.

That’s not the only thing I am selling though, I’ve started putting on EVERYTHING worth selling, even if I really like it. I keep everything I LOVE though but just liking is not enough and as such, my clothes and wardrobe will soon become YOUR clothes and wardrobe.

You guys were so great last time…so I am extending the offer again. If you bid on my item – and win, of course – let me know that you read my blog and I will throw in a free gift. And it won’t be something chintzy like a perfume sample of a keychain. It will be another mystery item of clothing or jewlery which will go along well with whatever you bought…or at least it won’t be whoreanus.

Check out some things I am Ebaying…
New In Box, Nadia Grilli leather sequin snakeskin print ballet flats, size 36 (may even fit 36 1/2)

Never worn Forever 21 super soft knit thermal dress in small

Worn once, New In Box Marc Jacobs suede and leather heels, 36

I'll be listing a whole lot more tonight including (but not limited to) a fab Balenciaga knock-off bag (of course I can't say it's a knock-off on Ebay so I'm just listing it as a moto bag - real red soft leather though!), vintage brown Gloria Vanderbilt riding boots in perfect condition and rust-colored new with tags bubble dress, perfect for fall.

Please follow this link and return often as I will be listing even more stuff over the week: EBAY LINK

Monday, October 20, 2008

What NOT to wear - for you

So it’s been a few hours now being in the office without supervision and I am starting to go crazy. See, I do have a list of things that must get done, however I’ve got to find a way to stretch out those things until my boss gets back. If I did them all right now, what would I do tomorrow? What really bugs me though is how I am getting a lot of requests to do things or fix things, however I can’t help anyone! Not only do I not know how to do most things but they all rely on the approval of my manager (who is in Seattle till Wednesday). So I have to apologize to all these people over and over again that I am new and can’t help them and that they have to sit tight till Wednesday.

Anyway as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I probably will start blogging everyday this week. Now I know that my boss is gone until Wednesday but with not much to do I foresee myself writing up the odd blog post in word and then saving them for a rainy day when I don’t have much to say or simply don’t have the time.

So here is another fashion-centric post for you to chew on.

As I had said before in the previous post, everyone has their own style which is influenced by a multitude of factors. In general we all know what tends to work on us and what doesn’t and for most I think this is put to the test every Fall and Spring when the fashion collections come out and the trends start their parade.

I’m a bit on the fence about trends. I don’t tend to follow them, mainly because I have an aversion to wearing clothes that everyone else wears *which is exactly why I order from stored outside of Canada or online stores or vintage stores, so that the chance of me wearing the same item of clothing as someone else is slim. I have been doing this for a year with Forever 21, ever since I discovered that they finally started delivering in Canada. Unfortunately I am not the only one who does this now and on the streets of Vancouver I recognize more and more of F21s stuff. I used to feel pretty special in those clothes because before you had to drive to Seattle to get it but now I guess the secrets out that anyone can order it from anywhere. I’m contemplating finding a new hidden source of cheap clothing….* and I fear that when I wear something trendy I will look like, well, like I am trying to be trendy. Or that I will resemble everyone else on the street. However, I do appreciate trends when it is something you’ve always wanted to wear but haven’t had the guts to, it kind of gives you permission. I totally ate up the gladiator sandal trend because it provided ankle coverage for my feet’s surgical scars – in fact, I was wearing gladiator sandals before they were even in.

Which actually kind of bugged me since when I first did it two years ago, it was unusual (again not trying to be fashion forward here but it was out of necessity) and then when I wore them this year, I felt like I was “trying.” Meh.

What I am trying to say is that a couple of years ago you wouldn’t be caught dead in bright yellow skinny jeans but thanks to American Apparel, you can do it and not get flak for it. I, of course, would never be caught dead in skinny yellow jeans. It took me three years to finally buy a pair of skinny jeans!

Which brings me to my next point – with all the trends, new and old, that are around or have come into your life somehow, which things are you unable to wear? There are lots of people out there who have an uncanny ability to make every trend work (usually model-types or those with uber confidence) but for the rest of us we just admire the looks from afar and wish we could pull it off. And sometimes it’s not a matter of pulling it off but that it’s just “not you” to the extent that your friends would do a double take (and not in a good way).

So what can’t you wear? Due to my poorly constructed feet, I can not wear stiletto heels (or any heels) that go over 3 inches, which sucks since heels are just getting higher and higher these days.

I won’t wear plaid shirts (grunge aint me).

I don’t even own a pair of shorts (and haven’t since I was 15) so you can bet I won’t be wearing gauchos to work.

Boyfriend jeans have to be worst trend I have ever seen and very few can pull it off – on me it would look ridiculous, fat and dirty: holes (ew), rolled up ankles (ewe w) and big baggy uppers (ew ew ew).

Bowler hats (or any hat really. I have a nice vintage cloche and have flirted with fedoras but…it’s just not me. I know I do suit hats since I have a small head but when I wear them I feel like I stand out and not in a good way.

Most sneakers – just not my style. Too casual.

Light denim – unflattering, not sleek enough, too casual, can’t do it.

Jumpsuit – ha, can anyone?

Pleated pants – see above.

Lots of bracelets, layers of necklaces, many rings – I wear earrings and that’s when I remember to put them in. I can’t stand the feel of things on my wrist, on my fingers or around my neck so when I do wear them it’s for a special occasion and I will be glad to remove them soon after.

Turtlenecks – ok this isn’t a trend but unless it’s a floppy cowl type turtleneck, it’s a no-go on me.

Shirt and tie – I would look like I am trying to be Avril Lavigne.

Animal print – Confession: I did just buy an animal print pencil skirt and so far I am making it work. As long as everything else is black and simple. I’ve been eyeing a few cheetah/tiger print dresses (simple sheaths) but I’m afraid I’ll look too Lisa Rinna.

Lots of layers – wish I could pull on the effortless chic look of layering (and it appeals to me since I’ve noticed I’ve been super cold lately in the office) but I don’t know if my body is too bulky for it or I just don’t have the right items.

Scarves – I am trying. When I was in Finland, everyone, I mean EVERYONE, had a scarf tied effortlessly around their necks. It looked so cool and European and yet when I did it, I looked like an idiot. Now the idea has finally hit our shores and even though I see scarves everywhere, I still feel like I can’t pull it off. Am I wrapping/wearing it wrong? I think I may have to devote a new blog post to this…in the meantime, I found this video to be quite informative.

A beret – oh how I wish. See hats (above).

Penny loafers
– ugh.

Patterned tights – I am still easing myself into coloured versions, so the patterns may never come. However I am a fan of fishnets so who knows…

Vest – I was a little against them until I started work and starting to realize that they make a casual shirt look a bit more professional. But I haven’t taken the plunge. A lot of people can pull the look off but it might be too Tomboy for my style.

Headbands – doesn’t suit my hair, I don’t think. Not sure it suits my style either, too preppy. Which brings me to…

Preppy – A white shirt under a rugby sweater? A kilt? A bowtie? Anything that screams “Gossip Girl” isn’t for me, though it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate watching others tackle the trend.

Shoulder bags/messenger bags
– anything with a LONG strap I don’t like, though the latter works great when you are traveling.

Whew, well I know I have more things but this should be enough for now. This took me till lunch time!

And so that my amusement continues, I beg you to tell me what trends/styles YOU can’t wear or at least think you can’t wear!

PS What inspires me today (to at least get new glasses and try a floral dress)? This shot of this lovely woman, taken by The Satorialist in Milan.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Style Influence

Warning: for the next two days at work I am going to be completely alone in my department. The director of Marketing is hiking the Himalayas, the graphic artist is in Bali and my Manger is in Seattle. I only found out about this on Friday. It's all pretty bad timing considering I just started work two weeks ago or so and don't really know everything that I should be doing yet. And there is no one to ask so my boss said to just not worry if people ask me to do things as she will handle it when she gets back on Wednesday.

Which means...I'm not going to have much to do for the next two days. Which means you may see a few more blog posts than usual this week. As I will be bored.

Anyway, I have a feeling since I have been in "fashion mode" for the last month or so that most posts will be fashion-oriented. Starting with this one...

It would be hard to describe my style in a few words, it's more that if I see something in a store I might say "oh that's so me." I guess if I had to, my style is a hybrid of "classic, feminine, romantic with a sprinkle of edgy."

The edgy part keeps things from being too "sweet." And usually comes from either makeup, earrings or a jacket. I think the edgy part has always been a part of me and has come out more now that I find myself associating with artists and rockstars for the last year and a bit.

What I find interesting though is that A LOT of what I wear is influenced by my body type. I buy a lot of loose and flowy tops, mainly because I don't want to show my waist or stomach (hello constant bloating) and I wonder, if I was 10 pounds skinnier and had a super flat stomach, would I still wear floaty tops? It's hard to say...I do like the look of it I must admit, paired with a skinny bottom of course. And when I WAS skinnier, I was still attracted to that look. So who knows. Maybe it's learnt.

After all, back when I was WAY chunkier and 19, I wore long skirts ALL THE TIME. Why? Because I hated my fat thighs and thought pants made them look horrible. So I wore long skirts. Yet I wore really tight and revealing tops when I really shouldn't have. Talk about pudge!

And yet now, my thighs are probably more or less the same size but I'm actualy wearing skinny jeans. SKINNY JEANS! I'm not kidding myself, I know they look better on women with stick legs. But I believe there is a place for skinny jeans in my life, so as long as I still look OK - after all I think skinny jeans are fantastic for showing off shoes or tucked into boots. I think I've just come to accept my thighs. They could be better but I like to remind myself that Beyonce has my thighs and she pulls it when you look at Magna cartoons or drawings of sexy women superheroes, they all have healthy looking thighs (to match their healthy looking boobs).

I also find my style to influenced on my I am wearing grey H&M tights, pink corduroy and pewter leather Marc Jacobs heels (PS I may sell them on Ebay if you're interested) and a black dress I got for 10€ in Rome. I put my hair up without brushing it and have a swipe of red lipstick on. If you can't tell, I spent the morning perusing Street Fashion blogs from Paris so no doubt that this influenced how I dressed today.

A lot of my style I think comes from my imagination - sometimes I like to pretend to be someone else. Usually not too far from "me," I mean no one is going to look at me and ask what the hell happened. But I notice a have alot of vintage influence...whether it be shift dresses or fishnets. Maybe its like a vintage version of me that pops up in small doses.

So what influences your style? Is it where you live? Your friends? Your body? Your past? Films? Celebrities? Your hair colouring and skin tone? Or, like me, a combination of all of the there a certain piece of clothing that if I were to see it would be "soooo YOU?" Can you describe your style? I wanna know!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Sleep Myth?

Stepping away from politics for a while (hopefully forever - no wonder I was so disinterested in them before, what a pain in the ass!), I am attempting to put a common myth to rest. Or perhaps not.

Question to YOU dear reader: How much sleep do you get per night and is it enough for you to be able to function normally???

I don't know about you but I have grown up with the whole "You MUST get 8 or more hours of sleep per night or else" vendetta.

And this alone has caused me a lot of sleeping problems, believe it or not.

Because when you are told that you are useless or your health is in danger or your gonna get fat or whatever the newest study is, if you don't get at least eight hours, well, that's the kind of thing that's going to keep you up at night!

And I do agree with an extent. But I've noticed sometimes when I get 9 or 10 hours, I am just as tired as if I got 7 hours. And I am more likely to stay awake fretting away that my "8 hours" is running out.

I mean, think about. If you are anything like me and you start believing that you can't function on less than eight, you try and plan your bedtime accordingly. For example, you wake up at 7:20 AM which means you have to be in bed and ASLEEP by 11:20PM in order to get your eight hours. And this is not always doable. Life gets in the way, whether it be your bf who stays up playing video games, the episode of Futurama you wanted to watch or your bff texting you just as you are dozing off.

Suddenly your eight hours is dissapearing and you start worrying. And then the clock starts ticking away and before you know it it's one in the morning and now you REALLY can't sleep because you are freaking out cuz now you are going to be braindead tomorrow and your whole day is ruined.

Of course we all need sleep. But I think it's a completely individual thing. I've come to realize that a LOT of it is mental...and a lot is figuring out what works for you. I will NEVER be a morning person, no matter how much I sleep, but I do know that I feel less tired if I get 6 1/2 - 8 1/2 hours of sleep - SOLID SOUND SLEEP, mind you. Any less and I do suffer...and guess what, anymore and I don't think it makes any difference.

Of course sleeping in on the weekends FEELS nice because it really is a great indulgence, knowing you don't have to get up. But my bf and I have actually been waking up after about 8 hours of sleep anyway so I guess our bodies really do know best. If I stay in bed any longer it's not because my body wants me to but because I CHOOSE to.

Anyway, I'm rambling obviously, but I was always curious to see how much sleep other people let me know!

PS - to actually read an informative and realistic article on sleep, please click here. It's from TIME and it's one of the few that actually questions the whole "You need eight hours" thing.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another boring blog post

Well, today Canada had their election and the party that I voted for won.

I'm not here to gloat - it's not that I really LOVE Stephen Harper or that I associate myself with being a Conservative. But it came down to the fact that I liked his plan a Hell of a lot more than I liked the opposition's plan. And that comes down to my own personal opinion.

Funnily enough, aside from my bf and me and very small handful of other people our age, we aren't actually in the majority with our thinking. We are in the minority - and our "friends" don't seem to have a problem with telling us how wrong we are for voting the way we did.

Look, politics (like religion) are tricky subjects but in the end it all comes down to what you believe in and NO ONE has any right to pass judgement on you for your beliefs. NO ONE.

So I voted Conservative? So what? Does this make me a bad person? Does this make everyone who votes for the party that you don't like a "bad person?"

I can understand why young people vote Liberal and NDP...maybe they want to "fight the man" or do it because all other young people are doing it. Hell, maybe I would have voted Liberal too if they had a different leader (Trudeau) and a different plan. Anyway, all the parties have good points and bad points and good reps and bad reps and I think as long as people are voting for what they believe in then that's great - democracy at work. After all, a lot of countries out there don't even have this choice.

Even down in the States...I mean, it's great that people get so worked up for the country but just because someone is a Republican doesn't mean they want to shoot you and send you to Hell, just as being a Democrat doesn't mean you're gonna waste a lot of money and "pall around with Terrorists." People just vote for what they thinks works for them and their country. Yes, sometimes its obviously not a good choice (ahem Bush) but you can't fault people who have the best interests at heart (though of course this isn't always the case).

Anyway I'm just tired of people who don't respect your views or start basing your character on how you vote. Yeah I voted Conservative - but so far I think the government has done a good job. I believe in abortion rights and gay rights and thus far we still have all of those too - and yeah I probably would vote differently if those things were on the line and maybe that will come to fruition at some point. But I still think my country is doing great, considering what's going on right now in the world and I think our re-elected leader will continue to do what I consider to be a good job. At least I can hope so.

After all, that's all we really have, hope for our country and the future. Sometimes...well, most of the time, that changes as politicians are all big fat liars anyway.

But we should at least support each other's choice to vote for the big fat liar of their choice.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

On The Bright Side

In this topsy-turvy world economy which sees jobs being slashed, countries going bankrupt and no one bidding on my reasonably-priced Ebay items, there is one thing you can depend on. The bank.

No- not any bank, just any Canadian bank. According to the new World Economic Forum, our banks are the soundest in the world, beating out Sweden, Luxemborg and Australia for the top prize.

I know that if Canada went into a recession it would be bad – in theory – but so far, I must admit I like what’s going on right now. Gas is suddenly cheap (ish) again! Interest rates are going down! Real estate prices are going down! And our money is safe and cozy in the banks, gaining miniscule amounts of interest. The only drawback is that our currency is also going down but as long as it doesn’t start cramping my upcoming trip to Disneyland, I’ll deal.

Now if I only I could get all my credit cards to lower their interest to say-1% - and all would be well with the world.

Monday, October 06, 2008


It's my favourite time of the year!

The air is getting crisp but the sun still warms you. The leaves are changing colour, Thanksgiving smells are in the air (in Canada, at least) and my favourite day, Halloween, is right at the end.

This October is also wonderful for many other reasons.

1) My Rockstar has beem moved in for a week now and I couldn't be happier. Even though it's a small, small place, we aren't on each other's nerves. He goes out for band practice, I go out with friends or have "me time." Or we both have me time where I read or scour the web for clothing deals while he plays Monkey Island or Final Fantasy. Yes, apparently he is a closeted nerd but that only makes me love him more (though Monkey Island is pretty cool). Sure it was a pain getting all his stuff in here but we are making it work and it doesn't feel cramped at all - and I do like having an Xbox and having vintage Transformers all over the place (especially the one that turns into a triceratops - I used to have that one!)

2) Oh and I got a job :P - A good job. A really good job. Like, a career.

Yeah, funny story.

Remember a few posts back I told you about how I lipped off that recruitment agency lady and said she didn't exist and that all recruitment jobs were fake?

And how she called me back and wanted to prove me wrong?

And how I went into the interview with them, was tested on Excel (AGAIN) and was sent to an interview for an engineering company?

Well - turns out the engineering company really liked me and I am their new "Marketing and Communications Assistant"!

I started last Wednesday and so far it's pretty cool. I wanted to get into marketing for quite awhile and though I had a bit of schooling I never had the experience. But these people saw some potential in me and suddenly I am in the Corporate Marketing Department for the Canadian version of this global company (that has 40,000 employees world wide).

I get three weeks vacation. A cushy corner office (well it's in a corner and has a window - I managed to sidestep the cubicles!). Full and immediate benefits (like having 100% of my prescriptions covered). RRSPs that they match (that's 401Ks for you Americans). Stock options (ha, I'll wait on that one for a bit). They have flex time hours (ie, I could work 9 hours on Mon-Thurs and then work 4 hours on Friday). They pay for your gym membership. I get overtime. And the pay is VERY good, initially - although after ALL the taxes are taken off, it's not that good after all. Damn the government!).

Plus, I'm writing. Everyday! Whether it's for the blog or newsletter, I'm doing it!

There's only one drawback and that's the location - it's about a half hour drive away. Now I know I shouldn't complain...BUT I will anyway. Just because I was supposed to sell me car and now that's probably not going to happen for awhile.

You see, it is accesible by public transit...but I don't think I can stand doing it twice a day, everyday.

I know this because I tried it out on my second day of work. Bad idea...

I knew in my mind how to get there, I just wasn't too sure of the times. I severly underestimated public transit.

I caught the bus outside my apartment about 5 minutes later than I thought I would. Then the bus took about 5 minutes later than I thought it would to get to the Skytrain. Then I got on the wrong skytrain. Then I realized I left my void cheque at home and that the Payroll lady would be upset if she didn't get it.

So I had to make a quick I continue on and be late without the cheque? Or do I go home, get the cheque and still be late (nee later). So I went home. I was still downtown but not in walking distance. So instead of getting back on the Skytrain or getting the bus, I hailed a cab. Which took 10 minutes. Then I took the cab back to my place and was planning to just drive to work. Then I realized that I had no gas. So I took the same cab to work - and arrived a half hour late and forty dollars poorer. Luckily they were understanding (I had called them earlier) and I just stayed later.

Then there was the getting home part. I caught the bus right outside work and took it to the Skytrain station. Luckily that only took 10 minutes even in traffic. But then I didn't get off the Skytrain when I should have and got off at a dead end. But there was a bus waiting that took me to a street in which I could get another bus. Unfortunately the other bus only comes once in a blue moon and when it did finally roll up, it was PACKED to the doors. Only it didn't say it was full so me and three other people got on.

We were kind of waiting for people in the bus to move back when the bus driver mumbled (seethingly, through his teeth), "I'm giving you ten seconds...."

I had no idea who he was talking to but he wasn't closing the doors. Finally he flipped his wheel up and spat out, "Can't you people tell when a bus is full? Do we have to tell you to do everything? For Gods'sake get off the fucking bus!"

I was appalled, as was the other three people. "Sorry, you could have just told us it was full and we wouldn't have gotten on."

He just barked at us some more. Seriously, I have NEVER been treated like that by a bus driver before.

Anyway, so we had to wait another 20 min for another bus (I could have walked home by that time) and by the time I made it my door, I was starting to think that maybe driving would actually be less stressfull than public transit.

The next day, I drove to work and it took an easy 25 minutes. That pretty much sealed the deal.