Thursday, October 09, 2008

On The Bright Side

In this topsy-turvy world economy which sees jobs being slashed, countries going bankrupt and no one bidding on my reasonably-priced Ebay items, there is one thing you can depend on. The bank.

No- not any bank, just any Canadian bank. According to the new World Economic Forum, our banks are the soundest in the world, beating out Sweden, Luxemborg and Australia for the top prize.

I know that if Canada went into a recession it would be bad – in theory – but so far, I must admit I like what’s going on right now. Gas is suddenly cheap (ish) again! Interest rates are going down! Real estate prices are going down! And our money is safe and cozy in the banks, gaining miniscule amounts of interest. The only drawback is that our currency is also going down but as long as it doesn’t start cramping my upcoming trip to Disneyland, I’ll deal.

Now if I only I could get all my credit cards to lower their interest to say-1% - and all would be well with the world.


Pork Star said...

But it's cold up there when it gets really cold.. i imagine (?)

Oh and about the credit cards, you could open a new credit card with a zero percent interest for a year at least and transfer the balance of those high interest credit cards on to the new one. It worked for me from a 29% and 12% interest credit cards to just one with Zero % .. yay for capitalism!

sunny day said...

Here in Australia we are told that the Australian banks beat Canada and Sweden!


almost famous kiwi said...

I would agree but my country (NZ) is in recession and its causing my family a lot of pain. Money is the cause of all evil.

Vegas Princess said...

I hate the cold but I have been seriously thinking of becoming a Canadian because things down here suck big time.

Wanderlusting said...

Come to Canada everyone - it's actually NOT that cold! Well not Vancouver anyway, we rarely get cold enough for snow in the winter (the rest of Canada, of course is a different story).

But it DOES rain a lot here.