Friday, February 10, 2012


Sorry folks for the delay with this - I decided to keep it running for a bit longer to get more entries. But alas, the contest has finally closed and thanks to, the random gods have picked a winner of the Shabby Apple GC....

...and the winner is....


be emailing you to let you know the details! Congratulations!!!!!!!

In other good news, my book sales have been astronomical for February so far. I thought January was a great month, but the first 10 days of Feb have seen my Experiment in Terror Series shooting through the roof. It means to much to keep making Amazon's Best Sellers List and to be winning over 6871 people in the last 10 days!

(ended up peaking at #42)

If you haven't read the novels yet...well, you should! See what the fuss is 99 cents (for Kindle), you can't go wrong! Get the first novel in the series, Darkhouse, here: