Saturday, October 01, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Day 19. AWESOME

Well... I didn't make it 30 days this September. But I did make it 19. And considering how crazy, chaotic and insanely busy this month was, I'm amazed I even tried to keep it up.

Now here's the perfect post to end September. For practice and a lot of fun, my bestie Kelly and I decided to do an in-person, on-camera interview with Dex and Perry.

Yup. The actors who are playing the characters in the BOOK TRAILER for DEAD SKY MORNING (shooting next week) decided to join in on the fun.

This was shot on an Android phone btw (the actual trailer is being shot by a DOP on a professional film camera) so excuse the quality. But man, I am so impressed. These guys are so dead-on, both of them. I'm blessed to have found them. They really ARE Dex and's scary.

And yes, I do make a rather ridiculous cameo in this video.


For more info on Dead Sky Morning - the third book in the Experiment in Terror Series - which comes out October 13th, please click here: