Saturday, January 31, 2009

Inspired By: The Beatles

Every week I am planning on showcasing outfits inspired by some of my favourite bands and movies. Film and music have always inspired my thoughts and as a result of that they have often inspired my clothing choices. Film often gets the upper hand ( I can name a lot of films - mainly classic - off the top of my head that make me yearn for certain clothes) but music also influences the way I dress.

This week I am inspired by The Beatles.

Of course if I wanted to, I could actually be inspired differently by each of my favourite songs...wild rockin' hippie for Helter Skelter, Poppy bright colours for Lady Madonna, Pretty and somber for Yesterday, Romantic for Something, Joyful and preppy for I Just Saw a Face...

However this outfit feels like it spans the Beatles across all decades. It's Whimsical and Mod yet Dark with a hint of Pomp and Circumstance. Do you agree?

Tuxedo Coat (which I've dubbed the Sgt Pepper Coat): Dolce and Gabbana; horse print dress: Ruby Rocks; Beatle boots!: Christian Louboutin; Tights: H&M; dice earrings: ASOS; tree necklace: from my friend Jess for Xmas, pretty sure it's from a cool shop called Front and Main in Vancouver

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Bright Side

I don't know that much about fashion designers. Of course I know the big ones and the up-and-coming ones and am slowly finding out about the ones in between. But I don't know much about what they stand for, what they are known for. If I did then it would be much easier to keep up with the ones whose looks speak to me.

Not that it helps, really. I mean, I couldn't afford it anyway. But looking at what Elie Saab does and what he produced at the S/S 2009 show, I can't help but want to covet his line.

Dreamy, pretty, romantic, gorgeous, soft, etheral, moody, these are looks that I immediatley drawn to. They are feminine. They celebrate all that is dainty and nice. They make me think of heroines roaming the moors in classic literature (though I'm sure Katherine would have been wearing something dull and practical whilst doing so). They emphasize my good points (waist) and float nicely over my bad bits (everything else).

These types of clothing and designs are only one part of what speaks to me (as you may recall from my wardrobe challenge last year, I have many styles that I covet) but it speaks loudly, especially as we head into the warmer months.

So for you fashionistas I ask, are there any other designers like Elie Saab or Marchesa that you think I might enjoy?


I'm still mixing it up with brights these days! Gotta keep that spring feeling alive :)

Knit blazer and bubble hem dress: F21; Shell necklace: store in Venice, Italy; Boots: ASOS

Cardigan, tank top and belt: F21; Skirt: unknown (bf's sisters); Boots: ASOS, Bag: Mat & Nat; Coat: Bebe


Though the recession has not been really affecting me per se, a lot of people I know are getting laid off which puts seeds of doubt in my head. I like my job and more than that, I NEED my job, so it worries me that I could follow the same fate.

I work hard. Not as hard as I should, I admit, but I get things done when they need to be and I tend to do a good job. Yes, there will always be a slacker in me who needs to feel intense pressure before things get done but I accept that and do what I can to get better at just DOING it. At any rate, I did worry that perhaps one day I would get laid off too, feeling like my position is expendable and that I wasn't appreciated. I've never been appreciated at a job before...

But that all changed Tuesday when my boss called me into her office and apologized for all the shit admin crap I have been doing lately, she assured me that it was only temporary to help with the merger and that I would be doing more exciting stuff later. She told me that I won't stay a marketing assistant forever and that I will move up in my role through the company and she hopes that I am here to stay.

I told her that no matter what, I enjoy working here and I am just purely grateful to have a job.

Then further good news came in the form of the new budget that the government put together. $20 billion is going towards Infrastructure, meaning that my line of work (engineering)is going to profit from it. It was big, happy news here at the office Tuesday and it left me feeling relieved that not only was I appreciated for my work here but that the work I was doing would continue to come :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

People who annoy me to no end

Numero Uno: Katy Perry. Nothing rubs me the wrong way more than this chick. Maybe it's because she can't sing. Maybe it's because people say she looks like Zooey Deschanel, when really Zooey was around first and if anything Katy looks like a less talented version of her. Maybe it's because she tries WAY too hard to be this retro sexpot....actually, just tries WAY too hard in general. Maybe cuz she reminds me of a girl that I really don't like. Either way, as my friend said last week when she was in town, she really needs to be thrown in a dumpster.

I hate John Mayer to no end. His songs are all sweet and happy but from listening to him in countless interviews and watching him plow through countless girls, this guy is just a big, fat-headed pig. And really, he has a FAT head. Look at that thing!

I met Kirsten Dunst (so did everyone in Tsawwassen actually when Jumanji was filmed there) and at the time she was a cute, shy 12-year old with a snaggle-tooth grin and delicate features. Now she just looks like a bum. Like a real homeless crack addict, all transluscent skin and bones, a cigarette hanging from her lips, a hunchback and attire that makes Mary-Kate Olsen look like Jackie-O.

Chipmunk-faced, talentless slut. Complained about getting a porsche on her 16th bday because it was "used." Bite me, Miley.

I don't even know who this grumpy guss Kristen Stewart is. All I know is that she was in those trendy Twilight books and its equally suck-ass movie. Now I see her all over the red carpet and I just want to ask her, how life could be so bad? Is posing on the red carpet tough? Chin up, sweetie.

Yeah OK maybe I am jealous of Alba's hot body...even more so now that she can just bounce back from pregnancy while here it's taking me forever to lose a few a pounds. Then it was brought up that Alba sucks at everything in life and her only thing is her hot body. Therefore is she doesn't have the body, she doesn't have anything. I also hate her because she can't act worth shit, keeps getting cast (even though no one even shows up to the film anyway) and she's a total bitch. The gossip is true. She is a twat. She filmed Dark Angel here for years and everyone I know that knew her said she was a cunt back then...can only imagine how bad she is now.

Ugh. Cameron. First of all, I don't think you are very nice. I heard that you are the voted the worst celebrity to give autographs. I also remember that you like to yell at fans and punch the papparazzi. You also try to act like you aren't 35 (new years resolution is to wear a bra), you aren't aging well and your movies suck. Bring back that girl from The Mask...she was hot AND funny. Oh wait, that was you.

She is the new face of "LA" according to the LA tourist board or something. Nothing could be more fitting. Here is someone who got famous for no reason other than being rich and hot and now has her own over-priced and BORING clothing line, which would have never happened had she not been rich, famous and hot. At least Paris Hilton was born into a semi-famous family. Conrad was just lucky.

I read Perez, yes. I also HATE Perez. The minute he got famous, he stopped writing objectively about celebs and started favouring the ones he is paid to favour. He also started writing about himself - I don't freaking care about who you met on the weekend, that's not why we read your blog. Plus I know you're gay and all you want rights and shit, but give it a rest. The world does not revolve around what YOU believe in.

Fight the fight but don't be a hypocrite and hate on those who don't agree with you. Boycotting Sundance because Mormons live in Utah and Mormons voted against Prop 8? Writing a letter to Obama (whom you kissed ass all summer long) because he needs to "smarten up" and make gay marriage legal? Then slamming Obama because the gay bishop's speech was cut on HBO? Can't you be happy with anything? Oh wait, you think because you're some fat blogger you can change the world to suit YOU. Most of us are just waiting till your 15 minutes are up.

Audrina only became the new "it girl" and "hot bod" when she got ridiculous breast implants last year. Nuff said.

I know that saying I don't like Angelina Jolie is like saying I want to kill puppies, but she annoys the crap out of me. Is she gorgeous? Hell yah. Can she act? Sometimes. But this "holier than thou" shit and "I'm gonna save the world by adopting every kid I see" isn't fooling me. First of all, how many kids do you need? Poor Maddox has to deal with a new brother and/or sister every year until who knows how long. Maybe enjoy and cherish each kid for awhile before you go and adopt the "newest darling," I mean I give more love to my handbags before I go out and buy another. And for goodness sake, make up with your father...I've met Jon Voight and he is a nice, nice man!

I miss the old Angelina, the one who would cut herself, do heroin, wear blood around her neck, make out with girls and was a general badass. You can't go from that to "Saint Angelina" in a blink of the eye. You know that one day she's gonna snap and I can't wait to see it.

Douche. And I hate your show just because of YOU. Ari Gold is the most vile character on TV and I would maybe give props to your acting talent because of it but I have a feeling that you aren't acting. You ARE Ari Gold and therefore the biggest douche around.

Honorable mentions: Andy Dick, Rosie O'Donnell, Spencer Pratt and Heidi, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Kayne West, Madonna, Avril Lavigne, Ellen Page, Megan Fox, Katherine Heigel, Evan Rachel Wood, Celine Dion, anyone too political, Ashley Tisdale, Paula Abdul, Matthew McConaughey, Teri Hatcher, all the Scientologists and Michael Cera (quit being a diva and just DO the Arrested Development movie already and I'll take you off this list).

So....who annoys you lately?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Das Boots (Michael Kors)

I'm totally loving my new Michael Kors Blizzard boots, which is fantastic because when you really love something it makes the splurge that much more justifiable (though they were 40% off, let's face it, it's still a splurge).

One of my original justifications for the boots was that I wanted something easy to walk in, in a supple brown leather. Now, it will never replace my love for my almost lost Bata boots....

But they are easier to get around in.

I also thought that they would be perfect for dealing with snow and cold since they are lined with soft fluppy furriness.

Of course, it's been foggy and - thankfully - sunny, so my ideas of tramping around fashionably in the snow had been squashed.

However, it happened to snow last night, something I was vehemently against, but it still happened anyway, despite my shaking of my fist at the darkening sky. And luckily, I now have these boots to get me through these tough (and reportedly fleeting) times.

These boots and a bright yellow scarf! (still thinking colour, you see)

Skirt; Reitmans (see Kass, I admit it), Scarf: F21, Leather Jacket: Vintage, Knit top: F21, Huge bag; Mango

Skirt: random shop in Edinburgh; Tights: AA (ok so I do own ONE thing from AA); Scarf: F21; Tank: Winners; Cozy shawl cardigan: ASOS

Dress and Studded Leather Belt: ASOS; Tights: AA; Bracelets: Barcelona and Estonia
(like the new dress? Me too...only I discovered as I was leaving for work that the dress likes to cling to your tights and rise up to your crotch. I took Static Gaurd with me but stuck a brown skirt underneath the dress as a precaution, much like I did in Disneyland. Maybe skirts under dresses will be the next new thing?)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Me time + Cupcakes

I had the most marvelous weekend in a long time.

I didn't really do anything per se but I had a wonderful time doing not doing anything. And doing it alone, to boot!

I've never lived with anyone before. It doesn't (well, didn't) really appeal to my independent nature...sure there have been times my friends have crashed on my couch for a month or so but it wasn't a long-term thing so I was able to cope. Oh and I guess when I lived in New Zealand, I was sharing a dorm/apartment for a year, which counts for something but's college.

Anyhoo, my boyfriend...lovely, lovely boyfriend...and I have been living in my tiny430 sq. foot apartment for FOUR months now! I'm actually suprised at how quickly time has flown by and how living with him has not been a chore at all.

I mean, before he moved in, I had lived in my place for two years and the size was starting to get to ME. So I thought there was no way I could survive sharing it with someone else.

But you know what? Aside from the occasional fight which maybe happens once a month, things have been great. No, it's not ideal and YES we are looking forward to buying our own place in the next few months (I own my tiny place and would sell it right now but that won't happen thanks to the market). But it's really not that bad.

None of his friends can believe we have been able to just be OK - nay, be great - with sharing the space but it might have a lot to do with the fact that he is easy-going, I am easy-going (most of the time) and we honestly enjoy each other's company. He doesn't get in my way, I don't get in his way. It's golden.

But when I was invited to some fundraiser at a bar in our hometown (where our parents live) this weekend, I promptly declined.

I haven't been drinking this month (ignoring Disneyland) and don't plan on it till Feb 1st. Not a drop has passed my lips and my wallet is fatter for it. But anyhoo, though I survived a session at the bar last week by drinking Virgin Ceasers and Diet Cokes all night, I knew I would not survive the hometown bar sober. Nor did I really feel like going out until I've lost some flab. So I bowed out and told my bf he should go but I'm staying home. And then I bowed out of Sunday Dinner, which we have at his parents. No point me driving out there alone to eat their food.

And such I discovered that I had a whole Saturday and Sunday to myself.

I went jogging in the mornings, (going to start keeping a blogging record of my runs, btw, more on that later), I cleaned the bathroom really well. I took pics of my clothes to put on Ebay. I dusted. I ordered a sushi feast. I got my hair toned (too brassy again) and slightly banged. I ate a red velvet cupcake for breakfast. I met Robyn for lunch. I bought some groceries. Bought a emerald green silk Marciano skirt for $30 *marked down from $128*. I went through old photos on my old computer. I watched the Sex and the City movie (is it just me or did that movie get even LONGER the second time around? Longer and still left me angry at the end. Stupid Carrie). I made countless cups of Chai Tea. I lounged. I lazed. I bought new handsoap (Caldera Lavendar Pine). I felt like me again.

And when the bf came home on Sunday night, I gladly settled for a night of snuggly and getting caught up on Lost Season 2 (we had to go back to the beginning because he hadn't seen it).

Awesome ruby red of Starbucks Red Velvet Cupcake

Sundaze: Forever 21 coat, F21 dress, Emilio Cavallini tights, Fair Lady flats, ASOS necklace, Rafe Ostrich Leather + Canvas bag

Marciano: Trying on my Marciano silk (with stretch) skirt, ASOS recycled leather bow belt

Le toned hair: looks dark at first but the violet will fade to bright blonde in a wash or two. The cut is the same, just a bit of bang to the side...she just straightens the hell out of it!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Now your turn

This photo was taken right after a haircut, colour and professional makeup application in December of 2007. I have to admit, I looked awesome that night (these days I can't remember the last time I looked awesome :(). I wore a form-fitting satin corset dress with a lace-up back by Forever 21 and proudly supported my boyfriend who was playing a concert (he's a guitarist/songwriter) with the notorious old school 70's band THOR, which is kinda like GWAR but not as cool.

I was especially proud because at this point I weighed 130 and had lost 8 pounds the month before thanks to determination, daily spinning classes and calorie counting. I'm applying the discipline to myself NOW so - God willing - I will be looking good before Spring.

I just wish I had miracle grow for my hair...

The rules:

1. go to the 4th folder on your computer where you store your images

2. pick the 4th picture in the folder

3. explain the picture

4. tag 4 people to do the same....and so I tag:





No pressure...this is just easy and quick. And possibly painless, depending on the photo lol

In other news, my second mortgage came through and I successfully paid off all my credit cards.

OK there is one that isn't paid off but it's a manageable amount that will be gone in the next few months. But the other ones...sheesh...they were definitely in the double digitsK.

My massive debt was all due to me and while I have no idea how I racked up 9K on one card (nevermind the others) I do know that I bought a lot over the last 5 years. Numerous plane tickets (for me and other people), foreign shopping sprees, domestic shopping sprees, hostels, hotels, trains, Sephora binges, rounds of shots at countless bars, dinner, movies, DVDs, gas, Ebay, Food, emergencies, etc. Most of all, I think it's the little things that one too many sushi meals paid by credit.

The fact that they kept raising my limit without telling me didn't help either.

But I didn't have to start a blog and beg for money to pay off MY selfish debt, as some people have done. I got out another (albeit much smaller) mortgage and now I only pay an extra 200 a month for peice of mind and the satisfaction of closing the accounts.

I don't feel relief though but I'm sure once it sinks it that I don't have creditors hounding me and that I don't owe thousands for something I will never get out of, it'll feel great!

PPS - I love FabSugar's look of the day, so when I submitted myself I never thought I would get chosen. Yet I looked today and BAM! There I was on ye ol' interweb: :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spring Look #2 - Think Pink!

Although Vancouver is a hell of a lot warmer than the rest of the country (why it's even warmer than most of the USA at the moment) we don't get off all that easily.

We have had 19 straight days of fog!

No wonder I've been tired, achey and blah. I didn't even realize it's been 19 days of this, funny how you can get lost in the fog like that. All the days sort of blended into one (though I did miss that first week of fog due to DISNEYLAND so I guess I had it a bit easier than most).

You know what else makes it easier? PINK!

Not competing with the brashy florals I wore yesterday, I injected subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints of pink into my daily grind. It's not in your face but it does perk up the grey, and almost cuts through the fog....

This was on Sunday, sporting my new skirt and tights I got on sale at H&M. Also new are my grey lace-up boots from ASOS. I finished the look with Forever21, skinny patent belt, silk shell and cozy cardy. The skirt certainly is pretty (and was free! with purchase) but it did NOT do my butt any favours.

Here I am before work, reading the weather forcast (calls for fog) - or am I reading about Hugh Laurie? I can't tell.

Anyhoo, ASOS Satin Ballet Flats, Emilio Cavallini Opaque Tights, H&M skirt, Forever 21 camisole (underneath, the pink peeking through) and ASOS Charcoal Pussy Bow Wrap Sweater make up this outfit. Oh and my Mat & Nat bag which I am still loving and stoked that I now have shoes to match. Think Pink!

Put on my new ASOS dip-dye chain necklace too (earrings from some shop in Italy..apparently peppers are good luck?)

Leaving the apartment, I stuck on Forever 21 mustard coloured-peacoat. Got it early last year and it only cost me $8!

And here I am in the's even interfering with the camera. Least the colours are coming through. Much more stylish than a safety vest!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

COLOUR! ~Spring Look #1~

Everyday this week I have been injecting "happy" "bright" and "spring-like" colours into my wardrobe. My penchant for grey and black may be stylish but it couldn't hurt to bring a little cheer to my winter wares.

I started off with full-on SUNSHINE! A Forever 21 strapless dress that I fell in love with late last summer but never got a chance to wear (except at the end of a wedding when my bf spilled beer down my other dress) coupled with opaque black tights and my Manolo Blahnik pony haired booties (the combo always makes my legs look super long and not as fat and stumpy as usual) and an incredibly cozy ASOS knit cardigan, which I fastened with a Vintage Rhinestone Brooch.

Playing down the sweet factor, I painted my nails Sephora by OPI in Metro Chic - the best smokey grey/purple/taupe colour out there (and available only at Sephora, when it's even in stock!).

The rest of the week's outfits will be a bit less punchy but still provide a good dose of Spring vitamins.

OH! My Michael Kors "Blizzard" Vicuna Leather Boots just arrived! I got them on Bluefly at a hefty discount. I just opened them here in the office and took some pics of the event. I LOVE them already, the interior is so plush and soft, like the cushiest sheepskin rug. The leather is among the most supple I have ever felt and I adore the way the boot snaps up the side. EEK! Can't wait to wear them tomorrow...with something BRIGHT, of course :)

Ignore the ouchie on my thumb - bad habit :S