Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Anne Hathaway, you copycat

Check out what Anne Hathaway wore on the weekend to the premiere of her lame-ass looking new film, "Bride Wars."

I appreciate the look, especially as I get the feeling she was going as "the groom" and Kate Hudson "the bride" (aside: is it just me or is Kate not looking as hot as she used to? Maybe it's the bangs and all the eye makeup she's been sporting lately..).

Anyway the point of this celebrity fashion shout-out is that Anne Hathaway is a copycat...take a looksie at what I wore on New Years Eve:

~~~Tuxedo Jacket by H&M, Pants by Zara, leather snakeskin heels by Guess, Lingerie underthingy by H&M, ever-changing jewelry by ASOS~~~

Yup. Totally not what I was supposed to wear on New Years Eve (you'll recall the posts I had about picking out a dress and finally the dress I bought). Well, because of my horrible recent weight gain which has really thrown me for a loop (but no fear, I am on track) my new dress just didn't look very good. And all of my back-up dresses were too tight, etc. So faced with a dilemma I decided to get BALLSY!

You see, I wear tons of dresses and skirts, I always dress up and rarely wear pants if I can help it. Even when I do, I make sure I still look girly. I'm a girly girl, I can't help it.

And I dress up EVERYWHERE - people expect it from me, in fact a few people were in shock that I showed up to my own party (at my parent's house) in a tux...they totally expected some over the top gown (which is what I would have worn, natch). And while I feel NYE is deserving of pretty dresses you can't just wear any night, I felt drawn to the tuxedo.

It is unconventional and unexpected. Plus it showed off what little good my weight gain has brought me (boobs) and covered everything else (arms, waist, hips, legs, butt). The only thing I couldn't hide was my fat face but I figured with my boobs out and centre, no one would look at my face anyway (and if they did, I made sure my red lips and defined eyes were immaculate).

Anyhoo, that was my NYE. It was definitely out of my comfort zone (in fact my bf and friends spent about an hour convincing me to come out of the bathroom because I did NOT in fact look like a man) but I'm glad I did it. I can wear pretty dresses anytime. How often do you get to look like James Bond. Or Anne Hathaway.


Sarah said...

how bad does that movie look!

The tux looks hot! And having had to go to a wedding recently where all my dresses didn't fit anymore, I think I definitely would have preferred something to cover up my arms!

Kass said...

Fat face? WTF! You have a bony, GORGEOUS face!

And the tux look is so hot, esp with your shiny boobs poking out from underneath :)

Media Mistress said...

I gotta say...you looked way better than Anne Hathaway in that look!

Odette said...

LOL You know what I actually thought that you LOST weight! You looked smokin! The other funny thing is that I was concerned about how fat MY face looked in that pic of us, because I was next to you and you were so thin!!!! :)

cathy said...

you are gorgeous. I am straight have no fear not that there is anything wrong with that (ha, Ha) you know funny you should say that about Kate Hudson. I could not sleep the other night and saw her on Letterman and Way too much eyeshadow hair looke terrible.