Friday, January 23, 2009

Now your turn

This photo was taken right after a haircut, colour and professional makeup application in December of 2007. I have to admit, I looked awesome that night (these days I can't remember the last time I looked awesome :(). I wore a form-fitting satin corset dress with a lace-up back by Forever 21 and proudly supported my boyfriend who was playing a concert (he's a guitarist/songwriter) with the notorious old school 70's band THOR, which is kinda like GWAR but not as cool.

I was especially proud because at this point I weighed 130 and had lost 8 pounds the month before thanks to determination, daily spinning classes and calorie counting. I'm applying the discipline to myself NOW so - God willing - I will be looking good before Spring.

I just wish I had miracle grow for my hair...

The rules:

1. go to the 4th folder on your computer where you store your images

2. pick the 4th picture in the folder

3. explain the picture

4. tag 4 people to do the same....and so I tag:





No pressure...this is just easy and quick. And possibly painless, depending on the photo lol

In other news, my second mortgage came through and I successfully paid off all my credit cards.

OK there is one that isn't paid off but it's a manageable amount that will be gone in the next few months. But the other ones...sheesh...they were definitely in the double digitsK.

My massive debt was all due to me and while I have no idea how I racked up 9K on one card (nevermind the others) I do know that I bought a lot over the last 5 years. Numerous plane tickets (for me and other people), foreign shopping sprees, domestic shopping sprees, hostels, hotels, trains, Sephora binges, rounds of shots at countless bars, dinner, movies, DVDs, gas, Ebay, Food, emergencies, etc. Most of all, I think it's the little things that one too many sushi meals paid by credit.

The fact that they kept raising my limit without telling me didn't help either.

But I didn't have to start a blog and beg for money to pay off MY selfish debt, as some people have done. I got out another (albeit much smaller) mortgage and now I only pay an extra 200 a month for peice of mind and the satisfaction of closing the accounts.

I don't feel relief though but I'm sure once it sinks it that I don't have creditors hounding me and that I don't owe thousands for something I will never get out of, it'll feel great!

PPS - I love FabSugar's look of the day, so when I submitted myself I never thought I would get chosen. Yet I looked today and BAM! There I was on ye ol' interweb: :)


Krystal said...

you look so gorgeous in that shot, so effortless x

the yellow elephant said...

Yes indeed, you look awsome! And oh, so lovely.

PS: I'm thinking of buying a pair of glasses from's so much fun that you also like my style!

Merisi said...

You are a natural beauty with lots of charisma, you should not worry about a few pounds. Eating healthy and staying fit, it's all you really need! This said, I do love the way make-up and a perfect haircut turns you into a beauty queen! :-)

I am relieved for you that you were able to roll those credit card debts into a fairer form of money lending. Good luck!

STARR said...

You do look amazing there <3

Goldie Locks said...

Congrats on getting look of the day :) Beautiful picture btw.!

Ashleigh said...

completed the post... ;)..thanks for the look super hawwwwt in that pic by the way!!

Jack Daniel said...


Karinaxoxo said...

If you find that miracle hair growth - let me know =)
BTW - Congrats on FabSugar!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

That is a stunning photo... and I think that you look amazing just the way you are now... I mean, your figure is fantastic :)

Have a wonderful day.

P.S. As for Wistler sking, I've been dying to go there for a while now...I'm sure it will have in the near future :)

Have a lovely day :)

Biru said...

Good Lord, you're beautiful! *with a southern american accent*