Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spring Trends 2009: The Horror

When I travel I like to arm my plane seat with a crapload of fashion magazines...flying gives me 100% permission to spend tons of dough on the glossys (sadly I seem to travel most in January where mags are super skinny after the December wallop).

Anyway, as I was perusing the mags such as Marie Claire, Lucky, Elle etc, I noticed a "hammering" in of the upcoming trends for Spring. And I must say, I hate them all.

Hammer Pants - WHY? Why do you want to look like MC Hammer? It's not flattering! They say only skinny tall chicks can pull it off and sure since they pull off most stuff but even then, why would a skinny chick want to look like she's got a droopy butt like she's wearing old, smelly diapers?

Acid Wash Jeans - again, WHY? Why do we have to recycle EVERY look? I mean, these were bad in the 80's which makes them even more bad now. We don't all want to look like a Whitesnake reject.

Drawstring Bags - perfect for going grocery shopping with your grandma

Jumpsuits - sorry, have to say no to this too. Maybe it's because I have short legs and a long torso which means mucho camel toe if I were to try this...but even so, I don't think jumpsuits look good even on models. Fellow blogger Ashleigh is the only one I have seen (a mere mortal though it helps to have her model bod) make it work with her snazzy f21 number...but even that is less 80's because it was a short/corset combo. The worst? Hammer pant jumpsuits!

Tie-dye - eeeeeeh. I've seen it done right (more ombre effect and subtle) and I've seen it done VERY wrong.

Cross body bags - again, this is just a personal preference...unless I am traveling, I don't wear these...who wants their boobs seperated? Although as I write this I recall a cross-body bag that took me all over Europe and then some. I miss it.

Question #1: Any upcoming fashion trends that horrify you (or excite you)?

Question #2: So many of my usual blog reads have died a horrible death - I need to find more interesting (and hopefully funny) blogs to read and peruse...anyone have any suggestions? What's the blog you're loving at the moment and why? Yes, it can be your own :P


the yellow elephant said...

I do agree about the jump suit! it surely is horrible, and not that good looking!

I have short legs my self and I know how it is with the trousers. All I want is to have a bottom and legs, but with the MC-trousers they just vanishes..

xx Maegan said...

ugh, I'm seeing cropped shirts again too and tiny purses ...yuck.

Vegas Princess said...

Why are we reliving the 80's. That is a decade of such horrible fashion there is no need to revive anything from that era.

I for one can not stand huge furry boots to the knees with teeny tiny mini skirts. I think it looks ridiculous for the simple juxtaposition of yeti boots with a scrap of fabric that will never keep you warm is silly.

A new blog for you? (Sorry I have not been around lately but I assure you, not gone!) How about My Journey, My Menaing ( Inspired by a PostSecret postcard this woman is picking up her life and moving to Portland.

TeeEmCee said...

Haha! Your post make me smile... I have to say that (as you know from your comment) I am a victim of the acid wash jeans - but thankyou for saying mine weren't too bad! (and I think actually the 80s had some hot looks... !)

But agree with the denim skirt/ugg comments - could they play any safer?