Friday, January 16, 2009

Spring is in the air!

Sorta. All the fashion mags and sites keep harping on about "Spring" fashion, even though it is very clearly winter outside. I must say I am torn. On one hand I want to still embrace winter because the season JUST started and to start dressing like it's spring is asking for dissappointment.

That said, skiiers and snowboarders today were treated to 17 degree sunny skies today, at the top of Cypress Mountain. That's tank top weather, people! It seems SO unfair, considering it's only 5 degrees here in the city below the mountain and we are shrouded in this never-ending fog. But it's called Inversion or something where the fact that we have fog means the warmer air rises to the peaks. Anyway, all I know is that I wish to be suntanning on the top of the mountain right now. Bikini skiing, anyone?

Anyhoo, I do think a few brights or muted shades of pastels would help break up the grey, grey, grey down here and seeing this candy-striped dress below on ASOS had me salivating.

I WANT! But I can't have for various reasons at the moment (discipline!) instead I decided to pretend I got the dress and then pretend to make one delightfully Spring meets Winter outfit. If you yourself wish to feel the season, it's all available at Just keep in mind that I might be sporting this outfit come March :)

Muted Grey Tights
Nude Leather Platform Sandals

Candy flowered ring (not real candy but it looks candy-coated, I think)

Bright Bangles

J'Adorable necklace

Muted Grey Quilted Chain Bag


Memphis Steve said...

So are you gonna model those muted grey tights if you buy them? 'Cause you know, I'm not a perv or anything. I just think you'd like good in them. Yeah, not a perv. :)

The Clothes Horse said...

This list is perfect for spring. Would totally wear it.

Margherita. said...

I love that ring, a lot! The grey tights are nice too.

Vain and Vapid said...

I'm one of those spring-wear bloggers too, I can't help it, I'm get tired of being bundled up all the time.

That ASOS dress is lovely, hope it finds its way to your closet...

Vegas Princess said...

That dress is adorable! However, the picture of the tights freaked me out a bit. I am not sure why but it looked very odd to me. mostly because I think I kept looking to see if she is wearing any undies and I am positive she is not. And that is what freaked me out. Yes, I am odd.

Anthea said...

oooooo la la I love those colorful bangles..Fantastic:) Thanks for commenting!! I can't wait for spring and summer! IT's my favorite time of the year. So much easier to dress :)

Tawcan said...

It was more like topless skiing at Cypress as my friends and I did on Sat. :)

Athena. said...

I loveeeee these!
great blog :)

Wanderlusting said...

I was SO close to ordering this stuff but I couldn't stand paying full price. I'm hoping they will stay on the site until I can afford it!