Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Das Boots (Michael Kors)

I'm totally loving my new Michael Kors Blizzard boots, which is fantastic because when you really love something it makes the splurge that much more justifiable (though they were 40% off, let's face it, it's still a splurge).

One of my original justifications for the boots was that I wanted something easy to walk in, in a supple brown leather. Now, it will never replace my love for my almost lost Bata boots....

But they are easier to get around in.

I also thought that they would be perfect for dealing with snow and cold since they are lined with soft fluppy furriness.

Of course, it's been foggy and - thankfully - sunny, so my ideas of tramping around fashionably in the snow had been squashed.

However, it happened to snow last night, something I was vehemently against, but it still happened anyway, despite my shaking of my fist at the darkening sky. And luckily, I now have these boots to get me through these tough (and reportedly fleeting) times.

These boots and a bright yellow scarf! (still thinking colour, you see)

Skirt; Reitmans (see Kass, I admit it), Scarf: F21, Leather Jacket: Vintage, Knit top: F21, Huge bag; Mango

Skirt: random shop in Edinburgh; Tights: AA (ok so I do own ONE thing from AA); Scarf: F21; Tank: Winners; Cozy shawl cardigan: ASOS

Dress and Studded Leather Belt: ASOS; Tights: AA; Bracelets: Barcelona and Estonia
(like the new dress? Me too...only I discovered as I was leaving for work that the dress likes to cling to your tights and rise up to your crotch. I took Static Gaurd with me but stuck a brown skirt underneath the dress as a precaution, much like I did in Disneyland. Maybe skirts under dresses will be the next new thing?)


Kass said...

Reitmans lol. I love those boots, actually I love both your pairs of boots. The colour is awesome. I need to find some super cute furry lined boots for winter.

Memphis Steve said...

Girl, they should PAY you to wear those boots. You look so awesome in them!

Alice said...

i know i keep saying it, but i am just SO JEALOUS of your style!! daily postings of my outfits would be so snooze-inducing :-P

Odette said...

loooooovvvvveee the boots! :)

Anthea said...

Omg they must have cost you an arm and a leg! I completed your tag finally!

The Clothes Horse said...

Those boots are fantastic and you're styling them well! Definitely worth the investment.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I love them tooo... so cute :) They look incredible on you.