Friday, October 24, 2008

Ebay Day!

Yes, I sorta lost my head over the last two months and went on a spending frenzy. After discovering that I can in fact wear stiletto heels (as long as they are less than 3 inches), I really outdid myself and bought a whole load of designer shoes. And then bags. Coats. Clothes. Etc.

Sadly, I did it all with money that I should have put towards my massive debt (yes, I still have massive debt). Now I have buyer’s remorse. And guilt. And shame. Especially since most of the shoes DO NOT FIT which means I have to resell them (and way below value) on Ebay.

That’s not the only thing I am selling though, I’ve started putting on EVERYTHING worth selling, even if I really like it. I keep everything I LOVE though but just liking is not enough and as such, my clothes and wardrobe will soon become YOUR clothes and wardrobe.

You guys were so great last time…so I am extending the offer again. If you bid on my item – and win, of course – let me know that you read my blog and I will throw in a free gift. And it won’t be something chintzy like a perfume sample of a keychain. It will be another mystery item of clothing or jewlery which will go along well with whatever you bought…or at least it won’t be whoreanus.

Check out some things I am Ebaying…
New In Box, Nadia Grilli leather sequin snakeskin print ballet flats, size 36 (may even fit 36 1/2)

Never worn Forever 21 super soft knit thermal dress in small

Worn once, New In Box Marc Jacobs suede and leather heels, 36

I'll be listing a whole lot more tonight including (but not limited to) a fab Balenciaga knock-off bag (of course I can't say it's a knock-off on Ebay so I'm just listing it as a moto bag - real red soft leather though!), vintage brown Gloria Vanderbilt riding boots in perfect condition and rust-colored new with tags bubble dress, perfect for fall.

Please follow this link and return often as I will be listing even more stuff over the week: EBAY LINK


sunny day said...

Us guys just don't get the whole shoe thing!

Maybe your never worn Forever 21 should be pictured hanging on a coat hanger.

Good luck and you should be in sales with whole free gift angle. If I was into wearing women's clothing I would buy something for sure!!


Vegas Princess said...

I wish I could fit into your shoes because I love the pink ones. *Sigh* I hate having huge clown feet.

Wanderlusting said...

Sunny Day - well I am in Marketing, lol

Vegas - I have abnormally tiny you do NOT have clown feet!

Wanderlusting said...

PS - the silver shoes are off the market now. I do really like them and didn't spend much on them so I'm hoping a foot insole will help the too big problem. they are fab, arent they?