Monday, October 20, 2008

What NOT to wear - for you

So it’s been a few hours now being in the office without supervision and I am starting to go crazy. See, I do have a list of things that must get done, however I’ve got to find a way to stretch out those things until my boss gets back. If I did them all right now, what would I do tomorrow? What really bugs me though is how I am getting a lot of requests to do things or fix things, however I can’t help anyone! Not only do I not know how to do most things but they all rely on the approval of my manager (who is in Seattle till Wednesday). So I have to apologize to all these people over and over again that I am new and can’t help them and that they have to sit tight till Wednesday.

Anyway as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I probably will start blogging everyday this week. Now I know that my boss is gone until Wednesday but with not much to do I foresee myself writing up the odd blog post in word and then saving them for a rainy day when I don’t have much to say or simply don’t have the time.

So here is another fashion-centric post for you to chew on.

As I had said before in the previous post, everyone has their own style which is influenced by a multitude of factors. In general we all know what tends to work on us and what doesn’t and for most I think this is put to the test every Fall and Spring when the fashion collections come out and the trends start their parade.

I’m a bit on the fence about trends. I don’t tend to follow them, mainly because I have an aversion to wearing clothes that everyone else wears *which is exactly why I order from stored outside of Canada or online stores or vintage stores, so that the chance of me wearing the same item of clothing as someone else is slim. I have been doing this for a year with Forever 21, ever since I discovered that they finally started delivering in Canada. Unfortunately I am not the only one who does this now and on the streets of Vancouver I recognize more and more of F21s stuff. I used to feel pretty special in those clothes because before you had to drive to Seattle to get it but now I guess the secrets out that anyone can order it from anywhere. I’m contemplating finding a new hidden source of cheap clothing….* and I fear that when I wear something trendy I will look like, well, like I am trying to be trendy. Or that I will resemble everyone else on the street. However, I do appreciate trends when it is something you’ve always wanted to wear but haven’t had the guts to, it kind of gives you permission. I totally ate up the gladiator sandal trend because it provided ankle coverage for my feet’s surgical scars – in fact, I was wearing gladiator sandals before they were even in.

Which actually kind of bugged me since when I first did it two years ago, it was unusual (again not trying to be fashion forward here but it was out of necessity) and then when I wore them this year, I felt like I was “trying.” Meh.

What I am trying to say is that a couple of years ago you wouldn’t be caught dead in bright yellow skinny jeans but thanks to American Apparel, you can do it and not get flak for it. I, of course, would never be caught dead in skinny yellow jeans. It took me three years to finally buy a pair of skinny jeans!

Which brings me to my next point – with all the trends, new and old, that are around or have come into your life somehow, which things are you unable to wear? There are lots of people out there who have an uncanny ability to make every trend work (usually model-types or those with uber confidence) but for the rest of us we just admire the looks from afar and wish we could pull it off. And sometimes it’s not a matter of pulling it off but that it’s just “not you” to the extent that your friends would do a double take (and not in a good way).

So what can’t you wear? Due to my poorly constructed feet, I can not wear stiletto heels (or any heels) that go over 3 inches, which sucks since heels are just getting higher and higher these days.

I won’t wear plaid shirts (grunge aint me).

I don’t even own a pair of shorts (and haven’t since I was 15) so you can bet I won’t be wearing gauchos to work.

Boyfriend jeans have to be worst trend I have ever seen and very few can pull it off – on me it would look ridiculous, fat and dirty: holes (ew), rolled up ankles (ewe w) and big baggy uppers (ew ew ew).

Bowler hats (or any hat really. I have a nice vintage cloche and have flirted with fedoras but…it’s just not me. I know I do suit hats since I have a small head but when I wear them I feel like I stand out and not in a good way.

Most sneakers – just not my style. Too casual.

Light denim – unflattering, not sleek enough, too casual, can’t do it.

Jumpsuit – ha, can anyone?

Pleated pants – see above.

Lots of bracelets, layers of necklaces, many rings – I wear earrings and that’s when I remember to put them in. I can’t stand the feel of things on my wrist, on my fingers or around my neck so when I do wear them it’s for a special occasion and I will be glad to remove them soon after.

Turtlenecks – ok this isn’t a trend but unless it’s a floppy cowl type turtleneck, it’s a no-go on me.

Shirt and tie – I would look like I am trying to be Avril Lavigne.

Animal print – Confession: I did just buy an animal print pencil skirt and so far I am making it work. As long as everything else is black and simple. I’ve been eyeing a few cheetah/tiger print dresses (simple sheaths) but I’m afraid I’ll look too Lisa Rinna.

Lots of layers – wish I could pull on the effortless chic look of layering (and it appeals to me since I’ve noticed I’ve been super cold lately in the office) but I don’t know if my body is too bulky for it or I just don’t have the right items.

Scarves – I am trying. When I was in Finland, everyone, I mean EVERYONE, had a scarf tied effortlessly around their necks. It looked so cool and European and yet when I did it, I looked like an idiot. Now the idea has finally hit our shores and even though I see scarves everywhere, I still feel like I can’t pull it off. Am I wrapping/wearing it wrong? I think I may have to devote a new blog post to this…in the meantime, I found this video to be quite informative.

A beret – oh how I wish. See hats (above).

Penny loafers
– ugh.

Patterned tights – I am still easing myself into coloured versions, so the patterns may never come. However I am a fan of fishnets so who knows…

Vest – I was a little against them until I started work and starting to realize that they make a casual shirt look a bit more professional. But I haven’t taken the plunge. A lot of people can pull the look off but it might be too Tomboy for my style.

Headbands – doesn’t suit my hair, I don’t think. Not sure it suits my style either, too preppy. Which brings me to…

Preppy – A white shirt under a rugby sweater? A kilt? A bowtie? Anything that screams “Gossip Girl” isn’t for me, though it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate watching others tackle the trend.

Shoulder bags/messenger bags
– anything with a LONG strap I don’t like, though the latter works great when you are traveling.

Whew, well I know I have more things but this should be enough for now. This took me till lunch time!

And so that my amusement continues, I beg you to tell me what trends/styles YOU can’t wear or at least think you can’t wear!

PS What inspires me today (to at least get new glasses and try a floral dress)? This shot of this lovely woman, taken by The Satorialist in Milan.


Sarah said...

Trends generally dont suit me - I have a kind of classic/girly/preppy style and love wearing dresses to work and casually Ill wear jeans with a funky top and a blazer with my ballet flats. I didnt own a pair of shorts until last year when I tried on a pair that actually suited! I guess the point is fashion is personal and while I once tried to follow trend, once you reach a certain age you tend to just follow your style. I find wearing what makes you happy means you pull the outfit off better - if you are uncomfortable in a trend it shows!

kimberlie said...

I am so with on this! I only just bought a pair of skinny leg jeans and i adore them!

I tend to buy basic things and alot online (

Funnily enough, i saw a girl in a denim jumpsuit the other day. So, so wrong!

Rachel said...

Hmm I haven't graduated to skinny jeans yet. My thighs are quite large, so the only kind of jeans/pants I can wear that suit me are sort of bell bottomy. maybe i should get me some.

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

I can't do skinny jeans, at all. It's the whole "fat bottomed girl" thing. Actually, I can't really wear anything that is trendy - I don't really have the confidence to pull it off. BUT I just bought my first leopard print piece - it's a cardigan. I bought a ruffly shirt for under it but I look like a hooker.

Wanderlusting said...

SKINNY JEANS - Levis 531 in black will suit all even us big bottomed, heavy-thighed girls. Believe me, they look great - maybe not as good as on others but they for sure don't look bad. The ass part isn't the MOST flattering but they do suck in your thighs. Get a snug size though - I bought mine too big (and the wrong style number) and have to Ebay them keep your eyes open for my next post so you can bid!!

PS Hookers don't wear cardigans so I think you are safe!