Sunday, October 26, 2008

I really love my...

While I'm EBAYING everythinG I own (it seems) at the moment (see last post for link - remember if a blogreader wins an item, they get an awesome free gift!), there are somethings I am NOT going to Ebay. These are the clothes I am really loving at the moment...

My Dolce and Gabanna military tuxedo coat

Can you believe I scored this beauty for only $100? It’s from a few seasons ago and I am IN LOVE with it already. I took a gamble when I big because the pictures weren’t really doing it justice but I swear the coat was made for me. It’s very different with its long tuxedo style tail, its velvet cuffs and collar and silver eagle buttons – definitely a statement coat, I think. But it also fits me perfectly, is flattering and makes me hum Sgt. Pepper everytime I put it on. It’s my first like really upscale Italian designer coat and just feeling it and inspecting it, I can really see how well made and perfectly cut it is. So happy with this find!

My Coach flats

A great find for $30. I don’t think they are real though but that’s what I expected when I paid $30 for them. Who knows, all I know is that they are comfy, spritely and add a touch of “class” or something like that whenever I wear them, which is almost everyday.

My Forever 21 Cardigan

The perfect long cardigan. Thin (don’t like them long and thick…um, cardigans that is!), soft fabric. Big slouchy pockets which are at the perfect length for ramming your hands in there, while standing off center and looking slightly gamine and French.

Vic Matie patent blue leather mary-janes

I just got these in the mail yesterday from Yoox and after putting them on I immediately called my mother and begged her to buy me another pair. As they say, when the shoe fits, BUY TWO! After SO DAMN MUCH trial and error with shoes, I’ve finally found a pair that are unique but give height and are comfortable and as sturdy as boots. Maybe they are “sexy” but I think the high-shine navy patent leather gives it a little something. It reminds me of a futuristic Minnie Mouse from 1940. I’ve already gotten compliments from my boss on them and I love how they look demure until they hit the light at a certain angle and suddenly all you see is shiny shiny blue. I ordered another pair in Maroon – last pair in my size – which should be a little more subdued. But at the moment I am wearing them with my navy cardigan so it all works. Only problem now is that I really want a blue bag! Call me old-fashioned, but I love it when my purse matches my shoes. That way I can wear whatever else and not worry about matching.

Christian Louboutin Beatle Boots

Another FAB Ebay find (I think they were $100?) They are used but that just makes them comfy cuz they are already broken in slightly. They have a wicked pointy toe and elastic sides which aren’t really all that popular at the moment but I think it lends a 60’s British Mod air to them. When paired with black tights, these make my calves look really long and lean. Plus they are the only pair of Loubtins (aside from my espadrilles) that feel good on! They are my go to shoes when I want to look sleek.

Forever 21 Floral Bubble Skirt

I wore this to work the other day with bright tights, CL booties and a snug black blazer. With my hair in a French-type twist, I felt, well, very French…with a twist! It was a bold choice on my behalf (especially since in the dark morning hours I thought the tights were black but they were in fact dk electric blue) but it paid off since I got tons of compliments. Sometimes I forget I work in engineering.


Roselle said...

hey! i'm usually a lurker but i wanted to let you know that i've bid on the red balenciaga bag - it's delicious!!! you have excellent taste - i've been craving a pair of those coach flats for so long now!

Len said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that maybe you should be careful about selling TONS of stuff on Ebay. Evidently I don't know how it is in Canada, but here in Germany if you sell too much stuff at a time you can be accused of carrying on a trade and get fined. (Not by Ebay but by some random lawyer).

I'm just saying that because I'm selling half my house on Ebay right now too ;-) Totally addicted!

Love the tuxedo coat!

Mauro Morello Founder blog bluetramontana Style said...

nice blog...

Kass said...

Your coat, I must have! It's gorgeous.

Rachel said...

i really want your blue shoes!! eek! really bad!! hehe. guess i'll just have to save up and copy you :)

Wanderlusting said...

Roselle - thanks! You have great taste too ;P

Len - No such laws here! Either way, it's not THAT much. A few things I tried on, I realized how cute I looked in the picture and wanted to keep them, ha!

Maro - why thank you :)

Kass - It is dandy!

Rachel - - do a search for Vic Matie!

clw said...

I love those blue shoes! But no way can I spend 145 on shoes - yikes. Wishful shopping. :-)