Sunday, October 19, 2008

Style Influence

Warning: for the next two days at work I am going to be completely alone in my department. The director of Marketing is hiking the Himalayas, the graphic artist is in Bali and my Manger is in Seattle. I only found out about this on Friday. It's all pretty bad timing considering I just started work two weeks ago or so and don't really know everything that I should be doing yet. And there is no one to ask so my boss said to just not worry if people ask me to do things as she will handle it when she gets back on Wednesday.

Which means...I'm not going to have much to do for the next two days. Which means you may see a few more blog posts than usual this week. As I will be bored.

Anyway, I have a feeling since I have been in "fashion mode" for the last month or so that most posts will be fashion-oriented. Starting with this one...

It would be hard to describe my style in a few words, it's more that if I see something in a store I might say "oh that's so me." I guess if I had to, my style is a hybrid of "classic, feminine, romantic with a sprinkle of edgy."

The edgy part keeps things from being too "sweet." And usually comes from either makeup, earrings or a jacket. I think the edgy part has always been a part of me and has come out more now that I find myself associating with artists and rockstars for the last year and a bit.

What I find interesting though is that A LOT of what I wear is influenced by my body type. I buy a lot of loose and flowy tops, mainly because I don't want to show my waist or stomach (hello constant bloating) and I wonder, if I was 10 pounds skinnier and had a super flat stomach, would I still wear floaty tops? It's hard to say...I do like the look of it I must admit, paired with a skinny bottom of course. And when I WAS skinnier, I was still attracted to that look. So who knows. Maybe it's learnt.

After all, back when I was WAY chunkier and 19, I wore long skirts ALL THE TIME. Why? Because I hated my fat thighs and thought pants made them look horrible. So I wore long skirts. Yet I wore really tight and revealing tops when I really shouldn't have. Talk about pudge!

And yet now, my thighs are probably more or less the same size but I'm actualy wearing skinny jeans. SKINNY JEANS! I'm not kidding myself, I know they look better on women with stick legs. But I believe there is a place for skinny jeans in my life, so as long as I still look OK - after all I think skinny jeans are fantastic for showing off shoes or tucked into boots. I think I've just come to accept my thighs. They could be better but I like to remind myself that Beyonce has my thighs and she pulls it when you look at Magna cartoons or drawings of sexy women superheroes, they all have healthy looking thighs (to match their healthy looking boobs).

I also find my style to influenced on my I am wearing grey H&M tights, pink corduroy and pewter leather Marc Jacobs heels (PS I may sell them on Ebay if you're interested) and a black dress I got for 10€ in Rome. I put my hair up without brushing it and have a swipe of red lipstick on. If you can't tell, I spent the morning perusing Street Fashion blogs from Paris so no doubt that this influenced how I dressed today.

A lot of my style I think comes from my imagination - sometimes I like to pretend to be someone else. Usually not too far from "me," I mean no one is going to look at me and ask what the hell happened. But I notice a have alot of vintage influence...whether it be shift dresses or fishnets. Maybe its like a vintage version of me that pops up in small doses.

So what influences your style? Is it where you live? Your friends? Your body? Your past? Films? Celebrities? Your hair colouring and skin tone? Or, like me, a combination of all of the there a certain piece of clothing that if I were to see it would be "soooo YOU?" Can you describe your style? I wanna know!


Vegas Princess said...

I definately dress for comfort over style since my work has me sitting in a cave for hours. But when I do dress up I usually tend to pick a style that downplays my chest (since it is so massive) and colors that play up my eyes (deep blues and purples) However, I lost my sense of style once I got married. I am not sure where it went so if you find it, let me know.

Dan said...

one word: boots

( . )( . ) said...

Hmmmm me, body size, seasonal colours and my mood. I often find the happier I am the closer I dress to white! Weird huh!

Mitch said...

Hey Lusty!

Been a while - hope you're doing well!


You're it

~nOe~ said...

My style is sport pants, comfy sneakers.
I'm a nanny... don't need to dress up.