Monday, November 10, 2008

Congrats! On to the next challenge

Thanks to everyone who entered the draw!

I actually liked Tuesday’s best (followed by Thursday – and yes, Wednesday was cute but damn that static cling!) so I decided to just write down all your names and randomly choose.

And the winner is….drumroll please….


Please email me with your shipping details and I will give you a choice between two different sets.

The remaining pair will be given away at the next Wardrobe Challenge which is next week.

I’ve forgone this week because I was too tired to think when I got dressed this morning – though because I’m wearing a sweater, I might just wear sweaters all week! But also tomorrow is a holiday so I will probably just be in sweat pants.

But next week I will do a similar thing – post pictures of the end and have another vote to win. I’m hoping to do this on a regular basis in one form or another, maybe give away free beauty samples and the like. I’m still thinking it through.

Anyhoo, next week I am doing ICONIC LOOK WEEK – which is loosely based on the new Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style, a book I am currently loving at the moment.

There are ten Iconic Looks in total (though an unlimited combination when combined) and what I need from you is for YOU to tell me which five I should do. I think I may just have enough stuff to pull one off in one form or another, though I have to remember that I am doing this at work, so everything has to be work modified, though luckily my office is quite casual.

The ten choices are (with examples of what make the look – not what I actually have lol):

Key Pieces: Ladylike structured bag, Silk blouse, Snakeskin or Crocodile pumps, Gold accessories, Brocade jacket, Thin patent belts, Heeled oxfords, Tailored cardigan, Oversized blazer, Big scarf, Silk scarf, Tailored jeans, Boucle jacket, Tie-front blouse, Tuxedo jacket, Cashmere, Jewel-tone winter coat, Wrap coat – You know, anything that you would see on those fashionable and streamlined women all over Europe

Jeans, Plaid shirt, Sundress, Fringe bag, Tank top, Wooden heeled shoes, Sandals, Aviators, Anything crochet, Babydoll tops and dresses, Linen, Tunics, Scarf blouse, Drawstring pants, Tooled leather belts and bags, Birkenstocks, Cargo pants, Bermuda shorts, Poncho – Breezy, cool and laidback.

Leopard print anything, Studs, Silver jewelry, Black, Snakeskin accessories, Cuffs, Ankle boots, Skinny jeans/pants, Leather jacket, Low-slung belts, Chokers, Bustiers, Velvet – Rhianna seems to sum this up these days, as does Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and the like.


Vintage cardigans, Gauzy and floaty dress, Velvet jacket, Houndstooth anything, Brooches and pins, Capes, Circle skirts, Antique necklaces, Cameos, Lace-up granny boots, Tights, Lace, Flat boots – The new British-look, a lot of old and new, combining all decades of fashion into a look that is both pretty and airy, yet masculine and classic.

Opaque tights, Shift dress, Stripes, Graphic prints, Black and White, Flat boots, Leather driving gloves, Coloured jewelry, Trapeze dress, Boxy coat- Swinging Sixties look in gay old London Town.

White collared shirt, Straight-leg jeans, Suede Blazer, Wide leg pants, Vest, Boyfriend cardigan, Polo Shirt, High-waist skirt, Pearls, Masculine watch, Denim Jacket, Tweed – A dash of preppiness and a lot of simplicity. Understated. Katherine Hepburn and Grace Kelly would be proud to wear it.

Pencil skirt, Wiggle dress, Polkadots, Red, Peeptoes heels, Tiny sweater, Feminine wide-legged pants, Lingerie/lacey camisole, Swing coat, Satin, Leopard print skirt, V-necks, Long opera gloves, Waist-cinching belt, D’Orsay shoes, Animal print heels, Cloche felt hat, Rhinestone jewelry, Faux fur – Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren…Ditta Von Tease. The Bombshell look lives on with it’s timeless glamour and curve-hugging shapes.

Low-rise brown cords, Flared jeans, White Trousers, Peasant blouse, Shearling trimmed jacket, Fuzzy vest, Embroidered tops, Long maxi dresses, Halter topsHippie chick at its finest, Dusty pinks, Faded florals, Flowy dresses, Organic items, Stones, Fur-trimmed boots, Wrap sandals, Hobo bags, Tunic, Floppy hats – Kate Hudson and Rachel Bilson have this down pat.

Black skinny pants, Sheer shirts, Asymmetrical hems,Layers, Leotards, Genie pants, Slouchy outerwear, Gladiator sandals, Metallic bag, Hats, Sculputral jewelry, Graphics, Shoes with metallic or sculptural heels - Avante Garde yet minamilist, edgy and artistic but classicly wearable

Ballet flats, Capri pants,Thinly striped sweaters, Boatneck tops, Belted Safari Dress, Sailor pants, Polished-looking leather purse, Plain and fitted tees, Smocks, Biker jackets, Trenchcoats, Bright and wide cropped jacket, Espadrilles, Keds, Cork-heel platforms, Diver's watch, Black scarf, Huge Jackie O sunglasses, Graphic scarf, Peacoat, Knee-high flat or wedge boots, Quilted purse with chain strap, 3/4 length anything - One word: Audrey Hepburn

And FYI my own style is Euro Chic/Bombshell…I think. With a touch of Posh Eclectic and Gamine and a hint of Rock and Roll (more Rock and Roll now than ever!)

Get your votes for Top Five in now and I’ll tally it up on Friday.

As for our winner, Dominica, because she wanted to see my scarves up close, I will post pics of them on my next post (Wednesday) – remember how awhile back I admitted I was clueless about wearing them? Well after buying a slew, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

I’ll also need some wardrobe advice too – I purchased a certain hat recently and have no idea what to wear it with. I love hats and look good in them (usually) but since I don't wear them I remain clueless about them - can't tell if I look like an idiot or not!

But back to the voting!


Roselle said...

oh man - just had the most intense ebay close of auction on the boots! i wasn't about to lose esp. after having lost the two bags!!

i vote for the bombshell all next week - it's my fave.

Wanderlusting said...

I know, I was hoping that you would win! They are great boots, too bad they are just too big for me around the heel.

What I might do after the Iconic Week (next week) and see what people thought looked best and then wear THAT look during the last week of November! Hopefully it will be something like Bombshell, which I have a lot of!!!

Rachel said...

I'm a big fan of bombshell and California casual.. Mm. I really do need to update my wardrobe! I have none of the above!

Rachel said...

I vote for Arty Slick. Its the most out of the box from your normal style and will give you more of an excuse to experiment. Who knows you might find an outfit that you completely love!

almost famous kiwi said...

any European or London look is the epitamy of style. Having lived in montreal for 3 years I am constantly surrounded by stylish girls, those frenchies sure no how to put clothes together. I think the Euro chic is great, i can imagine you in it too and it would look great on your body type. I love scarves and belts and bags, so stylish.