Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tired of being Tired

I am having one of those days where you just can’t wake up. Even now as I sit at work, sneakily typing this into an untitled word document, my fingers are fumbling every few words. My head is in a thick, deep fog. My eyes can’t focus for the life of them, indeed I’m actually having trouble keeping my eyes open.

I’ve got one cup of coffee in me and am about to embark on another but sometimes I wonder what the point is. Sure my heart will start racing soon, but my brain will still be a few hours behind. I just want to close my eyes and take a nap on the floor of my office. Maybe George Costanza had the right idea when he put a bed under his desk.

I’ve been feeling rundown and tired for the last few weeks now – well, ever since I started the job. But I don’t think it’s a matter of sleep. I’ve been getting 7-8 hours a night and though I do wake up a few times in the night, it usually doesn’t keep me awake. I’ve also been learning how to fall asleep with the lights on. Meaning, when my bf is staying up and reading the Dark Tower series, I can actually fall asleep. This is a huge accomplishment considering I am the lightest sleeper ever and normally can’t fall asleep if there is the slightest noise, movement or light in the room.

And yesterday I could have slept all day. We went to bed at midnight-ish – the next day being a holiday – and then while my bf got up at 9 naturally, I got up at 1030. And that was by force. And I was exhausted the whole day, could have even napped. A similar thing happened on Sunday, in which despite getting 8 or 9 hours of sleep I still HAD to take a long nap.

I’m not sure why this is happening. Pretty sure it’s all about my lifestyle. Too much wine every night. No exercise. No vitamins (though I do eat fairly healthy). I’ve realized it’s time to start experimenting again to find out what’s going on here. Maybe cut down on caffeine all together. Cut down on booze (less wine and less often). Exercise in some form everyday. Take my vitamins religiously.

Any other suggestions?

In other news, here are the scarves that Dominica (winner of last week’s draw – please email me for your prize!) wanted to see. I’m still in the process of learning how to tie these properly but I’m doing the best I can. Because I am so damn cold all the time I’ve actually started wearing them as an extra heat-keeping layer rather than a fashion statement but I’m sure I can achieve the best of both worlds.

Vintage Ellen Tracy short silk scarf

Vintage cotton scarf

Forever 21 cotton scarf

My Absolut Favourite - Absolut Vodka Silk Scarf

Oscar de la Renta silk scarf (for my mother for her birthday this month)

Then there is my own personal fashion dilemma: I bought this felt cloche hat and have no idea what to wear it with, lest it makes things TOO retro. For example, when I wear my cape I feel like I can’t wear this too because then it really looks like I rolled out of the Roaring Twenties.

Any tips on styling this?

Last but not least: PLEASE READ MY PREVIOUS POST AND VOTE FOR YOUR TOP FIVE ICONIC LOOKS! I need your help people, don’t let me choose what to wear next week because you know I am going to pick the looks that are safe and closest to my own style. Where is the fun in that? So yes, pick which five (or just even one like Roselle did) you’d like to see me in and I will make it so (and possibly look like a fool while doing so). But don’t you want to see foolish pictures? I know I do.

For example, this would be Euro Chic (my version anyway):

Size too big DKNY Black Shift Dress that my mom bought for me when I was 16 - my first designer item! I added the Patent Grey Skinny Belt (Forever 21) to make it fit better, then paired it with a matching Grey Soft Knit Cardigan (also F21), Vintage Salavatore Ferragamo Black Patent Heels with Bows, A Tommy Hilfinger Pearl Necklace and a Forever 21 Chain and Leather Necklace - too keep it from looking too prim.

Want to see more? See last post and let me know :)


Odette said...

Hot outfit Karina!

I say pair the hat with your jewel toned trench and tights and ankle boots. (A look I saw many times in Paris last fall, so it's still 1 season away from being trendy here.)

surfercam said...

Looking HOT there!

MSG said...

Maybe you're preggers!

Rachel said...

just thought i'd let you know that you have totally inspired me to re-inspire my wardrobe. my clothes all seem pretty darn drab in comparison to all your outfits!! they're all so cute.

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks guys - and thanks for the tip, odette.

MSG - nope! That's what I ALWAYS think/fear and I end up taking about 2 preggo tests a month, always negative. I'm actually probably infertile. Thank God.

Rachel - You would totally do the Bombshell look with ease!

Delicieux said...

Sometimes I just feel tired like that but then in a few days it magically cures itself :) Maybe it's just a cycle that you'll get through quickly?

I did drink the Odwalla drink (there's something about it in my blog) with 'focus' in mind and it actually worked - AND it was organic!!

And I love your outfit... hot, hot, hott!!

Kass said...

You know, I can fall asleep with the lights on too (and the TV) but the quality of sleep I get is usually crappy. So really, it's more about the quality of the sleep than the quantity, so keep that in mind ;)