Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Give Advice - Take Advice

What I am loving most about the fall winter season is the fact that I can wear tights with everything. Of course bare legs look best sometimes, but tights are like another accessory and can really add some panache to your outfit. I also wear a lot of tights because of the scarring on my ankles and, well, I get cold easier these days.

The problem with tights though is that I find that they:

A)Aren't opaque enough

B)Are itchy

C)Aren't elastic enough so they sag and gather around your ankles in little rolls

D)Invite your skirts/dresses to cling to them

Then I found this website: and I picked up a pair of Italian made Emilio Cavallini tights. One size fits all, these are 200 Denier (meaning super opaque - most tights are around 50 Denier), a rich, almost glossy black, super stretchy and super, DUPER soft to touch. I just want to touch my legs all day. My only complaint is that because it is one size fits all, I have to hike them up super high in order to accomodate my short legs. But they are so darn comfy, it feels like you're wearing sweats all day, it's true!

You can find Emilion Cavallini's tights, as well as these Aristoc Wet Look tights (I ordered this color) and other high denier count ones, as well as unusual yet high-quality ones on the website. Take a look, they may ship from England, but they come quickly and you won't be dissapointed with the quality, price or selection in the end.

OK so that was my I need advice:

I am in the throws of my wardrobe challenge today (and honestly, this really is a challenge!) but that does not keep me from being slightly befuddled by a pair of boots that have recently come into my possession.

I bought them for $9 off of Ebay because I thought, hey Granny Boots are cool. And then I got them.

I'm not going to lie, they are LOVELY. Made in Mexico, super comfortable and the perfect size. The leather is such a nice color and is so unbelievably soft. I believe they are from the 80's but they are in just great condition, you can't tell.

So my only problem is...what the hell do I wear these with?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Last but not least, I have to move offices at work. I'm kinda irked because I really love my's got three walls, a window and lots of room for my mess. The computer also faces the wall so NO ONE CAN SEE ME TYPING IN MY BLOG RIGHT NOW.

But now because of our company takeover, new employees are being shuffled in here and I have to move to a cubicle!

I shouldn't complain because the cubicle is still quite big and it is were the last Marketing Assistant was sitting but still. I like my cozy office. And this move puts me closer to the She-Beast in payroll.

But trying to make this into a positive experience, the fact that my computer will be vulnerable to passerbys, this means that I will spend more time being productive and actually working and less time perusing and buying clothes online. Think of the money I'll make and save! Maybe it's win-win in the end.


Oh and I should let you know that I just made my last online clothes shopping purchase till March! I started a little early, knowing that I am going to need the money saved for gifts next month.

I feel strangely complete, like I finally have all I want and need. I know that may not last very long but I think as long as I ignore all the online shopping sites I frequent (Asos, F21, Urban Outfitters...Ebay) I should be OK. After all, outta sight, outta mind. If I don't know its there, how can I want to buy it?

I'm just going to stick to reading fashion blogs for inspiration and read mags like Elle and Vogue...cuz I can't afford that stuff ANYWAY!


Thomas said...

Hello from Seattle!

wee-h said...

Shoe-boots like yours have been fashionable for awhile over here. Wear them with a flippy short skirt or a pencil i guess.

Bittersweet Confusion said...

I would invest in a screen guard. It blurs your screen unless you are right in front of it. Gives you plenty of time to minimize ebay and such ;-)

Ashleigh said...

awww man I love those shoes...i'd wear ém with my leopard print ...;)...wear "em with black if you dont want too much shock appeal...or leggings to "sexify" the them...well unless you hate leggings...I assume everyone loves them...haha..which is bad...ohhh jeeez