Thursday, November 27, 2008

Anger is the best appetite suppressant

So remember that girl who wrote that uncalled for comment on my Facebook status?

Well this is what it said, so as you know:

My Status: "(My name) is happy - Disneyland trip, Birthday, Xmas and having ALL her debt paid off :D but then is horribly depressed because she can't fit in her clothes :( can't win” – Yes, it’s a downer but like I said read it carefully…the first part is my earlier status saying I was happy and then I say THEN is horribly depressed because of something as stupid as not fitting in her clothes – which, btw, isn’t that stupid considering how many clothes I have and because I vowed to not buy anything new until march therefore I really don’t have much options till I lose weight. Anyway, whatever my status, my feelings at the time (you know, what Facebook is for).

Her comment: “(my name), does it occur that you might just have it not that bad and that "horrible depression" might be easily fixable and not worth going over and over on Facebook? I guess it's okay considering people sitting a couple of rungs beneath you on the economic ladder don't necessarily have computers or the Internet let alone know what Facebook is but seriously. Come on.
I'm going to go back to worrying about things like my rent and my weight/health IRL away from public commentary because that's kind of how it should be done.
PS: I'm really glad the other things are going so well for you and good luck with the weight thing.

I mean…WTF? How patronizing and holier-than-thou can you get? Way to make me feel two inches small and way to make my feelings seem trivial. You stupid bitch.

I responded:"Amanda - Well I figured if people didn't want to comment or read my status they wouldn't have to and after voicing my mood on my Facebook status and just getting things off my chest, my friends put things in perspective and now I feel better about things. "

And she never said anything to that.

And the thing is, it's not that she's saying "Oh shut up, you're not fat" OR "quit whining and be thankful you silly" which some people have and do say and have a right to.

It's that I'm not using Facebook properly. I'm sorry, did I miss the memo that our statuses are to be censored from now on? I mean, I can kinda see what maybe she was getting at (see above, be grateful) but holy crap, there is a right way and a wrong way to say things and judging by the amount of thought and the length of her comment, she purposely chose the wrong way because she's a stupid bitch who doesn't like me and just wanted to bring me down.

Anyway, I wasn’t the only one who saw this comment and felt this way because I got a few texts and emails from people wondering what her problem with me is.

When I first told my bf, he didn’t seem to care much which kinda pissed me off, “oh she’s probably in a bad mood.” Why it pissed me off is that he is friends with this girl, hangs out with her quite often and while she’s always flirting with him and making him laugh, she treats me like dirt. She says bitchy and sarcastic things to me all the time and then when I finally called her on it earlier this year, she says “Oh, I’m just socially awkward.” WTF does that mean? That gives you a right to be a bitch to me? Funny cuz you don’t seem to suffer any “social awkwardness” around my boyfriend or anyone else for that matter.

Anyway, finally yesterday my bf really read the comment over again and realized she is being a bitch. So without telling me, he messaged her, I guess calling her on it or wondering what her problem is.

That I did appreciate since I did not expect him to defend me in anyway (he hates confrontation, just wants everyone to get along, always wants to see the good in people, etc).

But later that night, she messages him back, apologizing to HIM and explaining herself to HIM. Not to me, but to him. I haven’t heard anything from her at all.

I don’t even know what her explanation is because my bf says if he tells me it’s just going to seem like he’s defending her. Anyway, HE forgives her, that’s all I know.

However, what a manipulative BITCH! If she was REALLY sorry, she would have not said anything in the first place and also apologized and explained herself to me. Not to my bf and not after his prompting.

The only reason she is even apologizing to him and saying “Whoops, you know me, socially awkward tee hee” is so that he will still going on liking her, being friends with her and hanging out with her.

Well I’m really happy that they can resume their friendship without any hiccups. I, HOWEVER, am not happy. I am not OK. I see what she is doing, that she’s a bitch who thinks (and possibly can) treat me like trash and then suck up to my boyfriend so he still thinks the world of her.

That's what makes me mad - I'm not a huge fan of her so I'm kind of OK if she's going to not like me for no good reason, I am aware that not everyone has to like each other and that's cool. But the fact that she's trying to manipulate my boyfriend? That's not cool.

Anyway, ranting over. On to DRESSES!

I know I am on a no-shopping ban till March but I did have one and maybe two exceptions up my sleeves (don’t worry, both I knew about ahead of time and technically this was my NYE Resolution and wasn’t supposed to happen till January).

Anyway, one is that I need a New Years dress. Remember last years?
Well I barely do cuz I was in the bathroom puking from illness the whole night. And I would love to wear it again but that’s a faux pas in my book.

So I want a New Years Eve dress that’s just as frivolous and fluffy. Not being terribly expensive would help too.

And I don’t want it in black. Black (or grey) to me says that you can wear the dress any night of the year. I want a dress that you can only wear on very special occasions such as new years eve. This means ruffles and bows or slinky backless designs in bright or vibrant colours. Like Halloween, I think you can pretty much wear anything on New Years and get away with it and this is the night I would love to feel like a pretty princess. Especially since last years was a bust.

So far I have these ones in mind – but I’m open to suggestions (I love the first one best though).

The other revolves around the fact that my Bday is in two weeks (today ack!) and I usually buy myself a dress for the occasion. However since I do have some coming in the mail I might just save my money.

The dresses all come from ASOS since the Canadian version of F21 is pretty lame these days and the clothes seem to fall apart the minute I wear them. Which I guess is fine for one night but again, i don't see anything that wows me.

The only problem with ASOS, is that despite the fact that they give you a free cookie in the package, you end up paying an amazing amount in customs and duties. I paid 22$ in duty which is fair, but then they added on taxes, handling fees and it came to 47$!!! Sucks that I have to add that, plus the $40 shipping to every order. Plus exchange rate.

Bah! Luckily though I won't be ordering much more till March :)


Kass said...

Oh god! I fucken hate bitches like that! I'm pretty lucky in the sense that Bjorn is just as aggro and jealous as me, so if I tell him someone is trying to muscle in (which has happened) he totally goes with it, and does what needs to be done. Poor nice Mike, being manipulated by a dirty rotten whore :( Fuck her!

And as for the dress, I'm loving #2, #3 and #7. The others are all over the place and I think you'd look smokin' in any of the above!

wee-h said...

First off you are so not fat, but like me (who is tiny) i stress about my weight. Id get the same reaction if i ut something about my weight up on facebook because girls can be jealous bitches. I think she's jealous of you...!

As for the dresses, no. 2 and the last one. The others are a bit ho hum. Personally i prefer the last one! The red might look a little bit "same difference" - a UK reality show group - look them up!

Wanderlusting said...

I was a bit iffy about red satin, thinking it might look too cheesey but I do love red. I agree, I do like #2, #3 and the last one too!

Wanderlusting said...

Also - it's not that I am saying I am fat (I KNOW that I am not) but I FEEL fat and that's because my clothes literally don't fit like they used to.

I think if she cared about her body at all she would be concerned if her OWN pants didn't fit. But this girl doesn't seem to care about anything, or anyone for that matter.

wee-h said...

I totally get the feeling fat hon, Im like that right now. Its confidence sapping. I had to go out and buy new clothes just to feel right. Circuit training for me soon!

As for the girl, people like her will never change, jealousy has to be the worst of all the emotions we have. Especially when she uses it to get at people (and their boyfriends, especially if they are nice people and are trying hard not to see it) Karma will get her eventually dont worry!

Sarah said...

hey, I totally get the whole "feeling" fat thing... every girl gets that! And screw that girl!! My boys ex is just like that - they dated for a minute but because she knows some of his friends she turns up at random events and stares! Kill her with kindness - then noone can ever accuse you of doing the wrong thing, but when she posts bitchy messages like that to you again, they can see her for exactly who she is!

And I love all the dresses, but the last one is my fave!

Odette said...

w eior;8ryioFDHBWEIU RBVW!!!!! Sorry that was my anger typing. I HATE!!!!!!!!!! girls like that. Frack! My fiance's ex is like that and it pisses me off! It's like Fuck YOU SKANK you think that you're fooling everyone, but you are NOT fooling me! Arg and I hate it when the man doesn't see it even when it is RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE! (you can't see me now but I am like hyperventilating out of sheer anger.) Anyway I feel you soooooo freaking bad and I've got your back if we are ever at a party with the she-bitch!

I like #1 cause it's so different! Can't wait to see what you pick! I should find a NYE dress... Oh yeah I forgot I only have $3.42 in my bank account lol.

Christina Lee said...

I hate when people feel like being mean!!
I say for paying all that excess just to get one of those dresses
($47!)I'd do repeat of last year or find a dress somewhere else-yikes-that's steep!

WiscoBlonde said...

Unfriend that girl! She's not worth your energy.

I love the red dress with the bow. You'd look like a present!

The Clothes Horse said...

Ooh! I adore that first dress for your new options. It's wonderful.

Bittersweet Confusion said...

My vote is for the last dress... I think it would look awesome.

Secondly, This girl is definitely not worth your energy. I don't get the whole BF thing though. I'm all for respecting the privacy of a friendship and all but if the messaging was about you and you want to know, how is that him defending her? She sounds like she may just want to keep in your BF's good graces in case he's ever single again but that just my opinion. I would normally agree with Sarah and say kill her with kindness but really she is not even worth that.

MSG said...

Fuck that bitch. Why would she apologize to your boyfriend and not to you? Oh well, you know what they say - The best revenge is living well.

Delicieux said...

My only thought reading this is that she is INCREDIBLY jealous of you. You have an amazing boyfriend, hot body, and rockin job... Although you have a lot going for you, it doesn't mean you can't have a bad day. Everyone is entitled to that.

Facebook is used to communicate to your friends. That's a known fact. If you choose to write something cause you're having a bad day so your friends can comfort you, so be it.

She's going to continue being jealous of you until she has someone else to be jealous of.

I LOVE dress 5 :) And purple is this season's color, too.

Vegas Princess said...

I have to agree, it sounds like she is jealous of you and wants to hurt you in any way she can. The fact that she cozies up to your BF would be enough for me to hate her, but seriously that comment was uncalled for. And BF should know him not encouraging her to talk to you and explain to you is encouraging her to continue acting like the bitch she is. He should not stand for it.

All those dresses are so cute but I like the purple ones the best!

Rachel said...

I like the first one and the last one. Both are completey unique and really for a special event (I mean really how often can you wear feathers on your clothes).
Don't stress about the hateful people. Clearly she isn't going to change, which already makes you better than she is. And that makes you a 100 times more worthy of BF than she ever could be.

Shay said...

bah, don't listen to people like that. And get the first dress, it's so original and gorgeous....