Friday, November 07, 2008

The Results - Week One

What a week it’s been – Obama’s made history, the Canadian dollar went back up slightly and I successfully completed week one of The November Wardrobe Challenge!

Yes folks, I managed to wear a dress everyday this week to work. It actually wasn’t very hard or annoying at all considering that I have so many darn dresses – the hardest part was figuring out which dress to wear!

I wanted to see how many different colours and styles I could edit to make work appropriate (and rainy, cold weather appropriate) and I think I ran the gamut on that one. But because I have so many dresses left that need their day in the sun, I might do this one again at the end of the month.

Now comes the fun part – you get to see all the different looks for this week.

AND if you tell me (in the comments) which one you like best, you will be entered into a draw to win a pair of Forever 21 earrings! That’s right, just vote for your fav and I will randomly (I swear) pick a person to win – though it’s probably going to be the person who votes for the look I liked most! And no, I’m not telling.

On my next post I will announce the winner, who can then email me their mailing details!

So what are you waiting for?


I wore a grey, layered Forever 21 dress that I consider a “going out” dress. But I made it work for work by pairing it with blues and greys. Blue Vic Matie Patent Mary-Janes, Grey H&M tights, my shiny quilted Mango MNG blue handbag, a vintage blue-grey scarf and a vintage blue schoolboy blazer. With the blazer on top, it kind of made the dress look like a schoolgirl skirt and thus I think it had kind of a Gossip Girl flair.


Usually I think of how I feel or a certain look I want to have BEFORE I get dressed but this time I picked out the dress, paired it with stuff and then realized my look afterwards. In this case it was French Etheral Gamine Ballerina. A white silk (with white leather trim) Sheri Bodell Grecian dress, black tights, Coach flats, black F21 tank top (only $2.50!) and a Charlotte Russe Black cardigan with ribbon tie.

Then I added the outerwear – my new vintage cape (total Ebay score). Reversible with black on one side and plaid on the other and with an attached scarf, this cape elevated my look to 1920’s French Etheral Gamine Ballerina.


Taupe Forever 21 dress, burgundy H&M tights, maroon Vic Matie Patent Mary-Janes, maroon cardigan, magenta F21 tank and magenta/maroon F21 scarf. Despite liberal use of static-spray, the dress clung to my tights. I hate that! Thus the flowy plum fairy look that I thought I had achieved was ruined with every step I took. Grrrr!


Forest Green bubble hem dress by Smogh – bought in Rome, black shiny American Apparel tights, black Christian Louboutin Beatle ankle boots, Black (but I swear it’s dark grey!) Forever 21 knit blazer with detachable belt (which I wore on the inside), Absolute Vodka vintage scarf. I love this dress and completely forgot how flattering and adorable it is! I call this look…French Gamine business woman.

Then I added the dark purple Forever 21 wool trench and WOW - the jewel tones of green and purple really complement each other.

Anyway, when I ran out to errands later I put on a black scarf and floppy knit beret and suddenly people were complimenting me on the street - French gamine indeed!!


I ran out of imagination. I’ve done this outfit before but meh, it’s safe and comfy. I call it, Italian Autumn….silk chiffon dress by purchased in Rome, Bata leather boots from Rome (you remember?), Mac and Jac boucle brown cardigan, Rafe ostrich leather and canvas bag AND mustard outerwear, Forever 21.

OK that’s it! That was my week, I hope you had a good one but TGIF! Despite the frivolous dresses, this has been my official first week of STRESS at work - will get into it next post though, don't want to blog too much about my work but there's a SheBeast who has it coming!!

PS when you comment to win the earrings, I would also like to know what kind of challenge I should do for next week – I was thinking about wearing a skirt everyday. What’s your take???


Vegas Princess said...

My favorite has to be Thursday's. I just love the color of the dress and it really makes your hair and skin tone pop! Plus it looks really ocmprtable and the coat is awesome!

Next week I think you should do sweater and skirt combos. I bit of a challenge since often it is difficult to fit sweaters that don't overpower skirts. :)

Can we see a picture of the earrings we are hoping to win?

Vegas Princess said...

Wow, that word in the last sentence of the first paragraph of my comment should be comfortable. I am not sure WHAT word my fingers decided to type instead. Sorry.

Dan said...



Kelly said...

I'm going with Friday's...just very fall-ish :-)

Skirts sounds good!

Wanderlusting said...

PS the earrings have not been decided yet - probably will give the winner a choice between subtle and bigger...and then have another contest and I'll give away the remaining pair!

Odette said...

I like the green dress!!! I REALLY love that coat!

I like skirts, maybe I'll join in, but I'll be more like I'll try to wear a different pair of yoga/sweat/pj pants each day! lol

WiscoBlonde said...

Darling, you are too cute! I'm so jealous that you can wear tights and be warm enough!

Dominica said...

Loved the outfit with the green dress the most !
The shawl or scarf looks like it has a very special print...Must show us more detail (because we're not curious but like to know everything)

nice blog !
take care
Dominica XXX

Rachel said...

Wednesday for me! I love the whole ensemble and think it suits you the best! :)

Bittersweet Confusion said...

Thursday gets my vote... Love the color scheme

Rachel said...

I am going to vote for Wednesday's look. I know you had issue with the static cling, but the outfit itself is adorable!

arbyn said...

OK. I LOVE your outfits. They all are fantastic.

My favourite dress is the green Smogh one, you look amazing in it.

But my favourite OUTFIT is your Wednesday ditty. It's unreal. I just love it. Fasion icon much!?

clw said...

My fav is Thursday and I love love LOVE that purple jacket - wish you'd take a picture of you in it! lol

cathy said...

You looked awesome in ALL of the outfits. I really like Thursdays outfit