Friday, November 28, 2008

Friend Request: Rejected

Stupid Dentyne commercial.

Anyway, the drama continues. Or perhaps it ends here. Only time will tell....BUT...

Yesterday I was a steaming pile of anger as you all know, about that stupid girl and her stupid attempt to make me look stupid.

Again, it wasn't so much that she didn't like me or acted like she didn't but that she was doing that and then sucking up to my boyfriend.

I had to bring it up to him, to make him see what she was doing. He didn't disagree which I think speaks volumes since he normally stands up for everyone.

Basically we had a big talk about it and he is NOT OK with it, even if she did apologize to him (because what the hell does that do?). He thinks she should apologize to me, thinks she is being a bitch and that it's not fair. Interestingly enough he asked if I would feel any different if she DID apologize to me and I said no. She hasn't yet and she never will and if she only will because of your prompting, then that's just a worthless apology.

Then I found out what her long message to him said too - her explanation for being such a bitch on my Facebook. I don't know the details because I didn't want to know but she more or less said that she DOES NOT LIKE ME. Never did like me and never will.


We both have no clue - after I all, I haven't done ANYTHING to her except be really nice - so it must be that she doesn't like me as a person, what I stand for, how I look, how I act, etc.

And apparently what she thinks I am is so far from the truth. She is judging me because she thinks that someone who looks like me (blonde, I guess, since she's a fuckin' Emo weirdo), shouldn't be smart, or funny or like the same shows and music as her or get along well with all her guy friends or party hardy like I often do.

She wants to think I am a dumb, no-fun bimbo who isn't very "cool" (not that I am) and that the only reason my bf is with me is because I am "hot."

That's pretty much what it comes down to and what's interesting is that I have been hanging out with her, uh, maybe twice a month for over a year now and she still thinks this.

Now, I haven't been hanging out one-on-one time but we have been talking when we see each other and when we see each other it's always in a situation in which I am having a great time: laughing, taking shots with the boys, making them and my boyfriend laugh, smiling and being a lot of fun.

So despite seeing this all with her own eyes, despite the fact that all her friends (even the girls although she only has one or two girl friends...go figure) like me and think I'm swell, she still doesn't like me for reasons she is making up and sticking to it. She's one of the types that thinks she's better than everyone else... really, really believes that.

It's like her world will be blown apart if she finds out that you don't have to be an Emo, artistic and sarcastic bitch to be considered "cool." OK, I am artistic too but that probably bugs her even more.

Anyway, that's that. It's a little weird to hear that someone doesn't like you for any other reason other than the fact that you are YOU.

Of course, this also happened earlier this year with another girl but we managed to resolve that because we both sorta misunderstood each other (she misunderstood me more) and are working on making things right. But with this girl, it's a different story. I gave her a chance before to like me and she rejected it.

The only problem now is with my BF. It's not really my problem now, but his. He is quite conflicted because things between her and him are not all that good, how can it be considering what she told him. He said that if he had only met her a year or two ago, he wouldn't talk to her anymore but because she's been a "good" friend of his for nine years now, it's harder and more complicated to shut the door on her. It certainly doesn't help that she is best friends with one of his best friends and so when he hangs out with him, she is more than often there. Also she's pretty much slept with his whole band (not him, of course).

I don't know what I would do if I were in his shoes. It's easy to say cut her off but I don't see how that's possible. What I do know though is that his opinion of her has changed and not in a good way and for that I am glad because he at least can see what a poor friend she actually is.

As for me, I know I will continue to run into her but I will take the high road. Manage a wee smile, hold my head up high and loudly continue to be MYSELF - because that's what pisses her off the most.

And yes, I deleted her from my Facebook.


OK, as much as I loved all the dresses that I posted yesterday, I decided on one that was not even up there at all.

Christina Lee brought up a good point that adding the duty ($50!) and the shipping ($40) to the cost is going to blow the prices sky-high. Not to mention that I would probably only wear the dress once.

So I scoured Ebay for some deals and found a red satin dress (in a fabulous shade) with a ruffled hem, ruching up the back (good for my bum) and bra cups (good for my boobs). If I but it, I plan to wear it with gold accessories (shoes, clutch, jewelry) and a glass of champagne.


karisap said...

Oh my...sounds to me like the someone who is face-creeping you should grow up. I don't mean that to be hostile but really FB is where you can post anything you want. If she didn't like it she shouldn't have replied.

My best guess is, if she's slept with everyone in the band but not your boyfriend, that's probably bugging her more than the 8 pounds you're struggling to lose.

Also, you ARE fun. There are many nights I don't remember because of that fact.

You're NOT dumb, because I read your screen play and spent countless hours in "Research Methods" with you...(inside joke I guess!)

You ARE funny...and it really ticks me off that people are so judgemental and jealous enough to interfere with your relationship.

I love how people preceive things...for example, people think I'm stuck up because I have nose that's small and points up...not my fault!! Imagine, me, stuck up...pffft! lol

Odette said...

I dislike her too, for being her. She's a real piece of work that one. A real C U Next Tuesday. (Sorry I still have my empathetical seething anger) Anyway good for you for taking the high road, I for one would probably just smack her upside the head, but that's just me! lol

Love love love the dress and can't wait to see you in it!

Kass said...

What a psycho bitch, good riddance. Personally, if someone like that doesn't like me, then that's a good thing because it means that you truly are nothing like them. I find it insulting people liking me, when I totally aren't digging them.

I hope she totally shows her true colours to all the others.

And Karina, this whole thing has happened before, and there's one time inparticular I'm thinking of. The reason why people don't like you is because you totally throw them. You ARE smart, you AREN'T a bitch, you ARE gorgeous. How can someone be everything? It throws some people, they get jealous and then they end up hating you. If you don't know the person I'm referring to, them msg me on FB and I can tell you, but you probably have some idea (*cough*thinkEA*cough*)

Vegas Princess said...

I am so glad your BF is realizing her true colors and is no seeing how upset this made you. And how can no one love you? I mean for crying out loud! How shallow and self-righteous is she? I still think she harbors a secret crush for your BF and that is where all her hostility for you resides.

Glad you deleted her. Good riddance!

That dress is so adorable!

kimberlie said...

love the dress!

MSG said...

That girl is jealous of you. The only thing to do is feel sorry for her. And hope she moves away. Deep down inside, she doesn't like herself very much and wishes she were more like you. But if she were more like you, she would be happier with who she is.

She also probably has a permanent yeast infection. Another reason to feel sorry for her.

Rachel said...

Wow. There is only one word for this: Jealousy. You know that you know it's true!! That is the one and only reason a girl will act that way. The whole fact that you're beautiful, talented, witty and all those things can drive a girl crazy with jealousy if she's not secure in herself. And it sounds like she's used to being the queen bee of all the guys and you've taken the throne from her.. It's a shitter, but rest assured that it's not because you're unlikable, but that you're too likable :)

Wondering Woman said...

There are lots of crazy people walking around. Those that look crazy make it easy to avoid them but those that look normal are harder. Just look at Casey Anthony, a very pretty girl, but totally nuts. Doesn't do any good to wonder why the insane don't act sane. Stop worrying about it, your bf has the bug in his ear now, he'll start seeing lots of things he's never noticed before and it'll all take care of itself. You'll look great in the red dress.

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