Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stop and smell the leaves

Yesterday, an old friend of mine graced myself with her presence. Jaime, whom I had met in Spain back in April, when we embarked on our La Alberca experience, was passing through town and wanted to meet up.

I thought this was about time since she and her sister Taryn (The Sex Pest Sisters) had been back from their fabulous European trip for about a month now. I'm ignoring the fact that they live in Victoria, which isn't exactly a hop, skip and a jump away (more like a hop, skip, jump and ferry ride).

Anyway, she came by later to my apartment and admired the view. She pointed out the wonderfully vivid colors of the changing trees in front of my place.

The funny thing was, I had never noticed the vibrant reds and golds that were right in front of my face, contrasting against the grey drizzle.

It's been Autumn for a while now, the leaves have been falling, the air has grown crisp, the colors are golden and fading fast. And I've never really stopped to notice.

Have you ever felt that life has just been passing you by?

Before I know it, I know that Fall will be over, my job will be over and it will be winter. I will look back on the season, on Halloween, on EA and wonder "Where the hell was I?"

Why is it, that as we get older, time seems to spin faster and faster? How come, when we were children, a summer vacation would last for ages, the days leading up to Christmas felt like an eternity and a year was a really, really long time. Now, everything runs past us before we even have a chance to take it in. Why, when we really should be appreciating every passing minute, does it pass so bloody fast?

And is there anything we can do to stop it? (Aside from going to that creepy fortune teller machine in "Big".)


On a different note, Jaime found it amusing that the painting we found abandoned on a postbox, in Madrid at 3 AM....

...had found its way back to Vancouver and my apartment. That painting was a bitch to
take home considering it didn't fit in my clothes-packed backpack and I had to lug it on the plane in a duty free bag. But hey, like I'm gonna let free art rot on the streets of Spain when its better off in a loving home.
Like mine.


Indiana said...

Saving Art in strange cities should be a requirement of travel...and as for time...yep the years just keep marching on and there is little you can do to stop them.

Peter said...

I did wonder what had happened to that painting. Good to see it made it to Canada safely and has found a caring home. Love from Dublin. Peter

Vegas Princess said...

How cool! Your very own authentic pilfered Spanish art. I wish I had one.

Wanderlusting said...

Yeah...Spanish art of Venice. Meh. I take what I can get.