Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Vice or Virtue?

I think I'm low-maintence.

I've been told I'm low-maintence*.

But I'm starting to think that the line between being low-maintence and being lazy has become blurred. One has positive attributes (who doesn't like things that are easy to maintain?) and the other has negative (have you ever heard of anyone being prided for being a lazy bum?)

So where do you draw the line?

Examples of being low-maintence:

-I expect to talk with my boyfriend once a day. I don't expect anymore.
-I expect to see my boyfriend every couple of days. I don't have to see him everyday and I don't...I only get ancy if it's been more than two nights. Or maybe the correct term is randy.
-I enjoy lying in bed and doing nothing. For hours at a time. Without getting bored.
-I can have as much fun pigging out on candy from 711 than going to a fancy restaurant.
-I have people asking me how my day went. I say "Good." They ask "What did you do?" I draw a blank.
-I can talk to my friends once in a blue moon and I still call them my friends.
-I like beer. And camping.
-I can live out of a backpack for months.
-I would rather text than talk. And I'm crap at both.
-I like Kraft Dinner. Make that, Easy Mac.
-I like naps.

Examples that I may just be lazy:

-This Saturday night, Ross and I had planned to dress up as Al and Peg Bundy (as we had on Friday) and go to Commercial Drive for the Parade of Lost Souls. First our plans were to go on a pub crawl but everyone else bailed and we didn't want to go alone. This was a wise decision since it was the night after my party and we consumed one too many Jell-O shots and homemade punch (otherwise known as ShitMix).So, we figured that we could hit up a friends party on the drive and then watch this ghoulish parade.
Well, along comes Saturday evening. We are both knackered but determined...sorta. Feeling ill from last night, we decided to rent a few scary movies, so that when we return from the parade, we can watch them. Screw going out to a club.
Time goes by. We both decide to have a nap. Eventually I wake up and get into full costume, all raring to go. Ross then wakes up. He's not as enthusiastic as I am. And yet, somehow, I don't mind.
We debate if we should go or not for awhile. He tells me he doesn't care either way, that he would be happy to go or to stay at home. I find myelf agreeing. When we finally come to a desicion to go, we look at the time. By the time we would get to the parade, it would almost be over.
Neither of us seem too dissapointed. Yes, I am in costume but...it just seems like a lot of effort.
"We can watch the movies," he suggests.
"Can we go to 711 and get a whole bunch of candy and pig out?" I ask, getting really excited all of a sudden.
"Yes! And then we can hit up the McDonalds Drive-thru"
I jump up and down with joy.

Is it low-maintence, lazy or just plain sad that I got all dressed up on a Saturday night to go to an awesome Parade of Lost Souls and a fun party, only to end up staying at bf's place, watching The Amityville Horor, eating fast-food, Nerds and Bottle Caps and drinking bottles of Corona? And, might I add, loving every minute of it.

Do I look High-Maintence to you? -All dressed up and no place to go.

*this isn't to say I'm completely low-maintence. Fortunately, the things that require upkeep, such as make-up, clothes etc, are things that lay within my own responsibility and that I enjoy doing. Also, I do like/expect attention and validation and do get annoyed if people don't respond to my emails. AND, I do enjoy going out to a nice restuarant or bar or something fun and fancy. The thing is, my lazy self, that would rather stay in and be a bum, is often under pressure from...society/friends/Cosmo...to go out and do these high-maintence things. Sometimes I would much rather have a nap than go to a club, but there is a stigma associated with that. I say, let's reverse that! Napping is the new black!


Johnny boy said...

I wish my woman was happy staying at home and drinking beer.

And didn't ask that I call her several times a day.

And didn't harass me to do something with her everyday.

And liked the fact that the only food I know how to make is mac and cheese.

Please don't say you enjoy giving blow jobs because that would just be overkill.

katy keene said...

Laziness is underated.

Shawn said...

I'd say you are low-maintenance, but in the best way that low-maintenance can be. Sometimes people are low-maintenance to the point where they just don't care about ANYthing.

Mmmmmm.... I love Bottlecaps. I wish they were easier to get around here.

Indiana said...

There is nothing so wrong in my life that a good nap doesn't fix...I also think long lie ins should be compulsory.

Wanderlusting said...

I'm confused about Johnny boy's blow-job comment.

So if I did admit I loved giving them, that would mean what?

Indiana said...

That you are the perfect dream woman for all the males who read your blog...or that would be my guess.

Traveling Chica said...

I agree with Indy: that's exactly what JB is saying.

I think that being willing to go with the flow is a good thing. Not a damn thing wrong with staying in with the boyfriend every once in awhile. It's good for both of you.

M said...

judging by your list I'm low maintenece too....but I suspect I'm a little on the lazy side as well. heh heh.

...except for the camping thing. Camping is evil!!