Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Greatest Upset in the History of Football(?)

This morning, a nice, quiet, cozy Saturday morning, my alarm went off at 8 AM. The alarm never sounds so harsh as it does on a day in which you really should be sleeping in.

But today was not the case. Today there was an engagement at 9AM at the British Ex-Servicemen's Pub.

This is not the first time I have been summoned to this creeky old pub in the wee hours of the morning. My first time can be told in semi-great detail here. And since our (meaning Ross's) team won yet again I can't help thinking that I am some sort of lucky charm.

Anyhoo, the game went on and the bar was divided roughly in half. In corner we had Scotland and their game and in the other corner, well no, in the rest of the bar, we had the English watching their own 2008 Uefa qualifying match, albiet on the giant screen. Too bad their game sucked. I don't think it was the smartest idea for them to kick David Beckham out of the squad...isn't he supposed to be really good and bend it like himself and all that?

But that's a different game and one that amounted to nothing. Here, in our wee corner, we had the ultimate underdogs, the "shite" (quoting a Scotsman so I'm allowed to say it) Scottish team and the French. Oh the French, who not only have won the World Cup in years past but were in the finals this year (remember that little headbutt incident and the whole insulting yo mama and sister, if that were to happen every time some guy insulted someone's mum or sister...I think Ross and Jeff would have headbutted each other into oblivion ages ago). So, needless to say, it didn't look so good for the Scots. In fact, the consensus was that a draw at 0-0 or 1-1 would have left them ecstatic.

But, as luck and the graces of God, would have it, Scotland actually managed to sneak a beauty of a goal, 67 minutes in. The winning goal was scored by this guy --->
Gary Caldwell, whom would usually be called a Munter or a Git because he plays
for the Celtics and not for the beloved Hearts of Midlothian (who,
by the way, beat out both the Celtics and The Rangers for the coveted Tennant's Cup this year). But today, all of that silly footy hooligan shennanigans were put aside and the Scots played as country, as a nation, as a team, damn it!

Of course, a lot can be said for this guy-->
Craig Gordon who does play for the Hearts and who managed to frustrate the crap out of the French by casually dismissing everyone of their attempted goals.

See, with Zidane gone and no one else to take his role as supreme headbutter (or Golden God of Football), France has to conceed victory to the Underdogs that is (excuse me, was) the Scotland team.

And to get other nations to hate me further, I must add that England played Macadamia nuts(Macedonia) and it was a draw. 0-0. Gee, that's just too bad.

The only downer to the fact that Scotland won against France 1-0, and now is at the top of their group for the UEFA Cup, is the fact that we are not in Edinburgh tonight, drinking like idiots and causing riots of national importance. Of course, we can do that here too. If you see a car driving down the street with a drunk Scot puking out the pasenger window and the Scottish flag being waved from the driver's seat, it just might be us.


Xavio said...

I stopped watching at the 30th minute of the game... too boring...

Good for Scotland though...

minijonb said...

I can't believe I missed the game.

If the Scots advance to Euro 2008, it will be an amazing achievement.