Thursday, October 05, 2006

More LOST than ever

Last night was the hotly anticipated Season Premiere of Lost, and in true fashion, it raised more questions than it was supposed to answer. Although, sometimes I think that the writers will actually never answer any of our questions and instead will continue to tease us like a Virgin in a low-cut top. However, one website has a list of questions that the producers said will be answered this season. We hope.

That said, they did (kinda) answer a major question during the season opener. We finally found out where the Others live. OK, well kinda. Apparently they live in a Wisteria Lane-type community which would look perfect in any Californian town, only their town happens to be on the Island, in what looks like a huge crater. A town in which they have bookclubs, read Stephen King's Carrie and don't seem to believe in anything supernatural or hokey pokey (which contradicts wildly with the whole ghostly, creepy crap that goes on in Craphole Island).

We were also introduced to a new character, Juliet, who spends the better half of her morning in this peaceful sham of a Utopia, listening to "Downtown" and trying her darndest not to bawl her eyes out. Word on the street is that Juliet will be Jack's love interest for the season (until she drowns in that aquarium or gets blown away by Michael or something....speaking of, will Walt and him ever come back? I loved that kid. He creeped the crap outta me).

As for Kate and Sawyer, its pretty obvious what is going on here. Could she look any cuter in that sundress and could Sawyer be any sweeter by giving her his only fish biscuit? I think it's safe to say that with Jack occupied with Juliet (is she the chick from CSI Miami?), we are gonna get some Team Sawyer Skate action (Skate = the combo of Sawyer and Kate). This I have been waiting for all season. I'm sorry but the two misfits belong together, they understand each other and for Kate, Jack is too much "holier than thou" and cries way, way too much...("Whaaaaaa. Daddy issues. Whaaaaa. Sarah left me. Whaaaaa. Can't save everyone. Whaaaa. Party of Five").

Of course, the questions I have now are: why are they living on the island in a suburban sub division (not too far off from my theory that Club Med is on the other side of the island)? Why was Kate crying when she came back from her surreal breakfast on the beach with Henry Gale (Ben)? Why did Ben lock Juliet in the room with Jack, even though he could have easily saved her? Why is Jack's ex such a bitch (why did she seem to derive pleasure from seeing him suffer)? And, excuse me, what the hell happened to every other frickin person the island such as yum-my Desmond?

Tune into next week, I suppose.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

No way, Team JACK (Jaters) all the way. Sawyer is a j-e-r-k.

Wanderlusting said...

Ah, see I'm more for funny men. Jack, as hot as he is (when he's not weeping) is not funny.

Now Sawyer, he's funny. And hot. And a bad boy (yet a nice guy at heart, I swear) and...I could go on like this.

Of course, with this funny thing you think I would crush on Hurley next. But that ain't gonna happen.

jeff and ross said...

They're both twats...if the writers have any sense whatsoever, Team Sunkat will prevail. At that point, all other characters should be killed off by zombie Walt--who then realises he's a rip-off from the shining and tops himself-- and the remaining 22 episodes of the season will deal with Team Sunkat's inventive and graphic ways of expressing their affection for one another. Same goes for the next two seasons.

Wanderlusting said...

Yeah yeah, Sunkat(e). Nice try, but we all know you secretly want to be Sawyer.

almost famous kiwi said...

What about skelly, oh yes sawyer and kelly, or even better, skjelly, thats a combination of sawyer, jack and kelly...Im really out of the lost loop but I want to be in the cool group so i'lljust tag along if you don't mind.

On a serious note, Im at work (babysitting) and the dad just called to tell me that their dog (cute Lab) got hit by a car this morning and its not looking good. The dads on the way home so I have Michael here (normal Michael, not creepy Lost Michael) and Im trying to keep happy and upbeat but soon his whole happy child world is going to be crushed. I lost my dog last year after he got hit by a car, and even at 21 its so hard. I feel so bad for them. Im going to let him eat lots of cookies and watch too much tv.

Wanderlusting said...

Was it a Golden Lab?

Is it's name Vincent?

If it is, then the dog will be OK. If it can survive a plane crash and polar bears, it can survive getting hit by a car.

If its name is not Vincent then I apologize for my callousness and wish you the best of luck in the situation.

almost famous kiwi said...

Whatever happened to that dog? Did it go creepy like walt?

It is a golden lab but her names jazz.

Wanderlusting said...

I thought Vincent was Walt.

Janellerific said...

Oh man...I have the greatest dead dog story ever!!

I know that sounds harsh, but it's true.

Vegas Princess said...

I loved the premiere. I thought it opened up a lot of new questions which was frustarting, but I just remember that the producers agreed to answer a lot of things by the third or fourth episode. So we just have ot be always! Ugh, its frustrating but soooooo good!