Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Ugly Truth

What do all these beautiful, fit and smokin' hot babes all have in common?

They've all been cheated on by their significant others.

I've always been puzzled as to why a guy would cheat when he has the most beautiful woman in the world.

But maybe that's another beauty myth. Despite being taught that a man won't cheat on you if you take care of yourself, keep fit, wear sexy lingerie and put out once in awhile (or all the time), I'm now starting to think that what we've been taught is bogus.

Of course, I don't know why these women have to pick such jerks anyway. I mean, Charlie Sheen? Ethan Hawke? I could have seen those ones coming.

Could it be that maybe all these women are really insecure bitches and are terrible at relationships? Maybe Liz Hurley is a self-absorbed monster, maybe Halle Berry is devastingly insecure, maybe Uma Thurman doesn't put out enough...there has to be some reason why these men found these women to be "not enough."
However, I have a hard time believing that of all of them were doing something wrong to drive their loves to cheat. Especially this last lady, Petra Nemcova. Not only did the poor Victoria's Secret model survive the Tsunami by clinging to a Palm Tree for 8 hours, but she lost the love of her life in it as well.

Then she found love again, with that annoying, weasel-faced English singer James Blunt. It didn't last long. She's dumped him cuz he's been cheating on her with numerous other chicks. Most of which seem to be ugly hoes (remember Hugh Grant's hooker?). I just don't understand the logic here. Why, not only, betray the one you 'love' but downgrade yourself at the same time?

Meh. It's all Greek to me.


Katy said...

~Le Sigh~ Just another reason why I don't understand men.

Anon-the-great said...

I like the name you gave me earlier so I took it. I presume Ross may be a part of your life somehow. Hope he isn't as jealous in person as he was on here. Anyhow I wasn't trying to be rude I simply was attempting to add humour into a day that seemed to be going BLAAAAAAAAH! Get over it Ross and just be happy your girlfriend is smokin hot.

Wanderlusting said...

ooooh controversial.

No, he's not jealous, for the record. I just think he thought that you meant that I should open a "porn site"...and thus he responded like any red-blooded boyfriend should. By calling you a twat.

As did the Kiwi who isn't my boyfriend, though on somedays they do trade places.

Anyway, nice to know you werent being rude (which I didnt think you were but im also naive so...) and humour is always appreciated.

Me again said...

Anon: Wanders should be so lucky to have a guy that's willin' to go to the bat for her. Doesnt mean he's jealous, just means he's lookin' out for her. Any guy that stands up for his girl is OK in my books.

I can only assume that had you thought some dude insulted your girl (if u have one), you wouldnt have said anything. How do u think that would have made her feel?

PS James Blunt IS a weasel face and a HUGE idiot for cheatin' on her. What a moron. Some guys don't know a good thing when they have it.

Anonymous said...

First Halle gets hit in teh head by Wesley Snipes...then she gets dumped by her baseball husband and tries to kill herself. Then she finds love in that Benet guy who had a "sex addiction" and coudnt stop cheating on her. I guess its refreshing to see that even the most beautiful woman in the world is unlucky in love.

fantabulous brit said...

*Off Topic* Anon the Great, while you meant no harm, you can see how people thought ya did. Can you blame Ross or whomever for thinking so? He has nothing to get over. In fact, you should get over the fact that all he did was stand up for his lovely gf. And I'm sure he does appreciate she's "Smoking Hot."

*On Topic* I think that ugly wankers cheat on gorgeous women because it's an Ego-High. Think about it..."OOh look at me. I have the most beautiful, sexy woman in the world and she's still not good enough for ME.'

Wanderlusting said...

Brit ` That's a good theory. I never thought of it that way.

And Anon the "Great," btw, he did put in an apology for calling you a twat, if what you meant wasn't supposed to be rude.

Indiana said...

Why were they cheated on?

Simple really because unlike the lie women perpetuate they are nto attracted to the nice guys, they are attracted to the bad-boys...and no matter how 'hot' you are, if you date someone who was a cheater before they met you, or cheated on a partner to be with you, are you really so confident that for you it will be different?

Interestingly the most successful celebrity marriages occur when one party has nothing to do with the industry.

C'est la vie!! said...

ok..so throughout my singlehood pre-marriage time....I didnt date the pretty boy because it was too much work hehehe and I am somewhat of the jealous type...so then I marry one that is not so pretty...everyone would always tell me what do u see on him...he is too ugly for u....then what does he do...he goes and sleeps with some ugly girl...downgrades... this girl was and is a total ho'...so then lesson learned...my new love is extremely handsome...prettier than me....do i trust him...yes (sometimes, u gatta be on guard)...did i go for him for the looks? no...he just happened to be extremely nice, respectful, romantic, and pretty.....Ok I forgot my point :P~

manders said...

hehe... cute, c'est la vie!

Fantabulous Brit... I have to agree with your point. Maybe once a guy who doesn't always get the hot girl gets one, he figures why not go for the rest. And gets some with his new confidence, cuz he does have a great personality on top of it in the first place. And in the end it is his first hot girl that gets cheated on... and her heart gets embarassed and broken! Ouch!! Grr!!!

Anywho, i'm sure there are many reasons to this.

But like wanderlusting points out, why would someone cheat on those girls in the blog? I can't imagine I would if I was the guy... unless that person is boring, not nice, has warts (ew), is insecure etc... but then why be in the relationship in the first place... though things do happen without being meant to happen or thought about.

I'm not sure why girls (or some of us, anyway) like bad boys. For Halle Berry it should have been obvious with Mr. Benet. Sounds like he shouldn't be touched with a 10 foot pole. *cue Janet Jackson "Nasty Boys" song*

M said...

I heard an explanation for this once.

There are two types of men in the world.

Type a) when he gets the girl of his dreams he thanks God and Allah and Karma for his blessings.

Type b) when he gets the girl of his dreams thinks that obviously since he got this girl then he can get any other girl he wants too.

Type b is a moron.

jLow said...

Like the comedian ?? said:

"For every smokin' hot babe there is a guy tired of her shit."

and there's also the argument that "once a cheater, always a cheater" no matter how hot they have it at home.

somethinglikebradshaw said...

I just have to say how true that is..."For every smokin' hot girl, there's a guy tired of her shit." because I've watched my brothers date every single kind of girl and the ones they end up happy with are usually nice, pretty, funny girls...none are 100% model material but they've treated my brothers awesome, and in return my brothers have treated them awesome.

Rachel said...

My take on this would be that although these women are beautiful it is only skin deep.
Do they seem like nice people? Sure they do, but a lot of that is media spin.
What they do behind closed doors might be a whole 'nother ball game.
Women, no matter how gorgeous, can become insecure, needy, suspicious, vindictive, immature etc. etc.
No man wants to have to constantly placate the woman that they are with.
Also, many of these women travel constantly with men who travel constantly. The old adage "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" isn't the most accurate.
Think about it. These men are usually surrounded by beautiful women that are throwing themselves at them. Lots of guys can withstand the pressure, but some cant.
The more temptation, the easier it is to give in.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, a lot of men are only as loyal as their options. With the increased popularity from dating these hot women, comes increased opportunities to "hang out" with other women.

Shanathalas said...

Who exactly told you that spending all your time trying to stay beautiful will keep a guy? Sure looking hot will get you a guy in the first place, but if the only reason he stays with you is cause of your looks, then I'm sorry, but there's always going to be someone younger and more beautiful than you and he'll leave.

Men stay with us because we make them happy, not because we look "hot". They stay cause we make them laugh, and make them feel special and because we're honest with them. As I am a bit older and wiser, here's a few tips about men:

a) they see us exactly the same way with our makeup on as when its off.
b) Men love women who enjoy food. Its massive turn-off if women starve themselves.
c) Men love boobs. Small, large, melons, grapes. Either way they love boobs and those and your face is what they see. They don't see a bit of fat on your ass, or you calves or whatever.
d) Studies have proven that what men like most in a women is confidence.

Do you know why those women were cheated on? Cause they're celebrities. You've met some of them. 98% of celebrities are vapid, shallow morons who spend their entire time talking about themselves. They may look like Helen of Troy, but nothing turns a guy off faster than a chick who talks about herself all the time. And besides, as celebrities go, its not just the men cheating. Ever heard of Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Katherine Hepburn, or Audrey Hepburn? They weren't saints either.

Sure a woman should take care of herself. Lounging around in trackpants all the time doesn't do much for the guys. But the thing that will make a relationship last is friendship based on kindness, laughter and honesty.

Its really sad that in this day in age so many young women think that looking like a supermodel is the way to happiness.

QuarkMan said...

Shanathalas, your four tips ring very true. Neither I nor any other man I know has ever paid any attention to whether a woman wears make-up or not. As often as not they abuse it noticeably, and serial overusage (e.g. at work or the gym) becomes a swift turn-off. If anything, women are largely more memorably attractive when make-up is subtle or absent. I think we unconsciously associate make-up negatively with our parents' generation.

And yeah, a self-contained, sanguine confidence is very appealing. Gimme one to go...

Vegas Princess said...

I can't STAND James Blunt! And now he hurt Petra? The scum! Hasn't she been through enough? I mean come on...