Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Muscle Relaxers and Fine Dining

So I held true to my word. Right after work, I zoomed over to a pharmacy and bought some extra-strength muscle relaxers. I popped a few of them and wondered what would happen. Mayhem? Anarchy? Lethargy? Giganitism?

An hour later, I was sitting in my car, staring blankly at the steering wheel and waiting for Ross to leave his house so we can get going. Perhaps not the best time to take the pills, since they say Do Not Drive on the package (albeit in small letters) and Ross and I had dinner reservations at 8PM. Despite all the drama-rama over the last week, it was still our 8 month anniversary and his father had slipped a one hundred dollar bill into my hands before he left.

"Take Ross out somewhere nice."

I think it was his plan to get us back together. I know Ross was afraid I was going to take the money and run, spend it on shoes. I thought about but decided that I was hungry. And I like to share.

Anyhoo, we had booked a night of fine dining at the Stonegrill. I had heard about the place before, how they bring raw food on steaming Volcanic rocks to your table. Ross looked a bit aprehensive, especially about the whole raw food thing, but I figured if it weren't for the generous donation from his dad, we would have never gone to a restaurant like this. When it's not your money, you can afford to be a bit more adventurous.

And I was feeling quite adventurous, especially after taking the pills. I felt my entire body starting to relax and then my hands went numb. Not good when driving. But I made it all the way to Vancouver, although Ross looked like he wanted to take over the wheel for a bit. I must have had a stupid grin on my face (normally I drive with an angry scowl).

Yet, somehow, the pain in my shoulder (and now neck) had not gone away. So I popped some more pills and we made our way down to the restaurant. It wasn't very busy, but the setting out on False Creek is phenomenal. Lots of twinkling lights, the spans of the Granville and Burrard Bridges, the wee ferries that putter back and forth.

Then we opened the menu. There were instructions on the menu. They gave you instructions on how to eat your food. I don't know what I was expecting. I knew it had something to do with rocks and stuff. But I assumed that they cooked it at your table. Or just served your food on a rock. But, in fact, they serve you the raw food (steak, seafood etc...but not chicken, thank God)which is sitting on a 400 C degree Volcanic rock. It doesn't start cooking until you slice into it. Which means you cut a slice of raw steak. You press the peice against the rock and hold it there for as long as you need...2 seconds for rare, 5 for medium, etc.

After the waiter showed us how to do it, we were off and running. I think Ross was as happy as a pig in the shit, as for once, the steak was done just the way he wanted it and he didn't have to either send it back or eat it and be miserable. It was, as he said, "Magic, best steak I've ever had." Plus, having your own little cooking station at your table makes you feel a bit like Jamie Oliver.

I had the Ahi Tuna and Salmon combo, which is quite safe considering I will eat either of those raw anyways.

All in all, it was a fantastic dining experience, even if I was as high as a kite during most of it. I'm surprised my head didn't slam down against the hot rocks, or that I didn't stand up and cry out "Stellaaaaaa!" (I really wanted to but my muscles wouldn't allow for it). I was also so high that I forgot to bring my camera (I know, I know), so you can bet we wil be going back.

Anyhoo, go check it out. Pricey but worth it. And though I thought it wasn't a chain, they do have Stonegrills in various cities around the world. Yum.

BTW I still have the pain in my shoulders, although now it feels a bit tenderized. I've taken a pill or two this morning (can't remember how many) hoping it will either go away and/or I will have an excuse to act like Elaine from Seinfeld:


jeff and ross said...

mmm...gigantism tenderized shoulder

Wanderlusting said...

..cooked at 400 degrees

Rachel said...

That sounds freaking fantastic. What if you don't want to cook your own food. Do they have other stuff?
I would totally go for the steak. Getting hot, perfectly done steak is like paying a ton of money for the perfect shoes. Worth EVERY penny.

jeff and ross said...

My perfect shoes would do the walking for me.

Wanderlusting said...

They do have other stuff...we had stuffed calamari for an appie and that was already done..plus they have pasta and chicken and such which you dont need to cook yourself..

Which reminds me of Kramer's idea to have a pizza shop where you make your own pie. Quick, lets franchise that!

Kass said...

Sounds yummy!

Wanderlusting said...

Muscle relaxers are yummy.

That and fruit. I've eaten a lot of fruit today.