Thursday, October 12, 2006

Out of the fire, into the frying pan

I thought that by moving on from the rent-paying world and onto the mortgage-paying world, I would be free of a lot of problems. One such problem as the LANDLORD. Oh yes, we all know what a pain in the ass landlords can be (and who made them Lords of the Land, anyway?).

But it was very naive of me to think that way, considering that instead of having a Landlord, I now have a Property Manager.

And my property manager is a fucking bitch.

Not only do I pay a huge amount in property fees each month (paying her bloody salary) but I also pay for my parking space.

My parking space which apparently was not paid for this month. For reasons unknown to me, really, since I gave them a void cheque and a note saying it was ok for them to withdraw the money out from my account. Which is what they did previously and what I assumed they would continue to do. But, apparently, competence is a month by month thing.

I only found this all out as I was accosted by my PM (that's Property Manager, not Stephen Harper, though I would have prefered him) in my parking lot.

"You!" She snarled in her gruff Yugoslavian voice, marching towards me. "You no pay! We tow your car!"

I looked over at my friend, who, tipsy on wine, looked at the PM with interest.

"You sound Hungarian, are you from Hungary?"My friend casually enquired.

"No!" Shouted the PM and then turned back to me. "You didn't pay your fees. I was going to tow your car. We have been thinking about it for weeks. You pay or we tow it NOW!"

They had known I hadn't paid for weeks, and only now I was being informed about this? Not even being informed, being yelled at in public? And they were just going to tow me, without any warning whatsoever, written or verbal abuse?

(keep in mind that this is the same manager, who when she saw me a few weeks ago leaving the building, asked me "Who are you? Where did you come from? You're a guest, who are you with?" To which I replied, "Um, I live here")

Anyway, so I tried to speak, to tell her that I thought I had paid since they were authorized to take my money from my cheque, like they had done the month before.

"But I did-" I started.

She waved her angry, diminutive hand in my face, "No! I don't care! No excuses. You pay Andrew the money now or we tow. OK? We tow your car!"

She waddled off in a huff. I looked at my friend, not sure of what to say. I looked up at the building and the people that were peering out their windows at me. Great, this was just what I needed. A building and a PM who hate me.

Now I just have to find out who Andrew is.


Princess & Pea said...

I had the worst landlord in all the world. She would threaten to kick me out if I didn't pay my rent on time......this was a week before rent was due.......she would do this every month! She would also read my mail for 'security issues'!?

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog ;) It makes me laugh... You must have alot of free time to keep this sort of thing up. Maybe you scrached a wall on move in. I once was moving into a place and smashed a light by accident, needles to say I was told to move out the very same day.

Sean said...

holy hell. you were much more calm and polite with your "but i did" than i would've been, especially knowing that, in essence, she works for me since i pay the fees that pay her salary...

Qatar Cat said...

Huh? And you say living in Qatar is fun?? This is hilarious! Hope they don't tow your car away.

Yesterday I was living work when I discovered a flat tire on my belowed car... along with three more cars that had flat tires. The owner of the building where we parked (it's a public road and we can park there at will) decided he didn't like cars parked next to his house. Voila, 4 cars with flat tires. Sigh.

Wombat & Aspen said...

Oh, yeah, Andrew is the key to all this. He's the mastermind, and the one with the power over the Polack.

almost famous kiwi said...

Im Andrew, and I want my money!

I once had a landlord who used to drive past my house everyday in a creepy stalker way, oh such fun!

tipsy said...

she charged after us like a buffalo in heat...maybe i should have offered her some goulash