Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Live to Work or Work to Live

I'm struggling a bit with money at the moment. My lifestyle and my salary don't mesh very well. And it's not even like I have an extravagant lifestyle...I eat and...that's pretty much it. OK, occasionally I buy make-up or books or whatever. But it pisses me off that even though I do that, I can't afford to.

Once again, my bank balance is in the negative. After paying my shitload of bills and stupid fucking mortgage, I don't have enough to eat lunch today. Which is fine in a sense because it will help me lose weight but sucky cuz the menu today is really, really good. Steak and Prawns! Beef Wellington! Hoisin Chicken! *drool*

At my last job, I got paid $200 more a week. It was fantastic. That extra $200 week let me spend (within reason) without worrying about having enough in my account for my mortgage.

But the thing about that was...I hated my job. I mean, I would wakeup each morning and want to cry because I had to go to work. I had constant stomach pains. I was always worried how I was going to be insulted or how badly was I going to be belitted. But I stuck with the job because it paid well and was in the field of my degree (journalism).

Now I'm at a short-term job in a completely unrelated field and I'm barely $3 over minimum wage. I can't afford to do any of the things I've grown accustomed to over the years and I'm always stressed about money. Yet, I get up each morning without a thought about going to work (except for the commute and the fact that my bed is warm and cozy). I feel good about going to work in a place that the people are friendly, no one looks down on me and I have zero stress. And unlike my previous job, I don't take this job home with me.

So what's better? A job you hate but pays well? OR a job you don't mind and the pay sucks?

I know my dream job would be one that I would not only love to do but that I would get paid well at the same time (and when I say well, I don't mean a lot...just enough to survive and have fun). But until that happens, I think I'm going to have to go with the latter.

I may be concerned more about money. But atleast I'm happier overall.


jeff and ross said...

I too am happier in overalls...and I'm certain you'll find that dream job that rewards you in all the ways you'd like soon enough.

Wanderlusting said...

I like overalls when I'm having a fat day...I especially like them when they are big enough to fit two people in them.

Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. You shall be rewarded.

parsnip said...

I had a high-paying job which I hated. It's not that I hate IT so much as I hated what it made me.

Now I make a LOT less in a non-profit organization and I'm much happier.

Money doesn't make you happy if you hate everything else in your life.

Kass said...

Awwe!! Hey I'll buy you lunch today, you give me lifts home and save me bus money, so I owe you :)

Wanderlusting said...

OK...but I should tell you I can't give you a ride home today....

but thanks for the lunch!

*runs away*

Kass said...

lol I don't expect you to give me one everyday lol.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could start another site up. I mean you do such a wonderful job on this one.. a girl that looks like you could make a lot of money, and all for doing something that I'm sure your do anyway. Remember 2 words, Pay Pal

Rachel said...

I heard something the other day that has stuck in my head.
If you do something that you love and are passionate about, the money will follow.

almost famous kiwi said...

The truth is that you have to work hard to get to the good jobs, yeah sure some people get it straight out of school but its rare and not worth counting on. Ive been working everyday of my life since I was 15, I paid my way to canada then to NZ and then back to Canada, and now Im paying my way through school. My clothes are old, ive run out of make-up and I have to wait a month till I can buy winter boots.
I would love to go to France and other places but realistically at this time Its not possible.
I work at the moment because I have to live, but i live outside of my work. You dont need fancy restaurants and new clothes every week, you need to appreciate the smaller things.
In my experience its the people who know how to minimise, are responsible with their money and learn to sacrifice that get the great jobs because the ladder is long and there are many fighting you to the top, if you want it bad enough then youll learn to sacrifice for it.

Wanderlusting said...

Anon ~ OK...what do you want?

Rachel ~ I like that saying.

Kelly ~Well I'm sacrificing not eating, I think that's a pretty big one...not that I wouldn't benefit from it.

Shrimp on the Barbie said...

Dont worry about it! Money comes and goes, its the nature of money and Life. This is just temporary, right? So dont worry bout it!

You are just payin your dues and you know its NOT gonna last forever.

The BEST thing tho is the fact that YOU are happier WITHOUT a whole load of money. That's a great thing! The fact that you can be happy on less money vs misearable on more means that you know what you need in life to make it good!!

I think youll be goin places soon! I know I was confused just outta school but hey im livin a good life now cuz I know whats important.

And it sucks that you cant eat today but hey you have people buying you lunch and support from all us bloggers so continue to be happy! Your a trooper!

jeff and ross said...

I think anon wants to imply something...that he/she's a twat, perhaps? Job well done.

almost famous kiwi said...

you should take up my new diet, it consists of eating anything under $10, pasta is good and Im now into crab and thousand island dressing. I have to admit that dating a chef really helps in my situation.....mmmmthat tempura was gooooood
sorry I didnt call you on Friday, im working 2 jobs at the moment and friday was a 12 hour day. Will you be home tonight, I can call you around 7pm your time. Est-ce que tu Libre apres 19:00

Anonymous said...

I agree with Barbie.
If you are happier and making less, then you have discovered that money isn't everything.

Wanderlusting said...

I'm not sure if anon was trying to be a twat...I think they were just trying to be helpful?

jeff and ross said...

Then maybe I read it wrong and if so, I apologise and take it back.

almost famous kiwi said...

I think that anon is letting out all my secrets....STOP ANON I need that money and if you go and let everyone else know about it then theyll all want to do it and then therell be no room for me and god knows I love doing it....whatever is was you were implying to do hmmmm

dreamer said...

Do something you love and you'll never have to work another day in your life.

Indiana said...

I was going to say that as long as you have enough to eat and pay the bills all is well, especially if you love your job...

but you don;t get to eat, so maybe you need to find a job you love a little less.

At least you are happier over all.

manders said...

hey girl (and all others),
i like to think of this first (or for some 2nd, 3rd what ever it be) job post post-grad school is where we have to "pay our dues". Start at the bottom. Crappy salary. My salary does not match my living standards by any mean which is over-the-top frustrating. But I'm with a good company, where my future is promising (possibly salary-wise, too I hope).

You'll come to your job, ms. wanderlusting, you just have to go through the shit first to get there. dont worry. that's where its good to be close with family (esp. if they're able to help a bit)

and don't forget you have fellow recently gradded friends in the same boat to hang out with when the money is low or high!

manders said...

Ooh! Its not fun, but I find that to save money, I try to make lunch at home for work as much as possible... you'll notice a difference in your free cash flow. In turn, I let it buy me something new and cute... or pay a bill.

Though I prefer the less responsible item!

Overalls! I haven't worn those in years!

I too need new winter boots... cute ones to wear to work and with jeans etc. Unfortunately, I've found about 5 pairs that I REALLY want. Dang.

M said...

I know exactly how you feel actually. A single teacher on her own that is about to get a mortgage is a woeful situation. I cried and cried when I worked out the finances. I already work really hard and I can see now why a lot of teachers get a second job. :(

Still, I don't know if I would want to do a job I hated for extra money. You end up hating yourself.