Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Seattle in Black and White

When it comes to artistic licence, there is no grey area. Behold: silly, wannabe artsy photos of Seattle.

And yes.

Some of these photos have a lot of grey in them.


Janellerific said...

Aah, I'm green with envy (not the same green as my carpet though). I love Seattle...it's my favorite place in North America. I wish I had a love muffin to go on road trips with...ooh scratch that...I wish I could go on road trips by myself. Or with Jeff's mom.

The pictures are great.

Kass said...

Awwe! You take (as in pictures taken of YOU) such great photos! Its so unfair!

Kass said...

Why can't I be as photogenic! :P

Kass said...

Oh and I can still see your side bar *shrugs*

Wanderlusting said...

I would rather take (shoot) good ones then look good in them...but I can live with that ;)

You are photogenic!!! Though I must say, for the longest time I thought you were holding up a peice of toast with a moustache on it when I realized it was a plush cat.

An Amie said...

Beautiful photographs!

It's been awhile since I've stopped by but I'm so glad to see things have worked out with your man. Nothing is greater than a romantic weekend away. *Le Sigh*