Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lost and Loving It

I should start off apologizing for last night's depressing post. Honestly, I don't know what got into me. It's like even thinking about drinking a bottle of wine tricked my mind into thinking that I already drank one and then all mayhem broke loose.

But yeah, it was so bad that I spent the better half of the night crying (for no apparent reason) and then thinking up ultra-cynical future posts, with titles such as: "Love is an Illusion", "Are We Ever Happy?" and "Lies We Tell Ourselves."

Then I woke up this morning and thought "what the fuck was I going on about?" Sure, I'm not exactly bounding about with a smile on my face, but it's nothing like last night. Or was that because I did one of those things that when you wake up, you can't remember what you were upset about, until later on in the day when you have had more time to think about it? Or maybe it's just PMS.

Time will tell.

On to Lost!

Last nights episode was one of the best I have seen in a LONG time. I don't know how they did it, but they managed to pack so much info and turning points into one hour (not even, with commercials). Here are the highlights:

*Sun is an adulturess whore. Yes, she had an ongoing affair with that bald dude and yes, it seems like the baby is probably his.

*Sun's daddy walked in on them NEKKID.

*Jin was asked to take a hit out on the bald guy, without knowing why. Oh, but Sun's daddy knows and he's the one who told Jin to kill him "because of family honor."

*Jin couldn't do it at the last minute but then bald guy took matters into his own hands and jumped out of a high rise window. So, in the end, bald guy dead on Jin's car, Sun feels ashamed about being a whore and Jin has no clue.

*Sayid and Jin hatch a stupid plan which places them on the beach with guns and Sun alone in the boat. Guess who comes aboard the boat? The Others. And guess who finds Sun with a gun in her hand? Some Other chick. And what does the Other chick say:
"We are not the enemy Sun. Put down the gun. I know you Sun (insert Korean last name here). I know all about you, and I know you aren't a killer."
And what does Sun do? Shoots the chick right in the chest! Whoooo go Sun! Being pregnant sure changes a person.

*Oh right and then Sun is found out and she jumps off the boat and swims to Jin and it's all good. And poor Jin, has no clue. STILL. What's he gonna say when the baby comes out bald and Korean? Oh. wait.

*Ah and in the most sensational point of the night, Sawyer risked getting tazered at the slave labour camp by kissing Kate. She tastes like strawberries and he tastes like fish biscuits. And of course, he got tazered. But not before he got hold of an AK-47 and threatened to blow everyone away. But then that Juliet chick threatened to kill Kate so he had no choice but give up. Which is when he got tazered.

*Danielle's daughter (Alex) wants her dress back from Kate.

*Henry Gale is really Ben Linus or something and he has been living on the island all his life. They do have contact with the outside world, and the Others ARE able to leave the island and so he was able to tell Jack that George W Bush has since been re-elected and that the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. Which Jack did not believe until Ben showed it to him on the TV. That was probably the most poignant moment of the show. Jack realizing that if he does as Ben asks (when the time is right, he says) Jack will be able to go home. And of course, proof that the Others can in fact leave. So why the hell are they still there?

On a final note, the preview for next week reveals another hell of episode. Not only will we find out what the hell happened to Eko, Locke and every other person (remember them?) on the island, BUT it appears that the hatch blast blew off Desmond's pants. So YAY for Nekkid Desmond!

Tune in next week.


Shawn said...

Huh. I didn't even consider that the bald Korean guy may be the father of Sun's baby. Interesting!

Did I miss something, or were you just thinking about the whole timing of their affair?

Also, did anything happen in the show after Jack was looking at the Red Sox winning the series? It just cut out on me here in the East Coast as he was staring at the TV...

Wanderlusting said...

Well, Jin can't have babies so unless its a magical child impregnanted by "the island" its probably the bald dude. But u never know.

As for the Red Sox, it just ended with Jack staring at the screen.

I have a theory...why is Jack being kept seperate from Kate and Sawyer? And why is Kate and Sawyer being kept together? Ok, not a theory, just a question....

shawn said...

Oops, I forgot about Jin and his inefficient sperm. I watched season 1 and 2 on DVD, and got so into it that I was watching 4 episodes a day or something... so that's my excuse!

Maybe they're keeping Kate and Sawyer together so that they'll mate and have babies that WON'T cry every episode like they did in Party of Five. See, the Others need TOUGH babies to become TOUGH workers, and...

Ok, now I'm stretching.

Wanderlusting said...

No no no. I totally think you are on to something.

What if these Others are really interested in Kate...I mean, they did ask for her, as well as Jack and sawyer, to be there.

Why her? Maybe because their kidnap claire thing didnt go too well, they've got some sperminating of Kate to do. Is this why the next two weeks will be hell, and what Ben discussed with her over breakfast, what made her cry?


Kass said...

I do that sometimes without wine. It sucks and is completely unexplainable.

shawn said...

So, maybe she was crying because she wants to really have her slave children with Jack? Or maybe even.... Hurley????

Stretching for sure now. But there's got to be some reason Jack is separated. Maybe they think he's the most valuable because of his medical training. And maybe they want him to teach sensitivity training to the rest of the Others...

jLow said...

Whaaa---? Hig rise? Car? Television? I thought the show was about a bunch of plane crash people stranded on an island.

Ignore me.

I don't even watch the show.

Wanderlusting said...

Kass ~ Yeah me too. It does suck. Maybe its called being a woman.

Shawn ~ yeah he can teach them how to cry on cue.

Jlow ~ yeah, see that is the confusing part because being on a deserted island somehow does involve a TV, a car and a high rise...let's not forget the hatch, old vinyl records, the sailboat, the giant statue of the four-toed foot and the monster.

Whom, by the way, looks like he's gonna eat Eko next week.

But if you don't watch the show, ignore me.

Kass said...

Whoa, a women? I wouldn't go as far to say that! lol

almost famous kiwi said...

Im am sooo not on this "lost" boat. Hmmm it sounds interesting though, I'll rent the dvd when it comes out. I still have half of "House" season 2 to watch.

I know what you mean about feeling lonely. When I had to go back to NZ I couldnt see Alex for 4 months, it was so hard. I still have nightmares that I'm back there and cant afford to get here.

For the past 11 months I've been living in a city that has a foreign language, a mean winter and before starting uni it was almost impossible for me to make friends. It was really hard and I became depedent on Alex alot.

Now that I've started Uni I've been so busy that I need to almost schedule bathroom time. I feel that my independence has come back which is awesome. I still depend on Alex for the love stuff but when it comes to everything else I feel like I'm in control again.

My advice is to enjoy the not so busy times, make sure you use it for yourself and also for your relationship cos when you do get busy again you'll miss those "what should i do' moments. Oh, its 17:46 and that means I have a scheduled bathroom break in 2 minutes so I better run!

manders said...

Okay, I am one of those who has never seen lost.
Apparently I need to start watching.... I'm feeling a wee bit left out of the fun.