Friday, June 19, 2009


I know we all have our little idiosyncrasies, our peculiar (and endearing?) ways, or quirks if you will. How many of your quirks are fashion or style-related?

I have quite a few, actually, so if you'll indulge me I shall shamelessly post them and perhaps make you feel a little more normal in the process.

- I can't wear black shoes with light-coloured jeans or pants. In fact, I can't wear black shoes with anything other than black or dark colours unless I have something else black in the outfit to "anchor" it.

- On that note, I have to have some matching colours in my outfit. Call me old-fashioned, but I love it when shoes and bags or belts match, it creates a uniform, peaceful feel to me. But even if it's not possible for that, I will at least try and match my earrings to a colour in the shirt or my tights to my bag or whatever. If nothing goes with anything, it causes a sort of trepidation in my heart.

- Goes without saying but I can't do baggy tops with baggy bottoms without some sort of belt anchoring it all in (ie babydoll top + full skirt = aw hail no!)

-I'm very particular about my pant lengths. If the hem doesn't hit/cover the shoe in the perfect way, I can't wear them. This drives me nuts when I see it in other people, the women with their work pants that are too short for their heels. UGH.

- I won't wear silver and gold jewelry together (unless it's like earrings that's both). I can't wear silver necklace with a gold bracelet, for example. ACK!

- I won't wear underwear that has sides that dig in even slightly. I can't stand that mound of fat that pooches out on the matter how thin you are!

- On that note, I have supreme muffin top phobia and won't wear jeans that dig even slightly into my waist (unless they are a higher rise, and even then...)

- For the most part, I won't wear a big necklace with big earrings. It's all about balance.

-I stick to the same eyeshadow colours...I went to school for Film and TV Makeup back in 2000, and it was fun to play around back then, but I tend to stick to the same look now. Aside from the occasional blue or green or purple eyeshadow, I play it safe.

- I don't like black bags - aside from a clutch I have, I don't own any. Too stark. It kinda causes a problem when I try and match my black shoes to my bag though, so maybe I should look into that...

- I have a problem paying over $50 for a non-leather bag unless it's really cool or really good quality "vegan" leather, like my Mat and Nat bag.

-I don't own a pair of shorts. I should but my legs just aren't made for them. Though if I saw a silk pair of mid-thigh or knee-length, I would snap them up. Those Chloe Scallop ones that have been hitting the airwaves are so sweet.

-I get mad when people buy the same clothes as me - at least when it's people I will see often. A girl did this when we were in college, I loved her to bits but we had be careful about wearing it on certain days! I don't remember what shirt it was though, so obviously it wasn't that big of a deal.

-I will only buy basics at stores like H&M...basics allow you to make it your own, while as really stand-out pieces just advertise to the world "I bought this at H&M and so did that girl, and that girl, and that girl..."

- For as long as I can remember, I have to wear matching bra and underwear. Even when I was single, if I had on a yellow bra, I could only wear yellow underwear. Makes you feel put together underneath (and men like it too!)

- I take very good care of my skin and body (I hope) but my nails are always neglected :(

- I've never bought anything at Mariposa... or The Gap, for that matter. The latter will change though because I am in love with their shoes lately!

-I can't stand people that look like this (aka a Douchette):

And the men that go with it (my apologies if I have inadvertently drawn you!)

So those are my quirks, though I'm sure I have more...let's hear yours!

Oh btw, I got these pants from Victoria's secret and I can't stop wearing them. In fact, because the price was so right ($29!), I bought another pair in a deeper khaki colour and at a shorter hem length so I can wear them with flats (re: my quirk above). They are the perfect lightweight summer pants.

Pants: VS; Bag: Chinese Laundry; Necklace: ASOS; Top: H&M

Pants: VS; Corset peasant top: 3.1 Philip Lim; Cardigan: Missoni; Wedges: Michael Kors


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Those pants are SO cute!!

I agree with you that I like to match. I hate wearing shoes and carrying a bag that clash, I also try to pick jewelry (earrings in particular) that will match up with another part of my outfit.

I NEVER wear big earrings AND a big necklace. It's always one or the other!!

That drawing is hilarious. My boyfriends sister dresses like that, it's not cause she thinks its stylish, I think its just cause it's comfortable. I love her in spite of her fashion sense!

J-Diggety said...

We have similar clothing quirks... pant lengths, muffin top fears, undies that cut into hip fat, matching colors in outfits, people buying the same clothes... I don't get to do the matching bra and undies quite so easily - it's hard to find fun, sexy bras for itty bitty boobs - mostly white, black and tan. What I usually end up doing, kinda without thinking about it, really, is matching my undies to my outfit! Purple sweater? Most likely I'm wearing purple undies of some kind... :)

S said...

HAHA This post made me laugh... a lot.

Great blog!

Alice said...

somehow, as a result of this post, i ended up on and just spent $120. DOH.

(FYI, though? they're having a 50% off sale on already-reduced miracle bra bathing suits! it comes out to like $30 for the entire suit. I RECOMMEND.)

Couture Carrie said...

Looooove that Missoni cardi, darling! Your casual looks are tres chic :)

And most of your "quirks" are just... evidence of your good taste and impeccable styling! Thanks for the fun post!


The Budget Babe said...

this post made my day! you could start an entire blog with cartoons like that. brilliant. so creative and freakin hilarious

lily jayne hearts said...

Your sketch is BRILLIANT! I totally have the same hatred towards that Ed Hardy look. I hate that label with a passion LOL. :)

Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

haha you douchette picture is a classic! made me laugh, its very true though, not the best look at all..enjoyed reading all your little fashion 'cant's' :)


Indiana said...

The "douchette" was doing alright until the ughs...and the bag ~grin~

Anonymous said...

You're so funny. I TOTALLY agree about people wearing their trousers too short - that drives me crazy! I agree about the muffin top paranoia - I'm the same and end up wearing jeans/pants that are too big for me because I hate the look of a roll of lard hanging over the top of my pants. Your "quirks" are pretty standard I think - it just sounds like basic fashion rules.
I love those pants and I can't believe you say you have a big butt - there's no sign of any such thing.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I have never seen Scarface before (shameful, I know lol..) thanks for the compliment. Pfeiffer's in it right? I love your pants, the perfect Summer white. And how is your hair always so bouncy-perfect and shiny-pretty?


The Clothes Horse said...

You looked very relaxed glam and so nice.
I actually have the opposite problem with matching, I don't like to be too coordinated b/c then I feel very "done." I also have just decided I am not a fan of pants--type, size, fit doesn't seem to matter I find them all uncomfortable! Maegan said...

lol to your list ...there's an adorable blogger who wears all black and then brown shoes and I really cannot wrap my mind around it. She makes it look cute and totally work but I NEVER think to wear brown shoes if I'm wearing a black outfit. It blows my mind. ...I'm not great with shorts either... 1. my legs look better in heels ...but 2. if I wear heels with shorts, I look like a stripper? what to do ...your outfit is cute the shades!

yiqin; said...

I have the same quirk about the pants! <3

kimberlie said...

i so agree that pants have to be the perfect length for the shoes, drive me crazy otherwise!

myedit said...

Thanks for drawing such a loevely picture of me... haha...kidding. The drawing was a classic though... thanks for the laughs!
Your Missoni sweater is freaking fantastic!!!

Underfunded Heiress said...

Love your VS pants! They have some great clothes.

My friend recently told me about those Lululemon workout pants too and how fabulous they are. I will have to buy some! Thanks for sharing your workout routine!

I didn't know you were a talented artist! Cute drawing. I totally agree with you!!! That look is found in the OC too and it's so LAME. But here, you would have to add long square cut french manicure nails. Haha. Sorry if I offended anyone who has them.

Your moving? Why if you don't mind me asking. Do you tell on a blog post (maybe I missed it?).

geisharock said...

Lol :) Douchettes - Great word for them and great drawing too hahahah. I agree with most/all of your quirks :) Except the thing about black bags!! Most of mine are black which means that I look like doomy poppins wherever I roam. Have been trying to buy more upbeat colours recently! xoxo

Vegas Princess said...

I am very impressed with your artwork. And Uggs with any type of shorts or skirt is horrible in my opinion. :)

MizzJ said...

Uggs with anything are ugly! Except if maybe it's snowing out. hahah your illustration is dead on and hilarious!

DaisyChain said...

Haha, seriously, so many of our quirks our identical, I hurt my neck nodding along to your post.

Anna said...

I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago, and I must say, I love this post! A lot of your clothing quirks coincide with mine, and, after reading a few of your other posts, you actually remind me a lot of an older version of myself... you even have almost the exact same body type as I do. I love your sense of style, and I definitely think I'll be looking to this blog in the future for style tips. :)

Kass said...

lol! I hate seeing people wearing pants that are too short in the leg for their shoes too, it's so tacky and ick.

And that bit about people buying the same clothes as you, yeah, that drives me crazy too. I've had many arguments with friends and sisters regarding that issue lol.

That picture is classic! I lol'd quite loudly when I saw it.

I love that cardigan you're wearing, so so pretty. Roll on summer downunder!

Glitter Scrubs said...

"my apologies if I have inadvertently drawn you" hahah I actually laughed out loud when I read that. Nice drawing! Oh and I forgot since I'm really good at responding on my own wall, forgetting that you can't read it, oy... I recognized her (blurriness and all :) ) because I saw her boyfriend Matt in the pics and also she has the same ones tagged of her on facebook and I remembered them from my news feed lol. PS I love that pink top it's so pretty! It's so tough to find unique items when everyone here shops at the same mall. Clearly I need to hit up down town to do my shopping! :)

tinklestar said...

hahaha, your cartoon is too funny! and so true! i also cannot wear gold and silver together. it even extends to my purses... if i use a purse with a gold accents, i have to wear gold jewelry. same with silver. and then i go through moods of only wearing silver or only gold so half of my jewelry gets neglected. so sad!