Friday, June 05, 2009

Desert Tribe


I am not a slave to the trends. I do not say this because I am above trends, or too cool for them, but I have a few issues that surround me. One, is that I do not like to look like anyone else, hence why I used to love H&M, only because they didn't have it in Canada and would stock up when in Europe. Two, most trends do not suit my body type at all. Three, I do not know who makes up these trends, but most of the time they don't gel with my style.

To put it simply, I like what I like, trendy or not.

Back in 2006, before Gladiator sandals were everywhere, I bought this wicked pair off of Ebay:

I bought them because I am always a fan of theme dressing, an a grecian godess or tribal warrior is always at the top of my list. I love those looks. But mainly, these sandals covered up my scars, so I could wear skirts and dresses without feeling persecuted. Can you believe that before last year, I would spend my summers in boots? Or I simply would never wear dresses or skirts, no matter how much I loved them?

Anyway, now glads are everywhere and while I am not getting as many crazy looks as I did three years ago when I wore them, I do not like looking like I'm trying to jump on the bandwagon. Yesterday, as I worked from home, I felt exactly that. I dressed like one big trend-whore.

But I didn't care! I got up, feeling inspired by the stifling heat, and wanted to wear my new Karta dress that just screamed "DRY! DESERT! MESAS! RATTLESNACKS! THE EAGLES!" and thus this trend-bomb was born.

I'm just proud of this outfit. So many times I get dressed and it's kinda "meh" (I should do a post of all my meh outfits, the ones that just didn't warrant a post), but this I found was the anti-meh. I dunno. What do you think?










Silk and lace snakeskin dress: Karta; Sandals: unknown; Bangles + Earrings + Belt: Forever 21; Bag: Vintage

BTW - This is my 499th post! Watch for my giveaway tomorrow, where three BRAND NEW awesome dresses are up for grabs :)


Sher said...

Absolutely love those gladiator sandals!

I'm updating my blog and added your link :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Eyeliah SS said...

Thats such a gorgeous outfit I love it!! I hade when thing I love become trendy, sucks! Not that it happens to me often, lol.
Excited for the giveaway congrats on 499. :-)

♥ fashion chalet said...

the gladiators, the print on your dress, the uber-coool belt. SIGH!

i need to dig out my hudson jeans, i wear the white pants in summer and always forgot about the jeans, can't wait to see yourss


Kristin said...

You look so fab and I'm dying over that belt!

Odette said...

I like the dress! I have to say though I always narrate your pictures in my head and these ones were great. Although I did get a little worried with that one where you're jumping into the life preserver! :) I was worried you were going to trip. Oh well at least if you did it was a sacrifice well worth the rad pic! (yeah I'm fully bringing back "rad") :P

Have a great weekend!

Alice said...

i've got to admit, gladiator sandals have always been too bold for me. they scare me a little. i love how you're able to incorporate them so seamlessly into your regular wardrobe!

OmnisLucis said...

that belt could instantly glamorize any outfit and ive been looking for a bag like yours forever, wonderful.

Ashleigh said...

I love the belt and the dress....I have never been a fan of the glads that go past the ankle...but thats just look hott as always ;)

myedit said...

The outfit is definately 'anti-meh'. I love that you got the sandals so long ago, way to be ahead!!! haha, I have the same issue with gladiator sandals, I like them but I don't want to look like the kid holding unto the bandwagon... You got your sandals so long ago that you drove the bandwagon. looks good!!!

Couture Carrie said...

You look so gorgeous, darling! Love that dress, and these photos are so fun! Makes me crave a swim!


Underfunded Heiress said...

Love this dress with your sandals. Interesting post. I love how your above trends. I can be such a follower. I always admire ppl that have their own unique style while looking great and sometimes even being ahead of the trend!

Congrats on 499 post! How exciting

Thanks for responding to me about your travels down the coast. I think my bf will do something like that this summer :)

DaisyChain said...

You, and your attitude are such an inspiration.

MizzJ said...

I totally agree, the less attention you pay to trends the better! I'm going to wear my gladiators long past the time when the trend dies and I don't care b/c I love how comfy and hot they make me feel! Although in Van we might just get so many snide looks I fear I'll get scared haha

Argh I'm so sorry I missed the clothing swap! How was it, was it awesome and utterly fab??

Juicy said...

i basically LOVE your dress. you have great style!

indigotangerine said...

very anti-meh! i like your dress print and your bag is lovely. The pictures of you with the lifesavers and purse on the hook are adorable.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I love this look amazing :)

As for trends, I'm soo with you on that one.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Vegas Princess said...

That purse is to die for! I love it, so cute.

believablegiraffe said...

What a great dress. And I'm searching etsy for a purse like that.

The Clothes Horse said...

This outfit is so fun. I like the belt especially. I'm with you on trends--I get what I like whether it is "in" or "out." Who can afford to keep up anyway? :)

Mimi said...

Luvh the sandals, luvh the bag, luhv the dress and belt, ah-mazing picture of midair jump!


muchlove said...

I love your bag!

styleburst said...

i thought you look great in the outfit!! The belt and bag are awesome.

And yesh dear, I'm with you on the trends thing. :)


Cheri said...

I'm so jealous of that pool! I love that dress too!

Marian said...

love that animal print dress on you. the first image is gorge. you are a stunner.
muah x

Amelia said...

I really like that you just dress as you want to regardless of trends. I'm annoyed with people who follow trends completely, but what annoys me even more is when people avoid trends just because they're trends--either way one is a slave to trends. Anyway, I adore the sandals and that epic studded belt!

I got your package in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much! Throwing in the earrings was really sweet. I just posted pictures on my blog.

Jennifer said...

The dress is beautiful and those gladiator sandals freaking rock!

Slanelle said...

this belt is awesome!!

Karinaxoxo said...

Love that belt!!!

Anika said...

your sandals are verrry cool. Still haven't got around to buying myself a pair of flat gladiator knee high sandals. I should (looking at your snaps).

And hey, wear what the hell you want and dance on the mother f^&kin roof if you want, right ;)

Keep it up :)

The Budget Babe said...

i love everything about this outfit. great photoshoot, too :)

Talk Pretty To Me said...

I am in love love love with this outfit! I have never actually liked snake skin, BUT I love this dress A LOT! Gorg.