Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Clothing Swap + 500th Post Giveaway (cont...so, 501?)

So last, last weekend I had my girls clothing swap party. As I said, it was a great success, with everyone trying on a load of swag and getting out of our comfort zones. The weather was so brilliant on my roof, that we were tempted to bring the swap up there!

Eyeliah from Style Symmetry was there (her apartment a mere few blocks away), as was featured local designer Hannah Fletcher from Narcissist, my bf's sister and two other uber stylish friends. A great gathering of various styles!

All my wee shoes lined up for grabs

Kiersten decides if the bag is "black" enough for her

Eyeliah thinks about my Forever 21 "Marilyn" dress, before Hannah decides to snatch it up.

Kelli scores Hannah's owned designed and made skirt (sample), which I am uber jealous cuz I love that blush colour with the black. She also found my Locher's I Hate Children top.

Kelli teaches Hannah a new way to tie on your string bikini (hello cleavage maker!)

Ain't my roof swell?

dress: Alice and Olivia; sandals: Go Jane; earrings and necklace (worn as bracelet): F21

Remember to enter the contest: read my previous post for the (non-existent) rules and to see the swag and then leave a comment on that post or on this post below - and if you link back to this contest (mention it) on your blog, you will get THREE entries into the contest. That certainly more than doubles your odds of winning and yes, I am pimping out this baby hardcore (I have plans *rubs hands together evily*) - also, I will be giving out little goodies (mmm, fun stuff) along with each prize, so you will win more than just a dress!

In the meantime, because it's been so long, I wanna learn more about my readers, so in the comments below, shout-out:

1.Where you live


2.Your favourite store (can only pick one!)


LeeHovey said...

Congrats on the 500th post!! ANd your grab looked like a fabulous good time!

This is Kendra coming from Millbury, MA, USA

I have your whole blog linked back to mine.

LeeHovey said...

Oh! Forgot!

My favorite store is...... Marshalls! Because I can get expensive, brand name stuff for something within my meager price range :)

believablegiraffe said...

Your parties look like fun. I loved how you were residing over everything while wearing a beautiful caftan outside. It was like a blonde Rhoda moment. It's too damn hot for me to go to the pool as I live in :

1. Phoenix, AZ
2. favorite food is lemon cream fettucini (and microwaved string cheese in a bowl...weird but good)
3. I only shop online lately: from american apparel, forever 21, and the occasional shoe purchase from saks, but that's very occasional ;)


Shannon said...

My sister and I have swap parties but I've never had one with my friends. Maybe I should try.

Oh, and I am from Cole Harbour Nova Scotia, and my favorite store in Frenchy's because I've found so so so many amazing things there: Vera Wang, Betsey Johnson and Diana von Furstenberg!

Shannon said...

Oh, and I linked to your giveaway as well. =)

Brittney said...

That party looked like a blast. I am jealous of the view from your roof. Unfortunately I don't have a view like that down here in Dallas, TX.

My favorite shop would have to be MetroPark or Urban Oufitters.

Hillary said...

1. Vancouver
2. Cheese
3. J.Crew

Couture Carrie said...

Holla from West Hartford, CT!
Fave store: net-a-porter.com!

Looooove your rooftop, and the clothing swap sounds like a fabulous idea!


josie(bean) said...

omgosh your roof is gorgeous! and what a nice girl bonding day, full of color :)

im from boston so the style here is often weak, but i still love h&m because even though it's likely to spot someone with the exact same outfit on from there, the clothes are so versatile that you can mix and match with other accessories :D

Mollie said...

This looks so fun! You live in such a beautiful area.

Well I'm from San Diego, California and my favorite store is Ebay, because I hardly shop anywhere else now. (unless there's a sale)

Joby said...

I am from Cambridgeshire UK.

Fave store is Top Shop

Anonymous said...

The view from your roof is breathtaking!!

1. I'm local gal from beautiful Vancouver. Woohoo!

2. My favorite store would be a toss between Target and Anthropologie. Hard to say....

Erica said...

My name is Erica and I live in Maui, Hi, USA.

I love ROSS. It's like Marshalls - designer brands for way cheaper. Amazing. And, I'm a fan of Forever21 too. :)

Alice said...

i am jealous of your roof!! and this makes me want to have another clothing swap, but i JUST cleared out all my old clothes at one a few months ago :-(

1. washington, dc! (well, technically VA about 10 mi outside of dc. same thing.)

2. banana republic. their clothes fit me SO nicely, and i always look pulled together in their stuff.

The Budget Babe said...

i linked to you:

the party looked like so much fun! and that alice + olivia dress is divine.

OceanDreams said...

Wow, your roof top is amazing! What a great idea to swap clothing too!!

You are right...we have so much in common! Thanks for your sweet post on my blog. Glad I have a kindred spirit out there. ;)

I live in Southern CA, near the beaches and my favorite store?! Shoot...there are WAY too many, but I love Forever 21. ;)

Journalism would have been a fun major...I am beginning to think I like a little bit of everything to write, communications, interior design. Yikes! So many interests and so little time. Anyway, I'll have to check out your give away.

Have a wonderful day sweetie!

smidge said...

Love the view and Keli's hair

Im from Edinburgh, Scotland

My fav store is Edith and Ella

you should check it out


Lexie said...

awww i wish i could have gone to your swap meet! looks like lots a great goodies. i got your package in the mail - thank you for the earrings!

as for answering your questions:

1. i live in galesburg, il.

2. i LOVE prepster/simple style ala gap or jcrew, but i try to find such goods second hand at salvation army and goodwill.

SheLikesToTravel said...

Sheila from Scottsdale, AZ. I like Ann Taylor.

Odette said...

One day I will be in town for a clothing swap... I can just observe cause nothing there would fit me and none of my stuff would fit anyone, but I would still like to witness! :)

Oh and TopShop is my fav store! Yay England! :)

Sarah said...

Hey, what a great idea with the clothing swap! Its a shame that me and al my friends are different sizes!!

Im Sarah, from Melbourne, Australia (where it is currently like 7 degrees and sooo cold!) and my favourite store has got to be a local one called Swish - it stocks a lot of local and designer brands and is the perfect place to go if ever you need a party dress!

ZombieLace said...

Wow it looks like a fabulous get together!! I am dying to do some swapping in person, but I don't have such fashionable fun neighbors like you do. But I do have a sweet roof! I live in Atlanta. My favorite store (this may sound cliche) is any new antique or thrift store I have never been to before!

The Clothes Horse said...

Ooh, that clothing swap seems like so much fun! Congrats on your 100th post.
Also, that maxi dress is very elegant and yet fresh and fun.

AsianCajuns said...

OMG, that looks like the best clothing swap ever and your roof is amazing.

I'm blogging from Atlanta, GA.

My favorite store at the moment in Madewell. I love the cuts of their shirts. Even their plain white t-shirts are flattering.

Congrats on 500 posts! I'm so impressed. Keep it up!

myedit said...

Congrats on your #500. And to think I was proud of my 50. The swap party looked quite fun, I suppose it helps having a rooftop pool...
1. From Hamilton, Ontario
2. Ummm... WInners, because people around here leave wicked stuff behind to go on sale...

issa said...

heyy youuu!!! i'm jealous of the rooftop pool!! and i wanna know more of this new way of tying a bikini top!

1) houston,tx
2) i'd have to say.... i do get some great finds at marshalls

Memphis Steve said...

Hey there West Coast Canadian Hockey Supermodel! Congrats on 500 posts. So, it appears that you and all of your friends are models, eh? I think I'm supposed to hate you all out of jealousy or something, but as I am a heterosexual male I mostly just admire the female beauty and wish I were in Canada right now. I love the view up there where you guys are. You must spend a lot of time just hanging up on the roof. I know I would. Of course, that'd probably seem kinda creepy, some guy you don't recognize just sitting up there staring at you and your friends. Anyway, next time I'm in Canada I'm going to be looking up at the rooftops hoping to spot you. And this time I'll keep in mind that you're on the OTHER side of Canada, not the Toronto side. No wonder I couldn't find you, eh?

Keep on blogging. Your blogs have a lot of class and style.

Memphis Steve said...

I supposed I shouldn't be rude and fail to respond to your questions, even though you know where I live already.

I live in Memphis, Tennessee.

My favorite store is probably Summit Racing in Atlanta, Georgia. It's like a grown up version of Toys'R'Us for hotrodders like me.

Underfunded Heiress said...

How fun! Love your roof with a pool. Great view! Your so lucky!

I live in Huntington Beach, CA

My favorite store...hmmm. that's a tough one. Probably forever 21 because there are so many cute trendy clothes for so inexpensive. I'm on a budget! But I love online shopping at various stores (maybe too much).

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Wow, looks so fun, your roog is amazing. My name is Libby, I live in Seattle, and my favorite store...don't make me choose!

Wayfarer said...

Your pics remind me why I'm so lucky to live here :) That view never gets old!

I'm living in White Rock, BC and my favourite place to shop is Sterling/Spring... YAY shoes!! :)

amy said...

Amy from New York City.
My favorite store is American Apparel because it's so versatile and different! love it.

Amelia said...

That's so cool! I've always wanted to do a swap like this, especially with such stylish people. I hope you scored some great stuff.

Glitter Scrubs said...

oops forgot to mention that I linked to your contest on my site :) Happy Wednesday! :)

Karinaxoxo said...

Clothes swap looks found and is a great idea!!!
You know I'm from Sydney. My fav real live store (as opposed to an online store) would have to be my local boutique. It stocks all the best 'mid to high end' chain labels and I NEVER leave there without something!

Anonymous said...

That clothes swap sounds really fun, I need to try that with my friends! Amazing rooftop by the way.

And hi, I'm from Barcelona (Spain) but currently located in London. And my favourite stroe is Dahlia, a local brand (www.dahliafashion.co.uk)

Anonymous said...

Mary from Memphis, TN, USA

I love F21!!

Fun party!

~nOe~ said...

i have read about that clothing swipe for a while. new trend?
good though if you can do that :)
from Long Island, NY
store? hmmmm Walmart, target, TJMax, Marshalls and Century 21. :) (all in same category though- if it's cheap.. it's ok with me :)

Randi said...

I love your blog and love your style

I am Randi from Chicago and my favorite store has to be Fox's

apricot tea. said...

Wow, 500 posts! What a milestone. :]

I wish I could have been there. It looks like so much fun, & my goodness: there is A LOT of clothing!

& as for me:

I live in LA, California.

& my favorite store is Target. Where else can you find amazing deals on clothing & shoes, as well as groceries, home decor, & books? :]

Quixsa said...

Love all of the pictures! Seems like you gals had a ton of fun! And DAMN the view from your roof is unbelievably beautiful! Wow!
1. I'm from Ohio
2...hmm... good question. I guess thrift stores in general, especially ones with vintage.

MizzJ said...

Damn I'm so sad I missed this :( Can you have another one this summer so that I can come?!? Your roof looks amazing.

I'm from Van city same as you! And my fav store... oh gawd so hard to choose, but let's go with, Aritzia, or H&M.

sara said...

wow 500 posts is so great!
that clothing swap looks like so much fun. and i am jealous of the sunny weather in your photos, it's been nothing but rain here lately :(
i live in newfoundland, canada! and my favorite place to shop.. hm.. urban outfitters, i would say! they have such beautiful things.

Kristin said...

Congrats on 500 and that rooftop view is amazing!! I'm from Tampa, FL. I heart Anthropologie but I have found fabulous accessories at F21 countless times!

Ashley said...

Your dress is so beautiful, I love the colors! So here's a little about me- I'm from upstate NY and my favorite store is probably Urban Outfitters bc there are crazy-good deals on their clearance racks!

Eyeliah SS said...

Yay that was so fun!! Have been caring the leopard purse the past couple of days - luv it!!! :0) did the brown dress work out for you?? forgot to ask!! and remember we have The Veronicas on the 27th! lol I'm leaving this all on your blog :-)

maria said...

I live in your hometown of Vancouver!!! My favorite store is H&M because the customer service is better than that of Zara.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I live in Rochester, MN--the "fashion capital of the world"-ha ha ha. But, believe it or not, we do have a super-cool makeup boutique called "About Face cosmetics" and it carries all of my fave brands, like NARS, Smashbox, Stila, and "hello!Skinny" jeans, Alexis Hudson bags and cool jewelry.

Vegas Princess said...

I am horribly jealous of your clothes and roof deck/pool. Looks like the perfect summer day!

Vegas Princes lives in Las Vegas and my favorite store for clothes is Khols. Great clothes for a great bargain.