Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rain Rain, Go Away...or I will

First of all, I would like to reinstate that in my previous post, though I plan to move away from Vancouver by 2010 (if not before then...hey, if you know me, you know I can't stay in one place too long) my goal is not to move in order to have children.

I don't know if I even want children. I, quite frankly, don't like kids and they don't like me. We have an unspoken agreement and it works out great for the both of us. However, if I do change my mind (as some typical baby-hungry females out there have told me I will), I still think I would like to raise my kids somewhere other than here.

That said, how about this rain, huh? For those of you who aren't from Vancouver, you may have heard it rains a lot here. Well, it does and it's been raining so hard for the last few days, I'm pretty sure I saw someone building an ark. It's that bad. Not to mention cold, windy and dark. Brrrrrrr and everything. If only I could go someplace warm and nice like this:

Oh, that's right. I am. I'm catching a plane to Cabo San Lucas at 6:30 tomorrow morning.

Oh, I didn't tell you? Gee, must have slipped my mind. Anyway, I am flying down to Cabo tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning to meet my parents who are already down there...or somewhere near there.

See, some of you may recall that my dad left on his boat down to Mexico a couple months ago. Well, eventually my mother flew down and now I'm going to join them for some fun in the sun (and hopefully not recreate The Perfect Storm...unless Clooney is involved and I really don't think he will be).

I've been to Cabo before and I like it...though it's a bit on the commercial side. I've also been to Puerto Vallarta a few times too.

Well, luckily for me, this time I get to go to both places. Over the course of 16 days I will be flying down to Cabo San Lucas, sailing across the Sea of Cortez to Puerto Vallarta and flying up from there. See my glorious map --->

Anyway, I won't be blogging as much as usual considering I will be on a boat most of the time. But I will blog when I can and promise to keep reading all your blogs. After all, I'm gonna be with my parents for 16 days straight so I'm gonna need some kind of venting outlet. That, and I'll probably come down with a nasty case of Montezuma's Revenge. The plus side of that is that I'll drop of few pounds.

So Adios Amigos! And let me know if you want a postcard. I've included my email in my profile now so I can get harassed more than usual.


Shawn said...

Wow, that's awesome... you'll have a great time!

But... how are you supposed to keep up on Lost down there? Maybe you'd better not go.


Wanderlusting said...

I know, I thought of that too...

BUT, Lost is on a hiatus. NO EPISODES TILL FEBUARY!

Which kind of sucks but it means I don't miss anything AND it also means that they will be playing it for 16 weeks straight with no re-runs! Yay!

Shawn said...

Yeah, I just noticed that on the website.


But good for you.

So... enjoy!!

Shawn said...

P.S. I agree with your MySpace view... but I wasn't updating my blog near enough to really keep anyone (including myself) interested. So I thought I'd try a new outlook (since you can blog on MySpace as well).

Anonymous said...

Have an amazing time, and come back with all manner of stories and questions to titilate and amuse us all.

Wanderlusting said...

Ha said tit.

simon said...

rain! We are in a 1 in 1000 year drought. ( so the scientists say) dryest/hottest year on record.

This morning it snowed..and we have a bush fire in the valley behind our home..

How weird is that? AND we are only 2 weeks away from summer.
So enjoy your rain :o)

Indiana said...

So does that make you beavis or butthead?

Wanderlusting said...

God, I hate them both. But I would have to say Butthead.

Karinaxoxo said...

Enjoy!!! Its been raining here in Aus too - so a tropical holiday sounds lush!!!

Sean said...

i might hate you for the cabo thing.

Indiana said...

ha said butt

Anonymous said...

Move away from Vancouvar? damn i loved that place so much that i want to move there instead.
Have Fun!

manders said...

Bon voyage!
Great time of year to escape the rain! Have a good time, seƱorita.
Drink muchos daquiris y cervesas para yo. Gracias. *excuse my dwindling Spanish skills.
Oh, and please do some dancing for me to reggaetone while you're there.

Let's hang when you get back.

M said...

oooooo have a wonderful time. I'm extremely jealous! :)

Janellerific said...

OOH I want a postcard!! Nothing like a sunny postcard to make me feel warm and fuzzy when it's BLIZZARDING outside. Oh the cruel reality of my life...

Rachel said...

I am going on vacation tomorrow as well. Unfortunately I am heading up towards your neck of the woods (Seattle) so I will be entering the dark, cold, rainy weather.
Wait..I live in Michigan.
Cold? Check
Rainy? Check
Dark? Check

Man, I am blowing $800 to visit someplace with similar weather.
Why do I do this to myself?

amanda jane said...

FUN!! FUN!! FUN!! Tell you're momma and your pappa that we ALL say HOLA! I want a postcard!! Well LOTS of postcards... like the one about the little green bug HAHA! but not the same exact recreation!

remember when we tried to go to there? or close to there?

Disneyland? Mexico?

Was it raining sideways by you yesterday? was here

Janellerific said...

What? You have MySpace and I'm not on your friends list? HARSH.

Ps I wrote a new blog for's lamer than usual.

Anonymous said...

I wish I hadn't read this, in the nicest possible way...

have fun!