Thursday, November 02, 2006

It takes two to Tango but only one to do the Funky Chicken

I just got off the phone with a dear friend of mine.

After talking for awhile, she asked me a question that stumped me:

"Do you think that in the end...there are just some people that are happier and better off alone?

Or is it just a matter of meeting the right person?

Do we really have to pair up with one another? Or can we live a just-as-fulfilling life on our own?"


Indiana said...

I think it's a case of meeting the right person...I do not believe that we are wired to be single and alone, we are social animals and crave the company and touch of others.

I do think that people get energy from a differign number of people and that for some people the number needed to meet their social needs can be quite small.

And while a life alone can be fulfilling to say it is just-as fulfilling as one spent with someone, I would have to doubt.

Anonymous said...

I've been in relationships. I've been in love. I'm alone now.

It's much easier when you only have to deal with you.

Mone said...

I dont think it is human nature to be just with one person all life long.

Phil said...

I think your friend needs to define alone. I think I could be happy without a spouse as long as I had fulfilling relationships with others. I don't know if anyone could be truly happy existing alone completely.

Scorpy said...

"Do you think that in the end...there are just some people that are happier and better off alone? If you had asked me this two years ago I would have rejected it out of hand but now (divorced for 2 yrs)I may have to agree with it. I am really happy just being me and being "alone" but not "lonely"

Kass said...

I dont like being alone, me scares me lol (altho I do like me). Having another person around can buffer that.

M said...

oh my god, I was just thinking of this tonight and wondering if I was one of those people. Then I realised that if I was in a happy/loving/trusting relationship there would be nothing that beat it- including the 'ease' of being by oneself. But if I was unhappy in a relationship I'd rather be alone.

Fantabulous Brit said...

Anonymous: Yes, it easier to be alone. However, everyone in a relationship will look back at their single lives at some point and think "God, was that so much easier.."(esp when times are tough)

I think tho if you look back on it often and often find yourself wishing things were so simple, that it's a sign you are in the wrong relationship. If it's always hard, it's time to walk away and yes, you will be better on your own.

austen said...

I think its more the case of women cant be alone. Men can be bachelors their whole lives and it isnt frowned upon. I dont think there lives are any less full either.

Women tend to want to to pair up because they want a baby. But if a woman isnt interested in that, then I dont see why a woman cant be a life long bachelorette. and not have the negative term Spinster applied to her.

As for me though, I do believe that we are meant to be paired up and hopefully for life, at least, I like to think its so. Maybe im just old fashioned!!

PS U wanna come to Caprice wit us tonight?

Katy Keene said...

Of course its easier to be single and alone. You only have to deal with YOU, you only have to listen to YOU and you don't have to put up with someone else besides yourself.

Friends and family (most) are much less demanding and take much less effort to maintain than a relatioship.

Ive heard of some relationships being easy and worth it but frankly I think they are kidding themselves.

Yes you may call me cynical. But you can also call me honest.