Friday, November 03, 2006

Underrated, Overrated

And you know what that means...well, no you don't, but I've decided to make a list of all things overrated and underrated. Don't think it's complete? Feel free to add on.

Overrated: Friday

Underrated: Saturday

Overrated: Mustard

Underrated: Garlic Mayo

Overrated: Casual sex

Underrated: Vibrators

Overrated: Acting cool

Underrated: Affection

Overrated: Grey's Anatomy

Underrated: BBC's The Office

Overrated: Strappy stilletos

Underrated: Flat boots

Overrated: Fancy expensive martinis

Underrated: Ceasers

Overrated: Children

Underrated: Marriage

Overrated: Waxing

Underrated: Deplitories

Overrated: Cats

Underrated: Horses

Overrated: Playing the lottery

Underrated: Scratch and Win tickets

Overrated: Dan Brown

Underrated: Raymond Chandler

Overrated: Jessica Alba

Underrated: Audrey Tatou

Overrated: Waking up early

Underrated: Sleeping till noon

Overrated: Night clubs

Underrated: House parties

Overrated: Contiki Tours

Underrated: Traveling solo

Overrated: Fact

Underrated: Faith

Overrated: Being in a relationship

Underrated: Being single

Overrated: Trying to be strong

Underrated: Crying your eyes out

Overrated: Realism

Underrated: Hope

Overrated: Dane Cook

Underrated: Jimmy Fallon

Overrated: Swimming in a pool

Underrated: Swimming in the ocean

Overrated: Living with someone

Underrated: Living on your own

Overrated: Knowing what to do with your life

Underrated: Not having a clue

Overrated: Blogs

Underrated: Blogs


Anonymous said...

So right about Cook!!!

Underrated-Going for a walk

Wanderlusting said...

I should clarify one of my ratings:

Overrated - Being in a relationship
Underrated - Being single

The fact that I say relationships are overrated because society (Cosmo, your mom, TV) tells women (and men) each day that they are nothing without being in a relationship. And that being single is underrated because so many single people feel looked down on and pitied because they haven't met the right person ("Oh don't worry, I'm sure you'll meet someone someday.")

I think that's bunk. I think people should stop acting like you are only something if you have someone and start realizing that there are tons of single people out there who are happy on their own and are single by choice and dont need the pity of coupled people out there.

Fantabulous Brit said...

I agree. I'm in a fantastic relationship right now and would not trade it for the world.

However, I also hate the whole "Smug Marrieds" looking down at the "Singletons" and their lifestyle. All women aren't desperate for a relationship and having one does not make you better than someone who doesn't.

(Sorry for the Bridget Jones analogies, but I thought it quite proper :)

Phil said...

Awesome list. I can't believe you referenced BBC's The Office.

manders said...

Not to turn this into a single thing, but you know what one of my friend's said (which sucks b/c i'm a single): "Single people these days are just being selfish" Okay, really I know part of what she was getting at, but I couldn't help thinking "I am being selfish wanting to be single cuz I have been cheated on twice and need time to gather myself again."

I think being single is overrated b/c there are alot of great things to it. Though it is tough and I would like a b/f. Boohoo.....!!!

Shawn said...

Overrated: "California Girls"

Underrated: "Sloop John B"

I can't think of an overrated Beatles song, but I can think of lots of underrated ones. One in particular is "For No One". Awesome song.

manders said...

ooh.. and i like the underrated for not having a clue what to do w/ one's life...

this should be addressed! i felt so pushed to know what i wanted when I was younger and had NO idea who i was or what i wanted, when i should have gone travelling or worked and not to stupid college. damn teachers. damn parents. damn me for listening to everyone... so easily influenced.

Katy Keene said...

That is terrible. Being single is selfish now? As if we don't have to put up with feeling desperate, disillusioned and dejected.

I say fuck that. I say people who say things like that are one of those mentioned smug marrieds that revel in their relationship if only to make other people look bad.

Katy Keene said...

and believe me when I say that having a boyfriend IS overrated. Any wonder as to why I'm single? I have a hard enough time dealing with myself. Why would I want to take on another person as well? Maybe that IS selfish but I dont care a bit.

manders said...

F-it... not selfish at all. Its called "taking care of yourself". "Finding out who you really are". Umm... "Independent Woman" *cue Destiny's Child

Wanderlusting said...

Shawn ~ I agree with "Sloop John B"

Overrated: Stairway to Heaven
Underrated: Over the Hills and Far Away