Friday, November 17, 2006

Home Alone, the Mexican Version

Picture Home Alone.

Now instead of a USA suburb, imagine Mexico.

And instead of a home, imagine a hotel.

And instead of Kevin, imagine me.

I am in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, as you know.

My parents did not meet me at the airport, as you do not know.

I have been here for 24 hours and don´t know where they are.

I have no money, either, which makes things difficult.

I can´t even afford beer.

I am alone.

And my tummy hurts.



Indiana said...

Shit! Look on this as a great adventure. Stranded in paradise...must be rough.

...~grin~ especially with no money.

arbyn said...


M said...

oh no! Immediately go invest in a fluffy white towel, aftershave and bing crosby's white christmas.

Kass said...

sweet! Although I think it would be far more exciting to have your fathers credit card and Tim Curry as your concierge.

I might be jealous then..

Shawn said...

Hmm... at least you have the hotel?

Hope they get there soon.. hang in there!

amanda jane said...

Can you call them? How come they haven't come to meet you? What are they doing? Didn't they know you were coming?

Maybe you can take a cab to where they are suppossed to be and have them pick up the tab... since you have no money.. what the hell...

... are you sure you were clear... not like when you came home from spain.. and said you MAY or MAY NOT be at the airport at x time.. hahaha.. geez that sux..

Anonymous said...