Thursday, November 30, 2006

Things I Learned in Mexico

I guess you can say I am a bit of a tease, considering on my last post I talked about how I would be incognito for a few days, until my return to Vancouver.

However, how was I supposed to know that despite not being able to pick up any wireless while docked at the resort (except those I was unwilling to pay for, bien sur), I would be able to access three wireless networks while anchored offshore of La Cruz, which appears to have no inhabitants (not on the beach, anyway).

The availablity of wireless in remote areas (and the non-availability of it in touristy areas) is one of the things I have learned during my 16 days cruising the coast of Pacific Mexico. The rest?

1. Even though beer is thine enemy because of it's bloat and weight gaining properties, it is silly to try and abstain from having a Modelo Light when it's so frickin' hot out and water just won't do. And I love beer. I honestly and truly do.

2. Mexican men will give you the once over...many times (usually followed by hooting and hollering) doesn't matter if you are wearing a sack, no make-up, covered in sweat, etc. This is great if you have low-self esteem and annoying if you have some. Hell, it might be annoying to everyone, basically because it doesn't seem to matter what you look like, as long as your waist is smaller than your hips, your skin is pale and your hair is any other color but black.

3. Mexicans are very friendly. Even though my mother says its because I'm blonde and young, I've found men and women to be very warm and I know others say the same. They have a real sense of family and hospitality down here, which I think is lacking above the border (and yes, Canada is above the border too).

4. I am not a fan of extreme heat. Personally (and I know I will regret this tomorrow) I would rather be too cold than too hot. Too cold? You just turn up the heat and pile on more clothes. Too hot? You strip down to your skivvies....and then where do you go from there? Get naked? It's still damn hot.

5. There is a reason that any normal human being does not live with their parents.

6. You can be in the most tropical, idyllic paradise in the world, but all that really matters is the company you keep. Therefore, it doesn't matter how nice it is to laze under a palm tree and drink margaritas, if your parents are there with you, it can go to hell in a handbasket.

7. You can't choose your family. Sigh. So you better just accept them and make the most out of it.

8. Just because you are in Mexico doesn't mean you are going to get sick from the drinks, food, water etc. In fact, you may just have the opposite effect (eeek).

9. You can try tanning yourself for days but the day you get color is the day you are sweating around town and wearing a shirt that will leave the weirdest tan lines.

10. I miss my boyfriend more than I would care to admit. In fact, most of the time here I have been sad because he is not here with me and visa versa. And yes, the old single "independent" me would scoff at this and remark "look at you, you pathetic little female."

However, the coupled and happy me says, "You know what, it's OK to admit you miss someone more than you would like to. I'm sure if I had a man who wasn't as loving and compassionate as my man is, I wouldn't miss him so much. I think it's more than a fair trade." That has to be the biggest thing I have learned so far.


jeff and ross said...

Awww...the best post in the history of ever. I don't think you should play with the old "independent" you anymore. She sounds rude.

simon said...

Beer is good!! Just ride a bike and you don't put on..

Point 10... I had a mate come over from England..we did this 9000k trip and he did not believe there was no phone signal or internet.

He missed his girlfriend...finally we got to an internet cafe and found he was dumped! ha!

Great post!

Wanderlusting said...

I should also add as Things I Learned in Mexico #11 - You should not judge people because people will surprise you. You will find kindness and friendship in the most unlikely of places.

And despite everything that is going wrong in your life, keep a level-head, relax and just remember that things will work out for the best.

Ross - Yes, she was a bit of a beyotch at times

Simon - I'd rather drink the beer and not ride the bike

surfercam said...

You love beer, and I love you for it.

Indiana said...

The things you learnt about your parents I learnt and re-learn everytime I go home and stay for more then 4 days...

...I love them to death, but I also love that I don't live with them anymore.

Sean said...

i've enjoyed reading about your trip. it was heartening to hear about the kindness of strangers in the first stages of your trip. but it'd be interesting to know if a guy or slightly roundish girl tried to repeat it if they'd meet with the same good fortune. i'm glad you did though.

parents are interesting aren't they? i had a gap of a couple of years where i didn't see my parents and barely talked to them. during that time i matured alot. it wasn't an anger thing that we didn't see one another, just life. then there were 2 deployments and the loss of a family member. all alot of bad stuff to go through, but the good of it is i don't get the "they still treat me like i'm 12" thing much from them anymore. it's great to be friends with them, because they're both great people.

simon said...

No 11. learned that myself too. Acts of kindness can appear from the mosy unlikly people.

As for just beer and no bike.. I cannot disagree with that either

M said...

some days are just beer days!! Today is one of those days for me. It's hot and I've had it. Sometimes water just won't do. Bring on the beer!

Anonymous said...

I think it's time for you to get back to civilization and stop taunting all of us with your photos of paradise-like bliss! ;)

CarrieBradshaw said...

During your entire trip I was applauding you for taking a trip with your parents, I feel btter now after this post because I don't think I could handle doing that with my parents. As much as I love them of course . . .

sipwine said...

This is just a general comment, not about this post in particular.

I'm jealous of you.
It's snowing here and we have winds that reach 45 miles per hour.
I was literally blown over into the snow this morning.

simon said...

Carrie:- I think trips with parents are ok if you know you are going to finish them in a week or so, and depending on how often you see them etc... I only see mine every 12 months or so...

BTW:- Wander.. your comment about missing you partner was really nice too ( hope he reads it :o) )

Anonymous said...

Bitterly cold in Minnesota today, so it's nice to read this entry. It's also interesting to read a woman's point of view of Mexico. And I agree with #11. And BTW, can I have the email address of the old single independent you? Just (mostly) kidding.

Wombat & Aspen said...

Lusty, I'm surprised no-one ever told you the Amber Rule:

Beer and parents don't mix. Doing so leads to nausea and discomfort.