Sunday, November 05, 2006

I cracked the DaVinci, er, I mean, Sephora promo code

Every Xmas I order something from Sephora because I am such a beauty junkie/whore and Sephora is my pimp. Or something like that.

Anyhoo, I order around Xmas because they always have these adorable gift sets and such AND if you enter in the promo code found at the back of the catalog, or usually found in the thick, perfumey pages of In Style, they send you this satchel full of deluxe samples for free. It's the best part of the Holidays, I swear.

Well, low and behold, my Sephora catalogs stopped coming to my house and it couldn't have happened at a worse time. I needed the code at the back of the catalog so I could get my free super cool gift.

Usually the code is one word, like "Goldrush" last year when there was a gold theme, or "Beachbabe" when the catalog's theme was, well, being a beach babe.

This year I went to the website and saw that my would-be catalog is all about circus beauty (or Circe de Beaute) and models done up in neon lycra with blue eyeliner running down their primed faces. Anyway, I spent a good half hour scouring the web and all those free coupon sites for the promo code, but none doing. I did find one promo code: 'JACKPOT', however you had to purchase $50 worth of Laura Mercier product to get the deluxe sample set and it was only open to US residents. Boo. You guys get everything!

Anyhoo, I took a stab at the promo code. I looked at the cover and thought, hmmm. Cirque de Beaute. Circus of Beauty (or whatever).

On a lark, I tried the word CIRQUE.


To make a long story short (too late), the code worked and I found I am adept at scamming my way into getting free stuff. I decided that this would make a very boring post indeed but then I figured, "Hey, nowhere else on the Web did I see the proper code, might as well post it here so everyone else can benefit from it."

And so there you are. A Sunday post and I get to help out other beauty junkies like myself.


Tyna said...

There is no shame in admitting you are a beauty junky. I treat myself to Sephora every couple of months. A girl can't help it!

*thanks for the tip*

Tyna said...

By the way, what did you order??? :)

M said...

awwww I want some sephora too! No shipping to Oz = boo. Why do Americans get everything?!

Lilac Stripe said...

Woo hoo well done! I was ecstatic to be picked as a tester for The Beauty Bible last year. Hundreds of pounds of products came winging through to me...bliss...

Samantha said...

I love free stuff :)

My beauty treat is bath stuff from Lush, I just can't get enough!

Wanderlusting said...

Tyna ~ Ah, lots of goodies. If they are any good, I'll blog about 'em.

M ~ I know, they do get everything. What sucks is that I read American mags and they always have free stuff they give away but because I'm Canadian, I never can be considered for it. Boooo.

Although, in OZ you do have that Mor stuff, which we can't get in Canada. Double boo.

Lilac Stripe ~ Arg, SO envious. That would be can't describe.

Samantha ~ Yeah Lush is great. Being a Canadian company we have them all over the place (making our streets smell so good). All they need to do now is tap into the cosmetics market.

Leah said...

I found your post and got excited! I tried the code and it has expired now!

I actually add the FF2007 code which gives you 20% off - amazing deal, but only available for US citizens...not fair.

Thanks for the post!