Saturday, November 04, 2006

Who do you dress for?

Everyone dresses for someone, whether it be for themselves, members of the same sex or members of the opposite sex.

One of my dear friends says that she dresses for other women during the day, but dresses for her boyfriend/other men at night. She specified exactly why she dresses for other men when she's with her man:

"I want to look good for him. Not only in his eyes, but I want him to look good in everyone elses eyes. I want other guys to look at me and think 'Damn, she's hot. And look at the lucky guy she's with.' It's not a matter of me trying to attract other guys but rather that I want my boyfriend to feel proud he's with me."

I have another friend who dresses for her boyfriend when she is with him. She tends to wear flattering, fashionable clothes when she's on her own or with friends or at work, but because her boyfriend has repeatedly said how much he loves her in sweat pants and a baggy sweater (mainly because he's really the only person to ever see her dress down), she complies and actually enjoys wearing the occasional skater hoodie, cargo pants or "unfeminine" clothes.

I have other friends who like to dress up when they know they are hanging with their girlfriends, rather than with guys. They feel best when a girlfriend of theirs comments on their clothes. Then they know they look good and made a good choice.

A guy I know dresses completely for himself. Of course, he still asks for opinions on what looks good and what doesn't. And when his girlfriend mentions how much a certain shirt suits him, he will tend to wear that more often. But in the end, he dresses for what he likes and he doesn't give a crap about what other people think. It doesn't matter if the item of clothing went out of style a long time ago (say, a bandana for example) he wears it because he likes it and that's what makes him look good in the end.

I would like to believe I am a combination of all of the above*.

*though have been called a hippie once. Which I am SO not.


Anonymous said...

*Sigh* I love me a man in a Bandana!

Janellerific said...

I wish you wouldn't refer to me as a "male friend of yours" when talking about my complete lack of fashion sense.

Tonight I'm wearing jeans with a hole in them...and not a hole that they came with...a hole that I put in them. But my pink zip up hoody is friggin adorable...and I actually did my hair. Kudos to me.

Janellerific said...

apparently there was a stain on the pink hoody...2 people pointed it out last night. Fuckin' picky assed people.

jeff and ross said...

Fashion repeats itself; flairs and bell-bottoms, for example. Someone wearing a bandana might be ahead of the times as opposed to behind them. Woo! Go bandanas!

katy keene said...

I dress for other women. Most people think that women dress for men, but that doesn't explain why we wear shorts to a nightclub.

CarrieBradshaw said...

I dress only for myself. Often I show my friends something and they hate but I wear it because I like it and don't care what others think.

Scorpy said...

I suppose I generally get mistaken for a cowboy (although we call them jackaroos) because that is the way I dress (Boots, jeans and hat) but I wear it because it was practical when I owned my cattle property and it feels comfortable...but I am equally at home in beach gear. I am lucky that I live minutes from the Bush (country) and the Beach. I dress for comfort within myself but I also like to project that I am someone of substance. I don't wear daggy gear and always try and look presentable.

tjayswift said...

A bartender called me a hippie the other night. I just looked at him like he had 2 heads.

Anonymous said...

I'm going through a divorce right now and losing tons of weight and looking better than I have in ten years. I dress for a random guy who hit on me at my local bar. I don't dress for him, per se, but I dress with that kind of potential compliment in mind since I haven't looked this good in years. Does that make sense?