Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Well, it looks like I´m gonna have to leave things for a while before I can continue any of my stories. We are pushing off at three this afternoon to spend my last nights here anchored ofshore of the town of La Cruz. Quite frankly, I am relieved since you wont believe the heat here. Seriously, I have been dousing myself with water from the outdoor shower every ten minutes in order to get some relief.

Yes, I know people back home in Vancouver are shivering their asses off in the unusual cold spell that has fallen on the city but I`ve never been a fan of extremes...whether it`s extreme cold at home or the extreme heat here.

Anyway, I will be incommunicado until I arrive back in Vancouver on Friday, so until then check out a post I made on my other blog. It kind of gives things away that I arrived at my destination safely, but I guess you already knew that.



amanda jane said...

Bon Voyage!!..... see you when you arrive back here... in sunny Vanvcouver! HAHA ... I have my own stories to tell you MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

simon said...

hey Wander... you mentioned on PAris breakfast art blog.. that your camera shutter jams. Well I am not surprised..It must have done some miles and all that salt air!

I ruined mine travelling in the zodiac... :o)