Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mexico is ahead of its time

I enquired about this service, thinking if I rented a husband then maybe he could pay for my meals, help search for my missing parents and rub my feet at the end of a long day walking around town and scanning the ocean for my boat.

Sadly, they will not perform the service for free which completely cancels out my plan of coasting along with no money.

Unless I start up my own Wife for Rent company. I'll cook, clean and nag for you, then when you give me my weekly fees I'll run off with the money and spend it on clothes I don't need.


Janellerific said...

Hahaha. Renting a spouse is the greatest idea EVER! It would be so easy to get rid of them when you wanted some alone time (with the cabana boy).

Glad to hear you found your mom. I slept in a stairwell to a subway station in Japan once...some guy was nice enough to share a piece of cardboard with me. True story. I feel your pain.

Karina said...

omg i just caught up on the last few days posts...
glad you found your parents. hehe.
huni - guys should be paying to rent you. lol
have fun darl

Vegas Princess said...

This is perfect!! Was it for real and what did you get for the service? I may have to trade mine in if the price is right.